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  1. 1. TEAM №3Company overviewvelcom is the first GSM-operator in the Republic of Belarus, providing telecommunication servicessince 1999. We are the undeniable leader of the market’s corporate segment – gained nearly 70% ofall legal entities in Belarus as our clients.Our mission: Together with our customers we are moving ahead to enrich people’s lives with leadingedge communication services.But as socially responsible company we also see our task in offering products, services andtechnologies that can make people’s lives more comfortable and better.Project backgroundCurrently there are a lot of discussions on problematic of disabled people ongoing in Belarus society,but barely few things were applied to really ease up integration of challenged people into social life.The public service sector is not prepared to serve people with special needs - visiting cinema, cafe orbeauty salon becomes a survival exam for them. They’re lacking not only simple accessibility but alsonormal human treatment. Sad, but places for socialization become main barriers for socialization forpeople with special needs.Our aimsPrimary aim: to increase the number of public places with barrier-free environment and easyaccessibility for people with special needs. Not only by providing easy physical access, but creatingwelcoming image and atmosphere for such people.Indirect aim: to stimulate smooth integration of challenged people into daily life of society and maketheir presence there natural.Our toolsOne of the most relevant tools aimed at creation of an open and easily accessible environment can bea direct cooperation with a service sector (HoReCa, beauty salons and SPAs, cinemas and theatres,libraries and business centers, shopping malls and clubs, stadiums and concert halls, etc). They areexactly what compose social life. And at the same time they are still the stumbling-blocks that createsocial limits for disabled citizens.Target audienceOwners and top managers of service companies and establishments in big cities of Belarus – existingvelcom corporate clients. Predominantly male, 35-50 years old.Insight“I’m running my business in a very unstable and low-margin environment - all the time I have to think ofstaying afloat. I’m not against of serving people with special needs but attracting them requests extraeffort and adjustment of my business. And first of all I have to handle my regular customers”.ProductNetwork of public places with “WI-FI SPECIAL ACCESS” – places suitable and attractive for peoplewith regular and special needs.
  2. 2. ProjectWe’ll use our existing base of companies – velcom business customers, who provide different types ofservices – and stimulate their participation in our Republican accessibility program – creation ofnetwork of public places with free Wi-Fi access for everyone, and suitable and welcoming environmentfor challenged people. This means not only specialized equipment for easy access but also welcomingatmosphere: trained stuff and loyal visitors.What shall companies do to participate? First, they should work on creation of welcoming andaccessible environment for people with special needs. Then they will be visited by the test group fromthe Office for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Based on their feedback business will be declaredas easily accessible for everyone, including disabled people. After that we grant them with free publichotspot, named “WI-FI SPECIAL ACCESS”.As a result, disabled people get the network of places they can attend with pleasure as equals withothers. The society gets the smooth and natural integration of people with regular and special needs.Our corporate clients get their regular and new customers retained and our company gets existingcustomer base retention.Key MessageCreate a friendly environment for customers with special needs and we’ll help you create additionalattractiveness for your regular customers by providing «WI-FI SPECIAL ACCESS».Agency task1. Create visual identity of the “WI-FI SPECIAL ACCESS” – the logo as an indicator of the service companies participating in our network.2. Develop communication strategy for the promotional launch of our network of public places with “WI-FI SPECIAL ACCESS” for our corporate customers (includes a key visual and PR solutions).3. Full media mix with the use of paid, owned and earned media.Media channels (obligatory but not limited)1. Strong point on our owned media (web site and business interfaces)2. Paid channels, such as specialized printed media, internet campaign, BTL business events and exhibitions.Budget200 000 USDKPITo create the network of public places with “WI-FI SPECIAL ACCESS” of minimum 400 Wi-Fi hotspotsin Minsk and regional centers right after campaign.