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Ycl2012 media 01

  1. 1. BackgroundThe commercial exploitation of animals hasbecome a serious problem nowadays. IFAW needs permanent assistance in its solving. Challenge Stop killing protected animals by encouraging consumers to avoid buying illegal wildlife products.
  2. 2. Target audience Major cities (over 100.000) inhabitants, incomesignificantly above average, hard to reach (notinterested in local mass media, including internet).Most likely, 4/5 of TA are females 20+. Lack possibilities to spend money in Belarus.Tend to buy illegal wildlife products as a part of"respectful" and "prestigious" behaviour. Oftenthey dont even actually like these items. This peculiarity enables the substitution ofillegal wildlife products.
  3. 3. Insight I purchase illegal wildlife products to feel value of money andto demonstrate it to others. I want to show that I belong to the particular social (andconsumption) group. There’s another possibility to do all the above mentioned, not encouraging illegal commercial trade at the same time.
  4. 4. Strategy 2 ways possible: 1. Insight neutralization: Don’t buy! That’s bad! There’s no way for it as overall sector budgets (illegalcommercial trade of animal parts) exceed budgets of any adcampaign aimed against it. 2. Insight substitution: Do another way! That’s good! Successful implementation of this strategy may not onlyreduce illegal wildlife products consumption, but alsobecome the source of ardour forming and developing thepractice of spending money among belarussians withincome av+.
  5. 5. Strategy Attracting attention to taking photos of endangered species in theirnatural environment. Reason to believe: people with demonstrative behavior model strive toimpress others. But this aim can be achieved not only by purchasing illegalwildlife products. New insight: I belong to the tribe. I spend holidays at the same placesand get the same impressions. But I want to keep these impressions in waydifferent from destroying – purchasing illegal wildlife products. I aminterested in creation, keeping them in memory as photos but not as animalparts. Such behavior raises me in my own eyes as well as in the eyes of mysurroundings. As the target audience is hard to reach we propose to convey themessage in the places of their residence: beauty salons, boutiques, fitnesscenters, airports and planes. Its crucial to focus on direct marketingactivities as the audience is hard to reach and highly dispersed (quite a fewcommon places, activities, hobbies).
  6. 6. Key visual The life of endangered species through the camera lens. In your memory you can store them with the help of photographs, rather than body parts. Activation Stickers on the mirrors in the expensive beauty salons There are not too many beauty salons equal to therequirements of the TA . Performance: stickers on the mirror in the form of thefocus frame camera, in the corner painted animal. The longbeing of the advertising space in front of the TA will provokethe questions to the master, who serves the customer - (forex. hairdresser). The master tells about the essence of theadvertisement. Due to the fact that the master is a personwhom the representative of the TA trusts, his words will notbe left without any attention.
  7. 7. Activation Installation in the windows of boutiques Performance: the placing of the background designs with the picture of thewildlife and a wild animal or a toy animal in the window next to the dummy. At thesame time the same focus frame camera is stuck to the glass of the windows. If youhave questions the boutique consultants can explain the essence of the advertisementand the meaning of design. The integration in the advertising content (tourist content) of Russian glossy magazines. Russian magazines are used because the Belarussian ones have no authority in the TA. In agreement with a travel agency that advertises tours to the eastern countries where there is the trade in illegal wildlife products. Performance: An insert in the form of a transparent page which shows only the focus frame and the logo of IFAW is put in front of the page with the ad of tourist agency (which depicts a landscape or wild animals).
  8. 8. Activation Promotion in the aircraft of the eastern areas Performance: the transparent sticker with theframe and focus is affixed to the windows and theproposal to train the lens and to look for the wildanimals in the clouds before the landing. As the supporting channels (for repetition and memorization of advertisingmessages, for forming the reach) the spot ads and BTL-activity is proposed in theplaces of residence of the TA (mostly - suburban towns) and the cluster of boutiques. Due to the fact that TA tends to the close and frequent contact with each otherand to repeating of the trendsetters the success of advertising campaigns for someof them will convey the message to other representatives of TA without much effort.
  9. 9. Summary We came to the conclusion that target audience tends todemonstrative behavior model . We change its object of value but not the model itself. We propose insight replacement as a core concept of the strategy:from "I want to be not worse than the others" to "I want to be the best". Thus we dont forbid purchasing illegal wildlife products, we proposean alternative that achieves the same aims. Proposed media mix goes under key visual "the life of endangeredspecies through the camera lens photo camera” and aims at developingthe practice of spending money among belarussians with income av+.