How to Stage a Rental Apartment for Faster Rental


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Home staging, which is also know as “decorating” has a very important purpose…It sets a property for sale or for rent apart from all the others.

Staging “declutters” the home which results in a clean space that allows potential buyers/renters to feel welcome, comfortable and attracted to the space.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in many homes is there’s too much stuff!!

Less is best! When you “declutter” the space, it gives the client or prospective renter the ability to see the property at its cleanest and organized. It allows them to visualize how the space will look with their belongings and furnishings.

So, if the space it too crowded, move out some of the furniture. Reduce the number of photos or designate a place for them. Throw away all or store piles of papers and magazines.

A fresh coat of paint, new window coverings, rugs, clean switchplates and any other small changes will go a long way to presenting a clean well-staged property. In essence…Clean-up the property!

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How to Stage a Rental Apartment for Faster Rental

  1. 1. Stowe, Vermont Home Staging Project
  2. 2. We took this 3 room 1 bath apartment in Stowe, Vermont and with some new paint, flooring, window treatment staged it for a quick rent to create a profitable revenue generating rental. Our staging philosophy: Make any home or apartment space look attractive, roomy and comfortable so the prospective renter can imagine their possessions and themselves living comfortably and happy in the space. Watch the transformation of this Stowe, Vermont apartment.
  3. 3. We started with burnt orange walls and a cluttered kitchen…
  4. 4. A few new cabinets, some appliances and a counter top…Instant useable kitchen
  5. 5. Naked windows, filthy floors, exposed heating pipes and drab walls
  6. 6. Window coverings, soft inviting paint, neutral comfortable furniture and a living room that’s comfortable, attractive and inviting.
  7. 7. Not sure what to call these walls…Early splotch? Enough said…
  8. 8. More paint…a comfy bed…and your bedroom is set
  9. 9. The loft’s floors were ancient tile…And the walls in need of lots of work.
  10. 10. A few coats of fresh paint…another comfy bed and you have a second bedroom.
  11. 11. Herrmann & Brothers, working with apartments, homes and retail spaces to “stage” them so they rent quicker and to higher quality long-term renters. Call us today to help stage your home, apartment or retail space at 727.744.3784