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Flightglobal Jobs Client Presentation Template
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Flightglobal Jobs Client Presentation Template


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  • 1. Client Name Company DateContact: xxxxxxxxx Tel: 020 8652 4444 Email:
  • 2. AgendaINTRODUCTIONAgenda 1Agenda 2Agenda 3Agenda 4Agenda 5
  • 3. Welcome to Flightglobal Jobs Print Average circulation of over 32,963 readers1 every week Online Over 140,000 jobseeking2 professionals visit our site every month Email Bi-weekly e-newsletter sent to over 90,000 jobseekers3 Mobile Fully mobile-compatible site to extend our reach to relevant students and graduates1 BPA Audit – July – Dec 20112 Site Catalyst web analytics – Feb to Sep 20123 Jobseeker e-newsletter database size as of 27/09/2012
  • 4. OUR AUDIENCE AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS Working Overseas • The most common reason for our jobseekers looking for a new job are: - “For an increased salary / remuneration” - “For better career development opportunities“
  • 5. OUR AUDIENCE CURRENT JOB ROLE • 73% of our audience are actively looking for a job whilst the remainder are browsers • 64% are currently in permanent roles whilst 14% are unemployed • On average, our audience have been working in aviation & aerospace for 20 years • Our audience have been in their current roles for an average of 9 years
  • 6. Focus on… Print Flight International, Airline Business Flight International, Airline Business At the forefront of aerospace and aviation journalism covering all areas from the Boardroom, to the Control Tower Flight International circulated to over 32,000* readers every week and Airline Business 21,500* Excellent opportunity for branding RECRUITMENT FEATURES RECRUITMENT FEATURES Hong Kong / China Careers Guide  Middle East Careers Guide  Training and Development Guide produced in January produced in November produced in April *ABC certificate – Jan to June 2012 **NRS Trends – Jan to Dec 2010
  • 7. Focus on…Recruitment Features RECRUITMENT FEATURES RECRUITMENT FEATURES Two recruitment-focused features discussing the market and it’s future in specific aviation hotspots across the world A third feature also discussing training & development in the industry. Where will the skills shortages be in 5 years? What are the main growth areas? Dynamic content delivered through interactive, digital magazines Sponsorship and advertising available in all features to an engaged audience Target this audience by appearing against focused and topical content
  • 8. Focus on…Careers TRAINING & TRAINING & CAREERS ADVICE CAREERS ADVICE DEVELOPMENT GUIDE DEVELOPMENT GUIDE Aimed at aviation and aerospace students, graduates and Careers’ specific area of our site dedicated those looking to progress their career to providing students and professionals with all the information they need to further their career Published annually in January and distributed to students Recruitment Features and via 20,000 print copies at universities & careers fairs Training & development guide displayed here to further their exposure and influence Digital edition available all year round – users can download and share online interactive issue for maximum exposure to your brand Advertise your studentships, courses or job opportunities within our guide TRAINING SITE TRAINING SITE Sister-site to Flightglobal Jobs offering an advertising platform for training courses around the world Operational since 2011 and growing every month, one of the few training-dedicated offerings in the aviation and aerospace environment
  • 9. Focus on…Air Show Issues AIR SHOW FEATURES AIR SHOW FEATURES Industry-specific editorial offering all the latest news around the world’s most important air shows Published in Flight International, seen by our full subscriber list, and displayed on the website to maximise exposure Extensive marketing campaign to promote coverage to our audience The perfect time place to advertise your vacancies within a focused and relevant context Target the industry professionals you need by advertising within an issue covering your geographical area
  • 10. Focus on… Online Over 1.15m unique users1 per month giving you access to a passive jobseeker audience Over 6.2m page impressions¹ per month 20 Flightglobal twitter feeds followed by over 54,500* aviation and aerospace enthusiasts Flightglobal dedicated page on Facebook combined with Twitter feeds to engage with aviation and aerospace professionals through alternative channels Flightglobal Jobs Flightglobal Jobs 140,000 aviation and aerospace professionals2 visit us every month looking for their next opportunity Unique website dedicated to aviation and aerospace job opportunities Fully compatible mobile site, extending our reach to an ever-increasing multiple-device audience BPA statement - December 2011 1 2 Average monthly users Feb – Sep 2012 * Correct as of 05/10/2012
  • 11. Focus on… Email Jobs Now, Who’s Recruiting Jobs Now, Who’s Recruiting Target Emails Target Emails Target the most relevant audience by drilling in to our Sent bi-weekly to our database of over 90,000 current database of active jobseeking professionals jobseekers offering the best jobs advertised on our site 1 Our ‘Focus On’ or ‘Job of the Week’ slots drive, on  You can select by discipline, location and qualification average, 56 applications2 level  These slots drive maximum response and brand awareness for your advertising  Simply provide us with your organisation logo and messaging and we’ll send the email on your behalf  Typically a Flightglobal Jobs target email receives 47 applications3 Correct as of 29/09/2012 1 2 Average applications Jan – June 2012 3 Average applications for emails sent March – April 2012
  • 12. Target Emails – Case Study Case Study 11 Case Study  Sent to 7154 jobseekers  22% open rate  319 clicks  168 applications  52.66% conversion rate
  • 13. Target Emails – Case Study Case Study 22 Case Study  Sent to 8,920 jobseekers  21% open rate  457 clicks  145 applications  31.37% conversion rate
  • 14. Focus on… Online Advertising Solutions Display Advertising Display Advertising Leaderboard or banner Leaderboard or banner will appear on every will appear on every Gain maximum page of the site whilst page of the site whilst exposure and the MPU slot is an the MPU slot is an impact on the exclusive position on exclusive position on the homepage the homepage homepage Job of the Week Job of the Week Over 8 x more Over 8 x more applications per applications per job compared to a job compared to a Featured Jobs Featured Jobs standard listing* standard listing* 135% increase in job 135% increase in job views per job views per job compared to a compared to a standard listing* standard listing* Recruiting Now Recruiting Now Perfect branding Perfect branding opportunity to opportunity to drive maximum drive maximum traffic traffic*Statistics based on applications per job for premiumadvertising slots compared to a standard listing onFlightglobal Jobs Feb - March 2012
  • 15. Focus on… Online Advertising Solutions Make an impact on the search results pages for disciplines that are relevant to your course or Sponsored Jobs studentship Sponsored Jobs Over 6 x increase in Over 6 x increase in applications per job applications per job compared to a compared to a Premium Jobs Premium Jobs standard listing* standard listing* 109% increase in 109% increase in converting views per converting views per job compared to a job compared to a standard listing* standard listing* Listing with logo Listing with logo 111% increase in 111% increase in views per job views per job compared to a compared to a standard listing* standard listing**Statistics based on applications per job for premiumadvertising slots compared to a standard listing onFlightglobal Jobs Feb - March 2012
  • 16. Media CentreDo you want to know more?Then visit our media centre for all this information about ouraudience, our products and our rates plus the latest special offers.Visit -
  • 17. Summary Summary 1 Summary 2 Summary 3 Summary 4 Any Questions?