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Recognizing Innovative Teachers

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Microsoft Educator Expert

  1. 1. Recognizing Innovative Teachers
  2. 2. What is Microsoft’s Educator Expert Program?
  3. 3. Microsoft’s Educator Expert is an initiative in which each year Microsoft will recognize 250 innovative teachers from around the world with the purpose of helping them to prepare the way so that they and their colleagues can use technology effectively to improve student’s learning and results. Each year, Microsoft’s Educator Experts will start the program by meeting at the Partners in Learning Global Forum. The next one will be held in Barcelona on March 2014.
  4. 4. Who is a Microsoft Educator Expert?
  5. 5. Microsoft’s Educator Experts, Teachers who are:Passionate Charismatic Major change agents Self motivated Able to motivate others Collaborators Creative thinkers and of innovative spirit Inspiring Very active in social networks Skillful and entrepreneurial
  6. 6. Benefits of being a Microsoft Educator Expert
  7. 7. Benefits in the classrooms, schools and in their careers Microsoft Educator Experts receive: • A trip to meet with other educators in the Partners in Learning Global Forum that will be held in Barcelona in March 2014 • Free technology for their schools • Advertising and promotion through Microsoft’s social networks and other channels • Privileged access to Microsoft technology and strategy • Opportunities for the development of their professional career and of obtaining certifications • Opportunities to share their knowledge with specialists and world renowned educators for the purpose of escalating their innovations • Possibility of being eligible to attend Microsoft’s exclusive special events
  8. 8. Application Process
  9. 9. Applicatio n Process Complete your Learning Activity sheet Start your application, enter the data and add photos and videos Confirm the data of your application Any problems? Send an email to For more details enter here
  10. 10. Applicatio n Process And remember that every application should include: • A “Learning activity” (“learning object”) that promotes the development of abilities such as Collaboration, Critical Thinking, among others, in the students using Microsoft technology. • A video that demonstrates that “learning activity” being put into practice. • Thousands of applications will be received and will be reviewed and evaluated by international juries!
  11. 11. Frequent questions
  12. 12. Why did Microsoft launch the Educator Expert Program? In Microsoft we believe that technology, by itself, cannot provide students with the required abilities for the 21st century. Technology is the accelerator, but by itself it doesn’t allow place for change. Microsoft believes in the power of the educator and the impact that they can have when joined together and are recognized by their achievements. Do Microsoft Educator Experts attend Partners in Learning Global Forum? Yes, once they are selected, Microsoft Educator Experts have the opportunity to travel with all expenses paid to the Partners in Learning Global Forum.
  13. 13. What would the process be if learning activities were developed by a group of educators? All the educators in the group will be Microsoft Educator Experts. As for attending the forum and accommodation and transportation expenses, you should talk to the Academic Programs Local Manager to understand what can and cannot be covered. What is the deadline to apply? Applications can be submitted until September 30, 2013.
  14. 14. Is it possible to fill applications out in languages other than English? Yes, you may fill the application in your own language. The support documents and the video may also be in your language. How many Microsoft Educator Experts will be selected by country/region? The number of Microsoft Educator Experts by region will depend on the number of applications we receive from their region. The greater number of applications, the greater allocation the region will have.
  15. 15. Do you want to be a Microsoft Educator Expert? Apply now to be part of the exclusive team of Expert Teachers
  16. 16. Thank you! We appreciate your time