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Ycl2012 media 04

  1. 1. CHALLENGE• Demand creates supply. The buying is – the killing is.• To stop demand on illegal wildlife products for protection endangered and threatened species from illegal commercial trade.INSIGHTWhat any consumer of illegal wildlife products wants to have?• cool, exotic, unusual, rare, luxury stuff• Souvenir of memories of a trip or a unique giftThought at the time of purchase:• “Its just an animal.”• ”People have always killed animals. “• “I do not care about the elephant/ tiger/turtle. I want this thing and I can afford it.”
  2. 2. STRATEGYWhy people need animals?• Man no longer need to kill endangered and threatened species for their own survival• In todays world, animals play the role of entertainment. Animation industry, toys, TV programs have instilled a great love for wildlife, especially in children. Animals speak in cartoons that are popular even among adults. We suggest that the wild animals began to speak with a serious topic of their own survival.• every adult wants to show a good example for children• Not all people are interested in information that some animal species on the verge of extinction. However, we are referring to the potential buyer of its appeal to moral values, make him think about how he will appear in the eyes of their children.
  3. 3. STRATEGYMessage: Guilty and shame on yourself in children mind because you’rean animal killer if you buy such staff.• Man to man: “We don’t buy, they don’t die” (from brief)• Animal to man: “You buy, we die” (we change who say that and phrase became stronger)• We propose to use the appeal of the animal to the person who may become the purchaser, and to his moral and family values: “Buy me – kill me…and tell children about it”
  4. 4. ACTIVATION TVC. A few stories with interesting facts, in which animals speak to us. Example: voice-over by an elephant named Alfred. "Hi, my name is Alfred. My father told me stories, and his father told him that stories, etc. that, as before, a thousand years ago, hunting for an elephant was a ritual, a man of war held special ceremonies, the process of hunting was a complicated and dangerous. But it was necessary for you, you were fighting for your survival. And we knew it. Now it looks like this ... "More bad pictures of hunting, killing an elephant, and that then it all becomes a souvenir. "Buy me - kill me ... and tell children about it.“ Internet. Contextual keyword advertising. For example: «wallet from snacks skin», etc. We "catch" of target audience at a time when there is interest in the product.
  5. 5. ACTIVATION OOH. Bill-board: those animals with a "bubble" that appeal to us, "Buy me - kill me ... and tell about it to their children"
  6. 6. ACTIVATION Transport. Metro. Figures of animals place in subway stations. And when going on a single line from the station A to B, then from B to C and so on, gradually the animals will be replaced with gifts, purses, stakes, etc. Instead of tusks - chess and drinks, instead of thrunk - steaks, etc. And next to each new subject and a souvenir from the animal to hang price tags: "Chess Set from elephant tusks. Price: life an elephant. " In the final layout of the animal into a disfigured body, consisting of items.Transport. Planes. During the flight,flights to travel the country (Asia,Caribiann, Africa) show the videos(similar to TV). And to give passengersa small soft animal toys speaking: "Ilove you.“ This will be a sort ofsouvenir instead of what he can buyon the black market and an attempt toforestall undesirable actions on the partof tourists to buy "blood" souvenirs.
  7. 7. ACTIVATIONThe application for smartphones «iWild». Either pre-or available fordownload. The bottom line: a world map on which you can choose anycountry (for example, that you plan to visit) and see what a number of rarewild animals left, for example: 1) Country: India, 2) animal: Bengal Tiger, 3)the remaining 58 units . The next time you visit the application immediatelyissued an alert (alert), that for the past number of Bengal tigers in India hasdecreased by 3. (This is possible, as is strict control until the units!)Also from this application, you can watch video from web cameras installedin the wilderness (such cameras already have and are used to make filmsabout animals). Some may appear their favorite animals, for they willalways look to experience for them.Also, the application can find interesting and informative facts about theanimals that can be shared with friends, tell your friends. For example, inthe crash of the ship Dolphins always the first to save pregnant women.
  8. 8. ACTIVATION SMM. Applications, groups, games, prints the appropriate topic. Co-marketing with producers of substitute products: gifts, wear, jewelry, etc. Co-marketing with loved and well-known sports teams (NHL, NBA and etc.), names and logos which refer to animals. "Do not kill our character."
  9. 9. IDEA’S MOST IMPORTANT POINTS• it’s not cool, when you look like a killer in children eyes• animals speak with us on serious topics of the survival• activation will have strong cumulative effect• The main part of your message pass to target audience (future travelers, who interested of exotic staff)• “Buy me – kill me … and children about it” has deep sense, according to the brief, logical and emotionally elements.