BRIEF1. Who we are      “Key decisions” Company specializes in strategic, investment and managementconsulting, comprehensi...
4.4 Key message       B2B: “If you hire people with limited abilities, you can get additional profits in forms of taxremis...
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  1. 1. BRIEF1. Who we are “Key decisions” Company specializes in strategic, investment and managementconsulting, comprehensive reorganization, organization diagnostics and establishing ofholdings. The company has extensive experience in such industries as building, engineering, mass-media, light industry, food manufacturing, mechanical engineering, etc. Along with consultancy “Key decisions” Company is known as holder of unique author’sworkshops, trainings and courses in corporate format.2. Project background Total amount of people with limited abilities in Belarus in 2012 was 519,2 thousand peopleand only 18% of them have a job. In 2012 only 9% of people with limited abilities who hasregistered as unemployed this year got a job. It’s obvious that there are problems in our country with lack of jobs for people with limitedabilities and inadaptability of working spaces for these people, that’s why even if a person withlimited abilities wants to get a job, he can’t manage with employment duties.3. Product description We offer a comprehensive program, that includes consulting and training in the field ofcreating extra jobs in different economic sectors for people with limited abilities. The offer includes: - legal and accounting consulting for top managers of the company about existing taxremissions and other preferences for companies that employ people with limited abilities; - financial consulting on possibilities for attracting foreign investment into creation andadaptation of new jobs for people with limited abilities; - audit and re-engineering of business processes for the purpose of their adaptation to becarried out by people with limited abilities; - turn-key development of investment projects that are initially oriented to create jobs forpeople with limited abilities; - development of educational program for new professions for people with limited abilities - training of inside coaches in client’s companies; - development and creation of ergonomic working space for people with limited abilities incompliance with specific characters of client’s business (in partnership with architects).4. Agency challenge 4.1 Job to be done Develop and implement effective communication strategy for new comprehensive programfor the chosen target group. 4.2 Target audience To get maximum effect from implementation of new comprehensive program we defined 2target groups: B2B: top-managers and business owners in different fields of activities B2G: employees of the Ministry of Economic Affairs who are responsible for attraction offoreign investments, employees of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Social ProtectionFund who are responsible for the creation of new jobs, including jobs for people with limitedabilities. 4.3 Consumer insights B2B: “I want to improve my business performance through implementing new possibilitiesconnected with limited abilities people employment.” B2G: “I want to increase employment and production levels throughout the country bystimulating limited abilities people employment.”
  2. 2. 4.4 Key message B2B: “If you hire people with limited abilities, you can get additional profits in forms of taxremissions and access to targeted foreign investments” B2G: “This comprehensive program helps to achieve strategic goals of the government:attraction of foreign investments and creation of new working places for people with limitedabilities” 4.5 Tone of voice Businesslike, serious, promising 4.6 Guidelines and timeline Speciality: the core problems behind the goal are the following: 1. Hard to reach target audience of top managers (due to the size and peculiarities ofBelarusian market here exist no business-oriented media with significant cover) 2. The complexity of the product (hard to explain in a short message) 1. Develop and approve creative concept and media- May 1, 2013strategy of promotion for new service of the company incompliance with given complicated conditions 2. Develop and approve activity plan May 13, 2013 3. Develop and approve assistance program for the June 1, 2013company web-site that will calculate potential economic benefitfor client according input data about client and desirableamount of employees with limited abilities 4. Realization of advertising campaign Terms of realization – 2 months Also you can us the following: Every year “Key decisions” company organizes “Top-management” conference for 300-350 participants. 4.7 Budget 42 000 USD (30 000 USD – after the end of campaign and 12 000 USD – additional bonusin case of achieving necessary KPI) 4.8 KPI (key performance indicators) Amount of incoming requests: B2B – at least 80 leads B2G – at least 5 leads In case of achieving necessary KPI within 3 months from the start of the campaign theagency will be given 40% bonus from the fee.