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STEFAN ERSCHWENDNER и JOANNA BAKAS,  Управляющие партнеры, LHBS STEFAN ERSCHWENDNER и JOANNA BAKAS, Управляющие партнеры, LHBS Presentation Transcript

  • Sunday, October 23, 11
  • CULTURAL INNOVATION 2Sunday, October 23, 11
  • creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets and society. 3Sunday, October 23, 11
  • CONTEXT def: the conditions and circumstances that are relevant to an event, fact, etc. 4Sunday, October 23, 11
  • life does not happen here 5Sunday, October 23, 11
  • tunnel vision 6Sunday, October 23, 11
  • historically, marketers have been focused on looking at behavior, consumption and people in tightly de ned industry clusters; categories, products and demographics. purchase decisions will be impacted by a much broader set of in uences, beliefs, wants and needs which are evolving and shiing over time 7Sunday, October 23, 11
  • broader picture that reveals the full context 8Sunday, October 23, 11
  • CONTEXT MEASUREMENT: observe how people are changing their behavior in all aspects of life to draw implications, inspiration and opportunities for brand renovation and innovation 9Sunday, October 23, 11
  • data mining: data is all around us 11Sunday, October 23, 11
  • research reports 12Sunday, October 23, 11
  • brand KPI’s 13Sunday, October 23, 11
  • but also keen and curious observation 14Sunday, October 23, 11
  • unusual and unexpected facts & observations could point to a newemergent behavior and therefore need and therefore brand opportunity 15Sunday, October 23, 11
  • to be successful, an idea must connect or stem from a larger ‘conversation’ that is happening in the culture 16Sunday, October 23, 11
  • if we listen to only our own noise, we will miss the signals that culture is sending us 17Sunday, October 23, 11
  • when an entrepreneur observed ‘single’ behavior, a blending of work and leisure, rising desire to Euro lifestyle in the US and the need for a third place between work and home 18Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 19Sunday, October 23, 11
  • and with the emergence of crowd-sourcing, the creative, empowered and networked consumer they went want step further and created my STARBUCKS 20Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 21Sunday, October 23, 11
  • when society is ready for an idea, almost anyone can start one 22Sunday, October 23, 11
  • the trend towards the ‘quanti ed self ’ became apparent from our desire to measure and optimize ourselves: calorie and carb counting, the rise of plastic surgery, the rise of functional foods, measuring our carbon footprint, test and quizzes to measure ourselves and others was the underlying behavior that made some recent innovations so successful 23Sunday, October 23, 11
  • if I run, I want to know where, how long and how I measure up 24Sunday, October 23, 11
  • am I optimizing my sleep 25Sunday, October 23, 11
  • ‘diaspora’, connectivity & sharing 26Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 27Sunday, October 23, 11
  • a deeper understanding of human behavior led to the most talked about innovations from Apple 28Sunday, October 23, 11
  • trends in music consumptionmobility on the risethe emergent trend of sharingthe internet and the rise of ‘free’ then nearly free 29Sunday, October 23, 11
  • the unexpected need for a third screenwhen all category examination pointed against it 30Sunday, October 23, 11
  • ‘un-needed’ product until behavior comes into playlooking at what people do beyond ‘category’ insight 31Sunday, October 23, 11
  • measure the important bits and behaviors 32Sunday, October 23, 11
  • "Its really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people dont know what they want until you show it to them." Steve Jobs, BusinessWeek, May 25 1998 33Sunday, October 23, 11
  • but most companies don’t run on the vision of a solitary geniusneed for moving from getting lucky to getting better 34Sunday, October 23, 11
  • a systematic approach to consumer understanding, identifying needs and gaps is what context research and analysis is all about we are surrounded by ‘data’ that hints at and points to what ideas and consumers will adopt 35Sunday, October 23, 11
  • FROM DATA TO WISDOM 36Sunday, October 23, 11
  • wisdom: understanding principles knowledge: understanding patterns information: understanding relationships data: yet unrelated facts and observations 37Sunday, October 23, 11
  • ideas that generate 38Sunday, October 23, 11
  • DATA/FACTS 39Sunday, October 23, 11
  • data points are examples of relevant or changing behavior rather than claimed behavior they could be statistics, street observations, ethnographic learning 40Sunday, October 23, 11
  • a regularly fed and updated data base of signals that illustratebehavioral shifts or observations in society 41Sunday, October 23, 11
  • multiple sources of data 42Sunday, October 23, 11
  • looking for data is a daily event weak signals and interesting observations surround us constantly in terms of what we read and what we see, what we hear and what we learn data collection can also be organized through purely ethnographic methodology by which we observe people in their natural environments 43Sunday, October 23, 11
  • people spend about 5% of their time being what we call ‘consumers’ the rest of the time, they spend time in life we’ve identi ed several elds which constitute life and classify our data accordingly 44Sunday, October 23, 11
  • overall consumptiongrowing categories, shifts in preferences and price sensitivity, retail 45Sunday, October 23, 11
  • health and well beingeating habits, exercise habits, rest and relaxation, methods of detoxgrooming and beauty regimens and products 46Sunday, October 23, 11
  • home and familythe role of the home, how we raise our children and motherhoodaesthetics and decor, urban vs. rural, second homes, chores 47Sunday, October 23, 11
  • gendersroles of men and women, marriage trendscoupling, dating, tribal rituals, interaction, expectations 48Sunday, October 23, 11
  • technologydevices, mobility, media and entertainmentinterfaces, avoidance, connectivity, services and transactions 49Sunday, October 23, 11
  • leisure & entertainmentwhen and where, travel vs. home, out vs. incontent and nature, kids, passive or active 50Sunday, October 23, 11
  • politics and civic topicshow we vote, winning slogans, activismlevel of participation, conversations and media 51Sunday, October 23, 11
  • youth cultureeducation, employment, orientationfashion, music, loyalties, lifestyle, world view 52Sunday, October 23, 11
  • sustainabilityenvironment, urbanization, greenbio, food, packaging, fair trade 53Sunday, October 23, 11
  • mediatopics, bubbles, usage, role models 54Sunday, October 23, 11
  • Enabling technologies Social norms Emerging Macro economics Political climate Geo-political eventsPOP culturepersonalities, content, popularity, conversations 55Sunday, October 23, 11
  • macro economyeconomic fluctuations, global impacts, economic mood, confidence 56Sunday, October 23, 11
  • table conversations & opinionswhat are we hearing over and over again, cultural WOM 57Sunday, October 23, 11
  • heroes and villainsreal and fictional, who do we admire and emulatewho do we despise and hate 58Sunday, October 23, 11
  • anomaliesjus weird stuff that people are doing 59Sunday, October 23, 11
  • EXAMPLE 60Sunday, October 23, 11
  • Sunday, October 23, 11
  • Sunday, October 23, 11
  • Sunday, October 23, 11
  • Sunday, October 23, 11
  • INFORMATION/RELATIONAL 65Sunday, October 23, 11
  • clustering data into related ‘bundles’Sunday, October 23, 11
  • what is the underlying behavior that underlines the data - the facts and observations? 67Sunday, October 23, 11
  • EXAMPLE 68Sunday, October 23, 11
  • rejection of passive roles, explicit & in your face assertive, independent & confident ‘taking no prisoners’Sunday, October 23, 11
  • breaking cliches stepping into male territories liberated from expectationsSunday, October 23, 11
  • physical in a manly way from hunted to hunter no longer passiveSunday, October 23, 11
  • ‘boys’ behaving badly role reversal masculine behaviorSunday, October 23, 11
  • Once it’s an accident Twice it’s a coincidence ree times it’s a pattern 73Sunday, October 23, 11
  • KNOWLEDGE/PATTERNS 74Sunday, October 23, 11
  • idenitfying emerging patterns of behavior 75Sunday, October 23, 11
  • is there a patterns that these observational clusters start to form? 76Sunday, October 23, 11
  • ALPHA geekslet’s get physicaldark & demanding more feminism 3.0 DARK & DEMANDING FOR MORESunday, October 23, 11
  • so what’s the story? 78Sunday, October 23, 11
  • let’s get physicalALPHA geeksdark & demanding morefeminism 3.0 EMBRACING MARSSunday, October 23, 11
  • playing in their playground but according to our own rules 80Sunday, October 23, 11
  • WISDOM/PRINCIPLES 81Sunday, October 23, 11
  • ? 82Sunday, October 23, 11
  • how can you add functionality to your brand 83Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 84Sunday, October 23, 11
  • how can you ad an element of competitiveness to your brand - inject it with ALPHA behavior 85Sunday, October 23, 11
  • how can you ad an element of competitiveness to your brand - inject it with ALPHA behavior 86Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 87Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 88Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 89Sunday, October 23, 11
  • how can you ‘unpink’ your brandSunday, October 23, 11 90
  • how can you ‘unpink’ your brandSunday, October 23, 11 91
  • how can you add intellect and rationality to your brand Lets market PCs like its 1959 Dell launches Della, a Web site geared to women and cute netbooks Netbooks and laptops are presented as fashion statements, and the sites "tech tips" includes a feature, "Seven Unexpected Ways a Netbook Can Change Your Life," which starts out by saying, "Once you get beyond how cute they are, youll nd that netbooks can do a lot more than check your e-mail." 92Sunday, October 23, 11
  • FROM OPPORTUNITY TO CONCEPT 93Sunday, October 23, 11
  • 94Sunday, October 23, 11
  • turning wisdom into concrete ideas & concepts 95Sunday, October 23, 11
  • collaboration & co-creation 96Sunday, October 23, 11
  • collaboration & co-creation 97Sunday, October 23, 11
  • FROM CONCEPT TO EXECUTION 98Sunday, October 23, 11
  • I dont want to hear peoples ideas. Im not interested until I see their execution. —Derek Sivers 99Sunday, October 23, 11
  • holistic implenatation: keep it to one narrative 100Sunday, October 23, 11
  • awful idea weak idea so so idea good idea great idea brilliant idea -1 1 5 10 15 20 no execution $1 -$1 $20 weak execution $1000 so so execution $10,000 good execution $100,000 great execution $1,000,000 brilliant execution $10,000,000 -$10,000 $200,000 101Sunday, October 23, 11
  • IN CONCLUSION is is only the beginning 102Sunday, October 23, 11
  • if we listen to our own noise, we will miss the signals that culture is sending us 103Sunday, October 23, 11
  • observing in all aspects of life rather than just category behavior will hint towards patterns of the ideas and concepts that people are ready to embrace 104Sunday, October 23, 11
  • creative concepts development for innovation and strategy happen within predetermined opportunity areas rather than just a creative exercise 105Sunday, October 23, 11
  • there is no silver bullet for successful innovation but understanding cultural and social shis gives you a better starting place 106Sunday, October 23, 11
  • get collaborative and co-creative 107Sunday, October 23, 11
  • concepts are nothing without execution keep it to single narratives and don’t lose the concept during the process 108Sunday, October 23, 11
  • ank you 109Sunday, October 23, 11
  • GET IN CONTACT WITH US: Office: LHBS Consulting GmbH Rasumofskygasse 26 / Neubaugasse 1 1030 Wien / 1070 Wien Management: Joanna Bakas, Managing Partner Stefan Erschwendner, Managing Partner +43 699 1720 1994 +43 650 372 6486 se@lhbs.atSunday, October 23, 11