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Marketing Pioneers - Ken Segall - Insanely Simple
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Marketing Pioneers - Ken Segall - Insanely Simple


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Ken Segall was twaalf jaar lang een prominent onderdeel van het vaste team van Apple oprichter Steve Jobs en creative director bij reclamebureau Chiat/Day. Segall was nauw betrokken bij de 'Think …

Ken Segall was twaalf jaar lang een prominent onderdeel van het vaste team van Apple oprichter Steve Jobs en creative director bij reclamebureau Chiat/Day. Segall was nauw betrokken bij de 'Think Different' campagne en zorgde voor de 'i' in de huidige Apple productlijn (iPhone, iPad, iMac). Hij volgde Steve Jobs na zijn vertrek bij Apple naar NeXT en keerde daarna samen met hem ook weer terug naar Apple. Naast zijn werk voor Jobs, die hem ook noemde in zijn biografie, werkte Ken in het verleden voor BMW, IBM en Intel.

Op dit moment is Ken Segall spreker en auteur. In zijn marketing bestseller 'Insanely Simple' beschrijft hij de obsessie naar eenvoud die een belangrijke motor is achter het huidige succes van Apple. Ken maakt nu een wereldtour om zijn filosofie verder te verspreiden.

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  • 1. InsanelySimpleMarketing Pioneers 2013
  • 2. Hello
  • 3. My simple story.
  • 4. Warm-up
  • 5. Which of these namesdid Apple NOT consider asa name for“iPhone”? 1. Mobi 2. TriPod 3. PocketMac 4. TelePod 5. iPad
  • 6. August 10, 2011Most valuable company on earth
  • 7. Thesimplicityprinciple
  • 8. Think different
  • 9. Think different
  • 10. i iMac iPodiBook iLifeiPhoto iPhoneiMovie iPad
  • 11. What should we call it?
  • 12. PresentingMacMan
  • 13. Greatmoments insimplicity.
  • 14. Simplicitynever fails.
  • 15. Simplicity is:• not a trend• burnt into our wiring• a universal preference
  • 16. Complexity
  • 17. Beingsimpleisn’tsimple.
  • 18. Simplicity =Brains +Common Sense
  • 19. Buying some tunes? Microsoft Points99 cents / song 80 Points = $1.005 songs = $4.95 800 Points = $10.00Pay $4.95 1 song = 79 PointsBalance = $0.00 (79 Points = 99 cents) 5 songs = 395 Points Balance = 405 Points ($5.05)
  • 20. 1980: Steve Jobs on the name “Apple”
  • 21. Think minimal
  • 22. Minimizethe organization
  • 23. “ You know how many committees we have at Apple? Zero. We’re organized like a start-up. We’re the biggest start-up on the planet.”
  • 24. Apple’s mostpowerful weapon:Small groupsof smart people.
  • 25. Minimizethe offerings
  • 26. Looking for a laptop?
  • 27. Inspiron 13Z Alienware M18X Vostro 3360Inspiron 14Z E6420 XFR Fully Vostro 3460Ultrabook Rugged Laptop Vostro 3560Inspiron 15 Latitude 2120 Dell Precision M4600Inspiron 15R Latitude 6430u Ultra- Mobile WorkstationInspiron 15R Special book for Business Dell Precision M4700 Edition Latitude E5430 Mobile WorkstationInspiron 15Z Latitude E5520 Dell Precision M6600 Ultrabook Latitude E5530 Mobile WorkstationInspiron 17R Latitude E6220 Dell Precision M6700Inspiron 17R Special Latitude E6230 Mobile Workstation Edition Latitude E6330Inspiron Z Ultrabook Latitude E6420XPS 10 Tablet Latitude E6430 42XPS 12 Ultrabook Latitude E6430XPS 13 Ultrabook ATG LaptopXPS 14 Latitude E6430XPS 14 Ultrabook Latitude E6530XPS 15Alienware M14X Latitude XT3 Vostro 2420 modelsAlienware M17X Vostro 2520
  • 28. Pavilion dm1-4310nr ENVY dv4t-5200 ENVY Ultrabook 4-1130usPavilion dv6-7020us ENVY dv6-7210us ENVY Ultrabook 4t-1100 Entertainment Notebook ENVY dv6-7214nr ENVY Ultrabook 6t-1100Pavilion dv6t-7000 Quad ENVY dv6-7215nr ENVY x2 11t-g000 Edition Entertainment ENVY dv6-7220us Spectre Ultrabook 14-3210nr Notebook ENVY dv6t-7200 Spectre Ultrabook 14t-3200Pavilion dv7t-7000 Quad Quad Edition Spectre XT TouchSmart Edition Entertainment ENVY dv6t-7200 Ultrabook 15t-4000 Notebook Select Edition Spectre XT UltrabookPavilion g6-2010nr ENVY dv6z-7200 13-2150nrPavilion g6-2210us ENVY dv7-7212nr Spectre XT UltrabookPavilion g6-2230us ENVY dv7-7230us 13t-2100Pavilion g6t-2000 ENVY dv7-7240us EliteBook 8770wPavilion g6t-2200 ENVY dv7-7250us Mobile WorkstationPavilion g6t-2200 ENVY dv7t-7200 (ENERGY STAR) Select Edition Quad Edition 2000-2b20NRPavilion g6z-2200 ENVY dv7t-7200 2000t-2b00Pavilion g7-2220us Select Edition 2000z-2b00 Notebook PC ENVY Pro Ultrabook 49Pavilion g7z-2200 (ENERGY STAR)Pavilion Sleekbook ENVY Sleekbook 6-1010us 14-b010us ENVY Sleekbook 6-1110usPavilion Sleekbook 14z-b000 ENVY Sleekbook 6z-1100Pavilion Sleekbook 15t-b000 ENVY TouchSmartENVY dv4-5220us Ultrabook 4t-1100 models
  • 29. MacBook Air (11 & 13)MacBook Pro (13 & 15)MacBook Pro Retina (13 & 15) 6 models
  • 30. Steve’s challenge: 1997
  • 31. Home ProDesktop iMac Power MacPortable (Coming) PowerBook
  • 32. Minimizethe words
  • 33. A thousand songs in your pocket.
  • 34. One should usecommon wordsto explainuncommon things. – Leonardo da Vinci
  • 35. PERFECTIONis achieved not whenthere is nothing left to add,but when there isnothing left to remove. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • 36. Simplicity:The ultimatecompetitiveweapon.
  • 37. “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get yourthinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains.” —Steve Jobs
  • 38. Stay in @ksegall
  • 39. But wait...there’s more!
  • 40. Welcome to Scoopertino
  • 41. Now I’m really leaving. Bye.
  • 42. Thank you!