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  • First slide, to be on screen as audience enter the room
  • Paul to open meeting from the lectern and welcome everyone to Marketing Birmingham’s Annual General Meeting..
  • Paul to run through the day’s agenda. Also to use this opportunity to speak in general terms about the following broad themes:- Birmingham is an energetic and evolving city, that’s never been more evident than today. We’re in a fortunate position, with the level of investment going into key infrastructure projects unrivalled anywhere else in the UK. Turbulent times, not just in the UK, but across Europe and beyond so never been more important to have a consistent message that we’re open for business.- As an organisation, we’ve undergone considerable change in the past 12 months, against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, evolving national and regional structures- We’ve undertaken a wider remit that now includes inward investment and the promotion of the city as a business location, have integrated a comprehensive European funding package, working in partnership a wide range of partners, that also now sees us covering a wider economic geography- We’ve also been getting on with the job in hand to deliver growth in the visitor economy and develop a pipeline of inward investment projects. At the heart of everything we do, is a commitment to deliver for our partners.- Today is about reviewing what’s been achieved in the past 12 months but also looking ahead.
  • Paul to formally open Annual General Meeting...... Welcome to this Annual General Meeting of Marketing Birmingham Limited. A quorum being two members present in person or by proxy and entitled to vote is present and therefore we may proceed with the business of the meeting
  • And so the first item on our agenda is to receive the Director’s report and financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2010. Can I have a proposer for that - ........ Thank you very much ..... And a seconder – Trevor Foster. Thank you very much Trevor. Vote all in favour
  • Second item on the agenda is to reappoint the following directorsStephen Maddock Sir Albert BoreMichael WhitbyPaul Thandi Can we have a proposer – Sarah Webb. Thank you Sarah. And a seconder – Gerry Bew. Thank you Gerry – Vote all in favour
  • On to the appointment of new directors. We have Julie Moore and David Eastwood. Can we have a proposer ......... Thank you..... And a seconder – Christopher Pike. Thank you Christopher.Vote all in favour
  • Finally to appoint KPMG as our Auditors for another year and to authorise the directors to fix their remuneration.Do we have a proposer please – Rob Valentine. Thank you Rob. And a seconder - .......Thank you – you’ll be relieved to hear that, that definitely completes the formal part of the day.
  • Challenging year Change of Government in May 2010 AWM Demise Realigned Business September 2010 saw MB take on the inward investment remit from MB with creation of Business Birmingham Reduced number of Visitor Centres in favour of mobile desks Acquired WMRO Now promote the companies activity under 4 brands
  • Sales missions – purpose part of new proactive sales approach to actively raise Birmingham’s profile in target territories to establish leads and generate new business opportunities targeted sector approach all missions in corporate the wider region to ensure that international audiences see the connectivity and wider offerWhy USA? Maximise direct links with United Airlines (VISIT) To maximise on Royal events (weddings/Jubilee) and Olympics - (BUSINESS) The USA is the largest investor in the West Midlands (1,174 jobs in 2009-2010)Results (VISIT) Approx. 50 meetings with North American travel trade buyers – we’ve already seen the benefits with some packages and tours coming to the programme area, also 50% of the new contacts established have confirmed to attend a FAM trip in spring 2012. (BUSINESS) In November 2011 Business Birmingham attended Corenet Global’s Summit in Atlanta.  Key aims were to raise Birmingham’s profile with major US corporate and the global real estate community and to generate new project opportunities. 3 new leads were identified. (BOTH) Long term strategy – for both business and leisure as it will take around 2-3 years to build up and generate results
  • Why China?As for Chinese investments in the LEP area, in the last ten years we have had 15 Chinese investments (including 9 from mainland China, 4 from Hong Kong and 2 from Taiwan) which created 437 new jobs and safeguarded 135. Since 2003, Birmingham attracted more Chinese investment projects than any other UK city (after London), receiving £76.59m in capital investment and creating 596 jobs - Shanghai Automotive was obviously the biggest investor with 4 investments here (including a new design studio at Longbridge). Of these 15 Chinese investments 10 went into Birmingham, 2 to Burton on Trent and one each into Solihull, Cannock and Redditch.Since 2004, the number of Chinese students in Birmingham has increased from 2,500 to 3,500 Opportunities for Chinese exporters, such as the China Brands European showcase: - takes place at the NEC every year- attended by over 200 Chinese enterprises to promote economic and trade cooperation between China and Europepart of the city’s Spring Fair which attracts over 70,000 visitors Birmingham offers access to 34,500 Chinese residents in the West Midlands – Visit Friends and family opportunities Results China (BUSINESS) Neil to insert Why India? Maximise direct of trade and reseident links (BUISNESS) India is one of the top 10 investors in the West Midlands, creating 2026 jobs in the period 2004-2010.Results India (BUSINESS) Nasscom – Engineering services event held in Pune, India , in October. It was attended by 300 members of Nasscom. 7 leads generated.
  • European projects – cuts across all programmes (Visit Economy and Business) Enhance business profile and opportunities – attending trade shows and missions is essential in establishing a Birmingham’s position as a leading inward investment location in the UK and Europe. Boost visitor figures – out of the 10 top overnight visitors 6 originate from a European country. The top countries being Germany (11%), Ireland (8%) and France (7%) Examples of Business events: - Serious Games European Expo - Conference and exhibition being held in Lyon, France 20th – 22nd November. 800 visitors expected with 30 exhibitors. 7 appointments were attended.  - Solutrans – Commercial vehicle show being held in Lyon, France 28th November – 3rd December predominantly attended by French commercial vehicle sector. 5 appointments were attended.  
  • Images: Clegg at the JLR plant, end SeptemberCameron at Aston Science Park, during Digital Days
  • The changing landscape has seen us all operate in a more smarter and intelligent way. During these challenging times, Birmingham and the wider region has been working together more and more. Collectively we are putting Birmingham on the map, addressing challenges and making opportunities happen together. As a partnership organisation, Marketing Birmingham is pleased to play a leading role. With our expanded remit, we have evolved our co-ordinating role and have been acting as the glue that links together projects and the public and private sector.A good example is the recent city’s Sparkling at Christmas campaign strong public/private partnership combining budgets provides the city with greater impact we all saying the same things, together is powerful - consistent brand offer
  • Paul to open meeting from the lectern and welcome everyone to Marketing Birmingham’s Annual General Meeting..
  • Marketing Birmingham AGM November 2011

    1. 1. Annual General Meeting 7 December 2011
    2. 2. Paul Kehoe
    3. 3. Agenda Annual General Meeting Neil Rami, Chief Executive Questions & Answers
    4. 4. Annual General Meeting Agenda1. To receive the accounts for the financial year ended 31 March 2011 and the Directors’ and Auditor’s report.2. To re-appoint the following as Directors pursuant to Article 44 and 47 of the Company’s Articles of Association: Stephen Maddock Sir Albert Bore Michael Whitby Paul Thandi3. To appoint the following as Directors pursuant to Article 35 and Article 47 of the Company’s Articles of Association: Julie Moore David Eastwood4. To appoint KPMG as Auditors and authorise the Directors to fix their remuneration.5. To transact any other ordinary business of an Annual General Meeting. Company Number: 01631329
    5. 5. Agenda item 11. To receive the accounts for the financial year ended 31 March 2011 and the Directors’ and Auditor’s report.
    6. 6. Agenda item 2To re-appoint the following as Directors pursuant to Article44 and 47 of the Company’s Articles of Association: Stephen Maddock Sir Albert Bore Michael Whitby Paul Thandi
    7. 7. Agenda item 3To appoint the following as Directors pursuant to Article35 and Article 47 of the Company’s Articles ofAssociation: Julie Moore David Eastwood
    8. 8. Agenda item 4To appoint KPMG as Auditors and authorise theDirectors to fix their remuneration.
    9. 9. Neil Rami Chief
    10. 10. 12 months ago...  Renegotiation of service level agreement with Birmingham City Council  Managing impact of AWM’s demise on funding profile  Creation of a Local Enterprise Partnership  Initial discussions with LA’s and EU to develop ERDF application process  Launch of Business Birmingham - emerging sectoral roadmap - recruitment of investment team - development of pipeline
    11. 11. 12 months on ...  New SLA with City Council secured  New ERDF contract in place  Growth in membership  Cost reduction programme completed  New relationship with Government  Established Birmingham Business Hub  Business Birmingham delivering
    12. 12. Financial Performance 2010/11 and 2011/12 Outturn Forecast Outturn 2010/2011 2011/2012 (1) (2) £ £ Turnover 8,682,901 9,239,462 Change in stocks of finished goods 3,455 - External charges (6,615,623) (6,602,986) Staff costs (1,980,514) (2,510,291) Depreciation (190,777) (156,617) Release of capital grant 34,314 30,432 Operating (loss)/profit _______ _______ (66,244) 0 Interest receivable - - Interest payable (20,000) - ______ Loss from ordinary activities before taxation (86,244) 0 Taxation - - Loss from ordinary activities after taxation (86,244) 0 (1) As Directors Report and Financial Statement (2) As presented to the Board on 5th October
    13. 13. Birmingham’s global reach United States of America in 2011  Actively targeting and developing business in key North American markets: - Business Birmingham events and sales missions in Chicago, Florida, Atlanta, Detroit - Visit Birmingham event and sales mission in New York
    14. 14. Birmingham’s global reach China & India in 2011  Actively targeting and developing business in key Chinese markets: - Business Birmingham in Changchun and Shenyang, China, - Meet Birmingham in Mumbai, India - Business Birmingham in Pune, India
    15. 15. Birmingham’s global reach Europe in 2011  Actively targeting and developing business in key European markets: - Business Birmingham in Cannes, Amsterdam, Cologne, Paris, Berlin - Meet Birmingham in Paris, Barcelona, Geneva - Visit Birmingham in Dublin, Berlin, Netherlands
    16. 16. Working in partnership Highlights of 2011  Working with our partners to promote Birmingham, target sales and win business - joint inbound & outbound events - accessing international networks - joint research  Birmingham Food Fest - 100+ businesses involved  Meet Birmingham showcase
    17. 17. Delivering for partners  Repositioned Commercial Partnerships Programme in late 2010  Creating bespoke relationships and tangible outputs  60% increase in commercial partners  Significantly broader business sector profile  Fundamental element of all sales & marketing activity
    18. 18. Principal
    19. 19. Perceptions & profile  Developing profile as a business destination - McKinsey - Cushman & Wakefield - Mercer Living Index  Engaging national & international media - number of visits  Forging relationships with national bodies - City UK - Centre for Cities  Reputation management in aftermath of civil disorder in August 2011
    20. 20. Profile with government  Developing relationships with government: - leveraging party political conferences via a dedicated policy strategy  Accessing Regional Growth Fund in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and 4 LEP’s  Visit England GREAT campaign and 2012 - TV advertising - reputation management  Closer relationship & Memorandum of Understanding with UKTI
    21. 21. Strategic relationship with government  Recognising importance of visitor economy to performance of UK plc  Exploring alternative funding mechanisms to transform scale and pace of visitor economy growth  Developing options based on principles of successful Business Improvement Districts  Part of a UK wide working group exploring potential for Tourism BID’s
    22. 22. ERDF Programme2011/12- 2013/14 What - A £17.7m catalyst to deliver integrated City Region Business, Meet and Visit programme over the 3 yr period It will - generate investment, events and visitors, develop business and jobs in the ERDF priority 3 areas How - Marketing Birmingham will provide up to £5.8m, our partners £3m and £8.8m funding drawn down from ERDF Outputs Partners ► 4,690 jobs Birmingham City Council, ► 500 business supports Solihull MBC, Black Country ► 5% increase visitor LA’s x 4, Birmingham Airport, economy CENTRO, Southside BID
    23. 23. Developing new partnerships Christmas in Birmingham 2011  Birmingham City Council,  Solihull MBC  Retail Birmingham  Southside BID  Virgin Trains - - viral game - TV advertising
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Successful projects – 1777 Jobs to
    26. 26. Pipeline by sector % 4 4 16 7 Manufacturing Financial Services9 Digital Media/ICT Transport Technologies 14 Business Services Leisure / Tourism Other9 Environmental Technologies Logistics Government/Public Sector 14 10 11
    27. 27. Pipeline by country % 3 2 1 3 4 United Kingdom 5 North America Other 41 Other Europe6 India Germany Australia Switzerland8 Japan France China 9 16
    28. 28. Visit & Meet Birmingham outputs Meet Birmingham  Impact of major events supported - £54.7m in 2010/11  Maintained position as most popular UK destination for association & corporate business outside London Visit Birmingham  Birmingham attracted 32.7m visitors in 2010  Overseas visitors rose 4.4%  UK wide numbers declined by 0.3%  Birmingham most visited English city outside London for European visitors
    29. 29. Strategic direction  Developing relationship with Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP  Focusing on increasing private sector relationships and networksStrategic priorities  Securing more inward investment  Growing the visitor economy  Providing research, insight & policy advice  Focusing on strategic communications  Increasing business engagement  Input to economic development plan
    30. 30. Marketing Birmingham will deliver a£26m investment promotion programmebetween now and 2015, aimed atcreating 12,000 new jobs andincreasing the value of the visitoreconomy by 5%
    31. 31. John Lewis
    32. 32. Metro extension
    33. 33. Runway extension
    34. 34. Wayfinding
    35. 35. NEC
    36. 36. High Speed 2
    37. 37. Curzon Square
    38. 38. Marketing Birmingham will deliver a£26m investment promotion programmebetween now and 2015, aimed atcreating 12,000 new jobs andincreasing the value of the visitoreconomy by 5%
    39. 39. Birmingham Business Hub
    40. 40. Questions
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