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Richard Robinson, Industry Leader, Google presents on:
The Acceleration of Everything and Joel Harrison, Editor, B2B Marketing takes you through the B2B 'Benchmarking Report: Lead Generation and Nuturing'.

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Market makers business leaders presentation

  1. 1. The Acceleration of EverythingRichard Robinson,Industry Leader , Google Google Confidential and Proprietary 4
  2. 2. Internet users worldwide2010 1.8 B Mobile Subscribers2010 4.6 B Digital information in the world – videos, photos, music, texts, etc.2010 800 exabytes Google Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. Internet users worldwide2010 1.8 B2020 5B Mobile Subscribers2010 4.6 B2020 10 B Digital information in the world – videos, photos, music, texts, etc.2010 800 exabytes2020 53 zettabytes and Proprietary Google Confidential
  4. 4. For Business, The Web is The First Point of Research Small For 99% of Business Owners, 65% of the C-Suite Search Engines are the 100% ofPolicy conduct 6+ work-related most effective tool for Influencers use the Searches daily finding suppliers Web to research the issues Base: C-level title, business decision-maker at company with annual revenues $1B+ Government staff (federal/state/local), NGO and think tank employees active in policy research Business professionals involved in purchase decision making at companies of 1-500 employeesSource: Google/Forbes Insights, 2009; Google/Slack Barshinger, 2009; 7
  5. 5. Online Research Before Business Meeting This… Before This…
  6. 6. Meeting New Business Contacts Online First This… Before This…
  7. 7. Online Demos Before Connecting at a TradeShow This… Before This…
  8. 8. Business is No Longer Location Bound This… Instead of This… 1 1
  9. 9. Blurring of boundariesAcceleration of everything
  10. 10. Video 1/3 of all Internet traffic is online video 2bn videos watched per day 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute 1 3
  11. 11. use video for customerengagement 7,500 video views a day = 46 hyper-efficient reps a) average video view is 2 minutes Assumptions b) average hyper-efficient rep pitches 8 hours a day, no breaks 1 4
  12. 12. Mobile April 10 April 11 24% 36% of the UK now have smartphones now have smartphones of the UK 4% 15% UK Queries coming from UK Queries coming from mobile mobile 176% YOY growthSource: IAB Mobile Adspend Study, April 2010
  13. 13. Being Visible Increasingly Means Mobile Nearly half (47%) of Europe’s iPhone 4G & Android X business elite access content via a smartphone on a weekly basis Google B2B-related Mobile Query Growth* HTC Incredible Smartphone Launches Moto Droid & Eris Android Nexus One iPhone 3GS Android G1 Android myTouch iPhone 3G Blackberry Storm iPhone Palm Pre*Based on a basket of the top 27,000 words within the B2B vertical.Source: Google Internal Data 1 6
  14. 14. Mobile Also Drives Business Transaction 59% would rather make a business-related 65% are comfortable purchase over the mobile web than making a business- over the phone 79% of execs are related purchase on a mobile devicecomfortable providing business contact information to a mobile website Source: Google and Forbes Insights “B2B Trends in Mobile & Online Video Study” December 2010 Q: I am comfortable providing business contact information to a mobile website; I am comfortable making a business-related purchase on a mobile device; I would rather make a business-related purchase over the mobile web than over the phone. (strongly agree, agree, don’t know, disagree, strongly disagree) 1 7
  15. 15. Social Over 850 million people on social networking sites 600 million users on Facebook 600 million users on 90 million tweets per day on Twitter 20% Tweets contain reference to a product or brand50%+ of YouTube videos have been rated or commented on 18
  16. 16. But . . . a page on a social networking site isnot a social strategy 19
  17. 17. Integrate Social Efforts Across Platforms 2 0
  18. 18. 21
  19. 19. Better retargeting leads to better understanding inconversion attribution Search click Display network DisplayMagazine NY view Affiliate blog iVillage Google CONVERSION 05/15/11 05/30/11 06/11/11 06/11/11 06/12/11 06/12/11 07:32:21 PM 12:41:08 AM 03:25:02 PM 08:21:09 PM Display view AM 10:25:05 10:32:57 AM Display Affiliate click network Floodlight Advertiser site tagging Display Display view Affiliate click Display view this Search click Advertiser site network tracks Call centre Sale Sales rep Resellers
  20. 20. Use analytics and integrated marketing platforms in a multi-channel worldAnalytics Lead NurturingSite DataTraffic Data Marketing AutomationClickstream CRMAttribution
  21. 21. What next?More engaging More socialMore local More mobile
  22. 22. Benchmarking Report:Lead Generation & Nurturing Joel Harrison Editor, B2B
  23. 23. Background: who we are, what we do and why• Dedicated information resource focused on empowering, enlightening and enthusing B2B marketers• Independently owned and operated since 2003• Range of products and services, including: conferences, seminars, awards, webcasts, best practice guides, workshops, buyers guides, research…
  24. 24. … in other words, we’re much more than just a magazine! (Although we still do have a magazine… and it’s really good!)
  25. 25. Benchmarking Reports Aims and objectives: • To provide in-depth quality analysis of trends and opinions on key issues • Help marketing decision makers make better, more informed
  26. 26. Lead Generation & Nurturing Benchmarking ReportWhy this subject?• B2B marketers have always had to focus on results• The recession has made this even more important• Marketing Automation vendors are focusing more attention on this issue
  27. 27. What did we want to find out?• In reality, how focused are B2B marketers on leads?• How sophisticated is their lead-orientated activity?• How important are marketing automation platforms in all this?• What’s the role of B2B telemarketing going forward?
  28. 28. Data collection: How did the study work?• Emailed our 35,000 database• Invited them to complete the questionnaire in exchange for a copy of the findings• 225 client-side marketers participated• 60-page report published in spring• Available free to Premium Members and otherwise to purchase for £150 plus VAT
  29. 29. So what did we find…?
  30. 30. 1. Lead generation and nurturingare key issues for B2B
  31. 31. Prioritisation of lead generation activity Question: How important is lead generation for you? For 80% of respondents its either the top or one of the top
  32. 32. Current budget for lead generation activities Question: Do you allocate a specific portion of your budget to lead generation activities?
  33. 33. Future budget for lead generation Question: How does your 2011 lead generation budget compare with 2010? Over 40% of respondents have increased budget to lead
  34. 34. Techniques for lead generation & nurturing Email and websites were most popular; webcasts were amongst the least popular, together with advertising.
  35. 35. 2. Level of sophistication of lead orientated activity is
  36. 36. Measurability of lead generation Question: How measurable is your lead generation activity? One third of respondents could only measure a portion of their lead generation
  37. 37. Use of lead scoring Question: Do you use lead scoring techniques to better understand the leads that you are generating, and manage their handover to sales? Only 40% of respondents have a comprehensive approach to lead
  38. 38. Effectiveness of lead scoring Question: How effective would you say that your lead scoring activities are? It’s early days for lead nurturing – 50% of companies say it’s failing or don’t really know
  39. 39. Lead handover framework Question: Do you have a framework for the handover of leads? Only one third have a framework for handover that is actually
  40. 40. 3. Marketing automation adoption is
  41. 41. Use of marketing automation technology Question: Have you implemented a marketing automation platform, or are you looking at this technology for the future? Only 20% of lead-focused companies actually use marketing
  42. 42. 4. Telemarketing still plays a key role in lead generation and nurturing
  43. 43. Effectiveness of different techniques Question: Which techniques were most effective in terms of quantity and quality of leads generated? Telemarketing delivers the highest quality of leads; email the highest
  44. 44. Lead qualification Question: Which techniques were most effective in terms of qualifying leads? Telemarketing is by far most effective for lead
  45. 45. Biggest challenges Question: What is the biggest challenge you face looking ahead in terms of your lead generation and nurturing activities? One third of companies are most worried about inhouse data – telemarketing is potentially the best
  46. 46. Conclusions• Lead generation and nurturing are key challenges for B2B marketers…• … however, the level of sophistication of activity is generally very low• Despite the hype, marketing automation is at early stages of adoption• Telemarketing still drives the highest quality leads and is best for qualification.
  47. 47. More detail in the full report Lead Generation and Nurturing Benchmarking Report Available free with Premium Membership or to purchase from our website es/lead-generation-nurturing-
  48. 48. Thank youJoel HarrisonEditor, B2B MarketingTel: 020 7438 1373Email: