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Birmingham Curzon will be a completely new rail station for High Speed Two (HS2) in the heart of the city – the first in over 100 years. The station forms a key part of the Government's plans for the HS2 line.
The building of a landmark High Speed Two Terminus Station in Birmingham city centre will provide the area with significant economic and development opportunities.
This event provides an opportunity to hear about the city’s vision for the new Station and how it will use this nationally important piece of infrastructure as a catalyst for regeneration and growth in Birmingham.

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  • City Council launching masterplan for growth integrating HS2 and demonstrating the economic impact on the surroundings and key interventions to ensure growth is maximised
  • Examples clockwise
    Flinders Street Station Melbourne
    Lieg E-Guill Emins Station Belgium
    Wuhan Station China
  • Permanent jobs =  14,000 (net)
    GVA = £1.3bn per annum
    Floorspace =  600,000 sq m (NB 6.5 million sq feet employment floorspace) of which 365,000 sq m office (NB 3.9 million sq feet office floorspace)
    Homes =  2,000 new homes
    Construction costs = £1bn
    Construction jobs =  1,000 (FTE)
  • Birmingham curzon HS2

    1. 1. Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan for growth - Launch 27th February 2014
    2. 2. Paul Kehoe Chief Executive of Birmingham Airport and Chair of Marketing Birmingham Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan for growth
    3. 3. Sir Albert Bore Leader Birmingham City Council Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan for growth
    4. 4. Waheed Nazir Director of Planning and Regeneration Birmingham City Council Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan for growth
    5. 5. The masterplan  Home of new HS2 terminus station  Comprehensive approach to unlocking growth potential  Masterplan covers 141 ha  Links into the wider growth plans for the City Centre
    6. 6. Growth  Six distinct areas  Different economic focus building on existing strengths  Requires integrated and accessible station
    7. 7. Five Big Moves 1. World class arrival 2. Metro extension 3. Paternoster Place 4. Station Square and Moor Street 5. Curzon Promenade and Curzon Square
    8. 8. World class arrival
    9. 9. Birmingham Curzon
    10. 10. Birmingham Curzon
    11. 11. Metro Extension
    12. 12. Metro extension  Connecting the station to wider opportunities  Existing Metro in City Centre Core  Line extension within Core complete 2015  Future stops proposed at Birmingham Curzon, Digbeth and wider city  Supporting integrated transport solution
    13. 13. Paternoster Place
    14. 14. Connecting to Digbeth
    15. 15. Connecting to Digbeth
    16. 16. Station Square and Moor Street
    17. 17. Connecting to the City Centre Core
    18. 18. Curzon Promenade and Curzon Square
    19. 19. Economic Growth
    20. 20. Next Steps - Delivering the Growth  Masterplan Launched  Public Consultation - 8 weeks  Progress masterplan - technical work and studies  Business case - establish delivery vehicle and funding model  Wider impact - central to the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)
    21. 21. Lord Deighton Commercial Secretary to the Treasury and Chair of HS2 Growth Taskforce Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan for growth