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Ycl2012 media 05

  1. 1. challenge People in Belarus are not very rich, that’s why they prefer travelling in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Turkey, Poland and other not very expensive regions. And only some of them can afford travelling to African and Asian countries. These are people with a good salary: Top Management, business owners, their relatives etc. We should focus on them and show that buying illegal wildlife products is not cool. We must realise campaign according to Belarusian facilities and Belarusian lifestyle. client
  2. 2. insight - It’s fashionable to wear clothes, accessories and jewelry from wild animals. - It is not my problem. I’ve never thought about it. Africa is so far from Belarus. - Why shouldn’t I buy these products? These things are good memory about foreign countries. I like buying different kinds of souvenirs. - These products are sold in the shops and in the markets. Why are they illegal? Drugs aren’t sold in these shops. client
  3. 3. strategy What will we do? - We inform people about a problem of illegal wildlife products. - We make people think about this problem. - We tell them that having bag or wallet from elephant skin is not cool. - We persuade them not to buy illegal wildlife products. client
  4. 4. key visual www.IFAW.org
  5. 5. activation As our main Target Audience is wealthy people we try influence them in the most suitable ways to achieve the best results. Most of them are registered on FB (not VK, Odnoklassniki). And also they used to travel a lot, so we can use ad in airports, travel agencies and other places which are connecting with travelling client
  6. 6. activation Travel Agency When you buy a tour to Asians, Africans and Carribeans countries in a Travel Agency, you are given a DVD with popular cartoons about wild animals (Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Dumbo etc) with a special cover. On this cover we’ll be written : Hope, your kids will see these animals not only in cartoons. And on the other side there will be printed an elephant, who doesn’t wanna be a bag. I DON’T Hope, your kids will see WANNA these animals BE not only in cartoons. A BAG DUMBO the ELEPHANT cartoon movie www.ifaw.org face cover back cover client
  7. 7. activation buy alcohol get a free pocket Advertising in airports Duty Free. When you buy smth, your purchase is packed in a special pocket. We see elephant’s outlines on this pocket. And there will be a big inscription: I don’t wanna be a bag. Advertising near the runway of the airports: A big picture of an elephant near the runway. He doesn’t wanna be a bag. When people are in plane, they’ll see it. client
  8. 8. activation We create promo-site www.luxfashion.by where people can buy coral jewelry, clothes and shoes from wild animals, hair bracelets. We place banners on popular web sites (TUT.BY, Interfax.by, Lenta.ru, FB). In these banners we tell about wonderful possibility to buy exclusive clothes and accessories. When you enter our site you read about thing you choose (about size, color, features etc but not about price). There will be a special button if you want to know the price. When you read about a beautiful bag from the elephant, for example, and when you press the button you’ll see: the price is 0,25 elephant, information about elephants and a banner. In this banner elephant tells that he doesn’t wanna be a bag, he wanna be an elephant. After it you can share with friends that today you save an elephant in FB. I DON’T WANNA BE A BAG the PRICE is press button to know a price 0.25 elephant share on Facebook cool bag from elephant skin cool bag from elephant skin client
  9. 9. 9.We achieve good results because:We have simple and clear key visual.People will know about the problem and understand its importance.We address to their emotions and it’s always work.We focus on real people from our country, who really influence solving our problemWe are sure that our strategy will work and will work perfect. client