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Robert Senior is CEO van Saatchi & Saatchi (EMEA) en de Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Group (SSF). Hij werkt voor het bedrijf sinds 2007 en werd benoemd als voorzitter van de Worldwide Creative Board in 2010.
Senior startte Fallon Londen in 1998 met vier andere patners. Samen bouwden ze het bedrijf uit van een start-up tot een prijswinnend bureau met 190 werknemers en accounts als Skoda, BBC, Sony en Cadbury. Fallon werd 'Campaign Magazine’s Agency of the Year' in 2006 and 2007.

Robert Senior voltooide opleidingen in Duitsland, Nederland en het Verenigd Koninkrijk (Durham University). Hij is daarnaast een gekwalificeerd ski leraar en gaf les in Oostenrijk, Zwitserland en Frankrijk.

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  • INTRO Amsterdam Played Football for the HVV in Dan Haag Educated in Voorschofen Married a Dutch woman But still don’t speak decent Dutch! Delighted to be here. At a time when all businesses look to creativity to help get back to growth. Einstein defined creativity as “the residue of time wasted”. And the boardroom insists on viewing marketing as a precise science. While the living room is increasingly bewildered by the stimulus on their many screens We’re in a bit of a muddle. Our impulse is to plan the future. But our audiences want it now .
  • New used to be our maxim Starburst marketing ‘now with added vitamins’ New lasts seconds It’s dead before I finish the sentence
  • In the Age of Now is the tech-generated, always-on 24/7/365 channel-agnostic hyper-convenient screen-powered impulse-driven location-aware, instant everything Examples in every day life all around us.
  • A few examples of the Age of Now: On most History Channel shows, you can now stop the program and immediately buy online the products shown.
  • Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai will supply you with a magnet for your fridge, which includes a little button. If you feel hungry, just press the button and your favourite pizza will be delivered to you within minutes.
  • This is a stroller that includes an LCD screen, a charger for your smartphone and even one for your iPad.
  • So we ask simple questions of our work NB: This chart builds
  • In the Age of Now, we are “on” all the time, we create in real time, we spend less than 10% of our time on analysis, the rest is focussed on action, action, action. In the Age of Now, we can know within days if a product launch was successful, and we can find out within a few hours if our work is raising eyebrows or not. All very exciting. But what about todays’ reality. Westpoint Military Academy
  • In the Age of Now, we are “on” all the time, we create in real time, we spend less than 10% of our time on analysis, the rest is focussed on action, action, action. In the Age of Now, we can know within days if a product launch was successful, and we can find out within a few hours if our work is raising eyebrows or not.
  • Westpoint military academy: acronyms in the US Bob MacDonald P&G A complex world: How can 7 billion people all have shelter, secure food, stay healthy, get along, be happy and pay for it all? Retailer power/supply chain management /media consumption/audience behaviour It creates a climate of fear The news agenda insists on presenting the world through the prism of fear and misery When confidence is at an all time low When marketing teams respond with awaydays …. And 3 year plans. 3 years? Try 3 months – 100 day plans… that’s long term The creative instinct is to solve problems (bitch and moan first – then solve) NB: This chart builds
  • And we do that through ideas Which the world is sadly and spectacularly lacking Summed up by Economist Intelligence Unit in their conceding slide of their end of 2012 report . NB: This chart builds
  • There is no mention of the battle for economic or military power. The battle of ideas will win the day. FT Summary The Financial Times has a clear perspective on the need for leadership
  • To date the political toll of Europe’s economic crisis have been Romania, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Portugal, Ireland, France and closer to home, Finland. Where is the leadership? Martin Luther King did not say “I have a mission statement”. He had a dream Leadership starts with ideas. And ideas are born of dreams JFK/Nelson Mandela/Steve Jobs & Ghandi all had/have dreams What is your dream? My colleagues in Tel Aviv's dream is tot try and help reignite the Israeli Palestinian peace process through an idea. A very simple idea. SHOW: BLOOD RELATIONS
  • Play Blood Relations Sometimes we hold ourselves back unknowingly – often because of lazy language. Imprecision. Empty words. Email! Over use of hyperbole: “Great work/Great meeting”. Alexander the Great was great. The Great Wall of China is great. You can see it from space. Similarly the use of over-promise, such as “Big Ideas”. Big Ideas do not exist at inception, all ideas are born tiny. Big Ideas are the result of an unfolding narrative, the result of client and agency in union with the audiences nurturing and building. NB: Next chart is blank
  • A spiritual leader in India by the name of Swami observes that the true essence of science is not precision of outcome. It is experimentation. Keep experimenting. Keep learning. And in this regard we are true scientists – or should be! Our ideas should be in a state of permanent Beta . In the Now – don’t guess the future – respond to the now. This is best expressed by the late, great Steve Jobs.
  • The best ideas start with a dream. And it is therefore logical that the very best ideas are powered by emotion! We use the software of emotion to drive the hardware of results It is time to move from being business robots to emotional architects. Type in “I Love Apple” to your Google search bar and you’ll get 3.27 million hits. “ I love Citibank” 21,100 hits “I love Dow Chemical” 1 hit   Type in “I love Satan” and you get 293,000 hits Consider that Citibank and Dow Chemical have spent close to $1 billion on advertising last year and ask yourself if its money well spent? Reason leads to conclusion. Emotion leads to action. Loyalty for a reason – loyalty beyond reason Consider important decisions Partner/house/car…. - BGH Air Conditioners
  • PLAY: BGH Air Conditioners ‘Dad’s in Briefs’ & ‘Friends’ (Note: this plays both ads one after the other) Unfolding narrative: ‘How’s the microwave business?’ NB: Next chart is blank
  • PLAY: BGH Microwaves ‘Pillaf’ & ‘Calabaza’ (Note: this plays both ads one after the other) When asked the question “What’s the plan?”, the answer is generally the same, “Do good work”
  • If the news agenda insists on presenting the world through the prism of misery and fear we present our ideas through the prism of hope and optimism. It is our moral obligation and fiscal opportunity. Sometimes the big insight is to make people smile. Norte Beer Case Study Brief: best served cold
  • So in summary, Strange times Consumers operate in the Now. Marketers ignore this at their peril A world characterised by VUCA and a bereft of leadership or ideas A consumer willing to reward you for offering ideas – and positivity – the Prism of hope and optimism So let’s be dreamers and let our ideas unfold – and let’s not kid ourselves about our “Big Ideas”. They don’t exist. They are all tiny at the beginning. But let’s help our ideas become big by listening and acting …. Now Let’s be true scientists. Einstein may have defined creativity as the residue of time wasted, but he also said “The Greatest scientists are artists as well”. And in our very scientific path to growth, lets dare to move people Show: NZ Telecom
  • PLAY NZ Telecom ‘Father & Son’
  • Marketing Pioneers - Robert Senior - Saatchi & Saatchi

    1. 1. The Science ofCreativityRobert SeniorMarketing Pioneers, Amsterdam, January 2013
    2. 2. ERA OF NEW
    3. 3. AGE OF NOW
    9. 9. A VUCA World Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous
    10. 10. VUCA Through TheCreative LensVolatile VibrantUncertain UnrealComplex CrazyAmbiguous Astounding
    11. 11. “Who will win the Battle of Ideas? West versus East?Young versus Old?” Robin Bew Editorial Director The Economist Intelligence Unit September 2012
    12. 12. “What is needed is nothing short of moving voters and markets from a mood of self fulfilling pessimism toone of confidence in the future. So far leaders have failed this task.” Source: The Financial Times
    13. 13. Palestine & Israel Blood RelationsBlood Relations (ISRAEL)
    14. 14. “You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust thatthe dots will somehowconnect to your future” Steve Jobs
    15. 15. BGH Air ConditionersDads in Briefs & Friends (ARGENTINA)
    16. 16. BGH MicrowavesPillaf & Calabaza (ARGENTINA)
    18. 18. Norte BeerPhotoblocker Case Study (ARGENTINA)
    19. 19. NZ TelecomFather & Son (New Zealand)
    20. 20. ROBERT SENIORAmsterdam, January 2013