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The Website Planning Template is designed for Marketeer's to build an efficient and effective website. The scope of the PowerPoint template spans affirming the objectives for the website, outlining the target audiences, developing the brand experience and documenting the feature road map. Downloading the PowerPoint template sets your website project up for success by establishing clear goals, objectives, strategies and metrics.

Download go to market planning templates at

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  • Website Planning PowerPoint Template

    1. 1. Website PlanningThis SlideShare presentation includes 8 of the 15 slides available in the Website Planning Template. Download the complete template at:
    2. 2. Outline1 Website Planning Process2 Setting Objectives, Deliverables and Timeline3 Target Audience & Personas4 Buyer Behavior Model5 Journey Board Conceptual Architecture67 Brand Vision & User Experience8 Feature Roadmap Enabling Process & Critical Success Factors910 Success Metrics
    3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES These elements include clear definitions of who the website is intended for, broken down by degrees of priority, and the These are the key objectives the website must unique audience needs the website must address. deliver upon in order to be successful WEBSITE STRATEGIES WEBSITE PLANNING Outlines boundaries of success by defining how the website must accomplish PROCESS the business objectives. DELIVERABLES USER EXPERIENCEDocuments the deliverables generated from the Outlines, at a high level, the overall website design strategy, including process. considerations for information architecture and creative design. WEBSITE FEATURESCRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS Outlines the short and long-term feature Defines how success will be measured once the and content requirements for the website redesigned website launches. ENABLING PROCESSES Identifies the supporting business processes SCUCESS MEASURES required to effectively operate the website. Defines how success will be measured once the redesigned website launches
    4. 4. Persona Development Title Social Media Behavior Education • Facebook Hobbies Name: John • Twiitter Marital status Occupation: VP Operations • YouTube Time in role Age: 51 • Quora Time in career Location: HSBC • SlideshareBackground Goals• Came to HSBC from an internet startup in the personal • Come in under budgetfinance space • Ensure IT implementations and business objectives are fully aligned• Most influenced by: experience, peers, references in • Get promoted to CIOsame industry NeedsRoles and responsibilities • Well thought out and organized information for vetting options• Plans project execution & establishes budgets • Answers to his questions (usually provided by his direct reports)• Maps out strategies for security, sarbanes-oxley • Proposals that he knows will pass muster with the executive teamcompliance, and disaster recovery• Involved in choosing standards Role in enterprise software purchases• Asks the tough questions and gets answers before the • What is their specific role in the purchase processCIO sees any proposal • What types of information do they desire to educate themselves (white• Once he’s satisfied, Richard recommends solutions and papers, data sheets, etc)vendors to CIO based on his team’s research and due • Where do they go for informationdiligence (blogs, analysts, websites, collateral, colleagues, conferences, analysts, peer groups) • What delivery channel for information do they prefer (email, phone, f2f)
    5. 5. Buyer Behavior Model How did the concept come up? • Compelling Event • Word of Mouth What is important from the • Prior relationship experience? • Under budget • Customer support EXPERIENCE 6 1 TRIGGER • Sales call • Training & education • Ad/PR • Implementation / planning • DC program • Ongoing account mgmt • Direct communications How would you evenWhat’s the buying consider?process? • ROI• SOW BUY 5 2 CONSIDER • Price•Contracts • Budget•Signatures • Key objective•Negotiation • Market adoption•Procurement • Competitiveness • Existing vendor relationship What is the basis for selection? What would you look for? • Cost • Ease of use • Risk CHOOSE 4 3 SEARCH • Functionality • Vision • Analyst reports • Technology • Perceived value • Relationship • Success stories • Financial viability • Domain expertise • Prior experiences • Customer support • Customer support • Total cost of deployment
    6. 6. Journey Board PROSPECT LEAD CLOSEAwareness Consideration Research Selection Purchase DeliverySearch Engine Marketing Website Sales Guide (Playbook containing best practices, strategies, resources, references and guided-selling processes)(Organic & Paid) MicrositeVertical Search Demos Trials RFIs/RFPs Customer ReferenceEngines Marketing Program(Organic & Paid) Social Networks Case Studies Customer Reference Contracts Program CustomerTrade/Industry Whitepapers Advisory BoardEvents Partner Pricing Events/Programs Community Analyst Reports WW, Regional andPartner Assets Programs Local User Events Customer Blogs Competitive ReferencesCommunity (Topical and Analyst Reports Training and EducationalPrograms Analyses Industry) Programs ROI/TCO Product Data and Executive ReportsResearch Analyst Installation, Service andEvents Webinars/Webcasts Factsheets Sponsor/Briefing Support Programs (brand & partner) Customer Technical and Customer Advisory BoardTechnical Architectural Papers Advisory BoardExchanges Viral Marketing Application Scenarios User GroupMarketing and Journal Articles ProgramsPromotions Online Media ProgramsContextual Banner Company BrochureMarketing Online Media Service Collateral ProgramsSpeaking (industry-specific)Engagements Partner Collateral
    7. 7. Conceptual Architecture Sub Industry Category Sub Sub Community Downloads Category Category Main Solutions Category Sub Sub Support References Category Category Sub CategoryProspect Thought Sub Sub Sub Sub Collateral Leadershio Category Category Category Category Main Category Sub Sub Category Category My Sub Account Category Sub Sub Category Category What‘s Sub Sub Community New Category CategoryCustomer Loyalty Main Category My Thought Sub Sub Projects Leadership Category Category Support Training Sub Sub Category Category Sub Category Sub Sub Category Category Main CategoryPartners Demos Sub Sub Sub Category Category Pipeline Collateral Category Sub Sub Sub Sub Category Category Category Category Sales & Marketing Case Main Customers Studeis Category Sub Sub Category Category Solution ROI Config Calc Sub Sub Category Category
    8. 8. Brand VisionWhy do people find the offering/company to be Who do I appeal to?appealing?  Why do business users like you? What does you organization do—at a high level?  What are they concerned about and how What does your organization understand about the will you impact their business life? problem, solution and/or user that other vendors do not?  Why do technical users like you? What is the impact on the business?  What are they concerned about and how will you impact their business life?How do I need to change? Brand Vision How do I interact with them? Is your organization a leader or a follower?  Are you active or reactive? Does your organization have bleeding edge  Do you speak about business value? technology?  Do you speak in jargon or plain English? Does your organization see the problem the same way competitiors do?  Do you sell or listen to business problems and share insights about how technology Does your organization see the solution the Character has solved similar problems for similar same way competitors do? companies? What is my personality?  Inspiring - unrelenting efforts, never doubt the possibility of success, innovation and excited to accept a new challenge.  Incisive - turn insight into practical action. Translate business needs into products and solutions. Exude clarity in everything we do. Simplify the complex.  Confidence – Unrivaled experience in the industry. Rich heritage in technical innovation and thought leadership. Not arrogant, but rather exude an appropriate level of self-assurance.
    9. 9. User Experience StrategyThere are three key components critical in creating successful user experiences: relevant, usable and desirable.Relevancy creates value Relevancy connects business goals with audience needs. Redesigning the Relevant experience to be in line with the expectations of the target audience provides relevancy.Usability creates understanding Usability connects user goals with information structure, organization and interaction. Usable DesirableDesirability creates loyalty Desirability helps connect brand goals with interactions, image and tone. This connection builds loyalty for the user experience.
    10. 10. Next StepsThis SlideShare presentation includes 8 of the 15 slides available in the Website Planning Template To view all 15 slides, and other go-to-market planning templates for demand management, demandcreation, social media, investor/board presentations, go - to-market planning and messaging, please visit