Оптимизация online-канала в интегрированном/ многоканальном ритейле
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Оптимизация online-канала в интегрированном/ многоканальном ритейле



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    Оптимизация online-канала в интегрированном/ многоканальном ритейле Оптимизация online-канала в интегрированном/ многоканальном ритейле Presentation Transcript

    • Viv•id – adjectiveproducing powerful feelings andstrong, clear images in the mindLondon . Hong Kong . Melbourne
    • Rachel WilkinsonDigital DirectorLover of all things techno-geekeryShopper Obsessive 2
    • The way we shop is changing rapidly… Vivid Digital interpretsBrand Insights, Shopper behaviour and technology into effective Digital communication Online and offline 3
    • The Brits love Digital ShoppingBritish Online shoppers spent £68billion in 2011, 16% morethan the year before.From London in the UK (IMRG Capgemini, Jan 2012) Add British Flag here or combination of British Highstreet image here?E-commerce accounts for 17% of total retail sales in UK Retail Tesco, Harrods, John Lewis, Marks and Spencerand was worth £7.9Billion in December 2011 alone.The UK is the biggest Online retailer in Europe, with 71% ofOnline sales come from the UK, Germany and France.We are seasoned Multi Channel Shoppers, using Online,Mobile Phones, tablets and digital catalogues to purchase by. 4
    • The Brits love Digital Shopping 5
    • John Lewis – Department Store, UKJohn Lewis, Is hailing its “longstanding focus” on multi channeloperations as the main factor inits strong performance in the firsthalf of its financial year.-  John Lewis were one for the first UK stores tooffer a choice of how to shop: via a catalogue,online, in store, Click and Collect, mobile web,through Kiosks and iPads in store.-  Online Retail sales now (Sep 2012) accounts for24% of total John Lewis sales, whilst the Clickand Collect service has grown 114 per cent.-  The company actively focus on Facebook andTwitter to engage and respond to customers. 6
    • John Lewis – Department Store, UK A true Multi- Channel Business: -  27% of John Lewis customers research what they want in store and then purchase it online -  Over 60% of customers research Online before going to the store -  More than 20% of John Lewis customers buy online and collect in store -  40% use their phones to interact with the brand when in the store These multichannel shoppers: - Spend 3.5 times more -  Purchase across more categories - Shop more frequently - Are more loyal and have a higher retention rate 7
    • Optimising Digital in Multi-Channel Retailing
    • Optimising Digital in Multi-Channel Retailing1. Introduction2. The Multi Channel Shopper3. Connecting with your Shoppers Digitally Cross Channel4. Emerging Technologies5. Digital Examples6. Vivid Brand tips
    • 2. The Multi Channel Shopper
    • The Man is dissatisfied: “Vladimir’s Television is so much cooler and bigger than ours....” 11
    • (What the Man really wants) “I need an entire room dedicated to a cinema system with surround sound…perhaps I should go to B&O....” 12
    • Hunting and Gathering begins: 13
    • Browse and Purchase Channels : * * * * 14 *
    • Understand your Shopper Mr Vladimir Kaplinski, 36 Married Father of 2 Children Full time employment Socio Demographic B-C1 Owns an iPhone, Mac and iPad Drives a Landrover > Busy > tired >time poor> technology lover 1. Choose your communicational Channels 2. Select Platforms to communicate 3. Consider your Shopper and their lifestyle 4. Think like your Shopper 5. Develop offline and online creative content & tools
    • 3. Connecting with your Shoppers Digitally across Multiple Channels
    • Understanding your target Shopper, his lifestyle and Shopping behaviour is paramount. Use this information to select your channels and methods for communication. Your Brand / Retailer & Products need to stand out in this journey. 17
    • Example: Coca- Cola ‘The Impossible, Made Possible’ Key Artwork 18 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q29T-hH7Pqs
    • Example: Coca- Cola Try out a beard Augmented Reality 19
    • Example: Coca- Cola Shelf Talker POS in Convenience stores ((Targeting Teenage boys) 20
    • Example: Coca- Cola Multi Pack Packaging for Grocery / Hyper Markets (Targeting Mum) 21
    • Example: Coca- Cola Convenience Store Convenience Store Counter Poster Gondola End Display 22
    • Example: Coca- Cola Experiential Sampling Real / Virtual Merchandising Girls 23
    • Example: Coca- Cola Augmented Reality Activation for Can 24
    • Example: Coca- Cola SWAT Team helpers at Supermarkets 25
    • Example : Philips Shavers Key Artwork
    • Example : Philips Shavers In-store POS Unit
    • Example : Philips Shavers In-store interactive and App download
    • Example : Philips Shavers In-store interactive and App download
    • Example : Philips Shavers In-store POS Unit
    • Example : Philips ShaversAugmented Reality‘ Try on a new Smile’ Digital Panels- Smile- Try out a whiter smile- Recommended products- Share image / experience- Get free samples as a reward Try out a beard Augmented Reality 31
    • Example : Philips Shavers Press, digital activation, with QR code
    • Example: Lynx TVC Campaign: ‘Even Angels will fall’ 33 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfeVEAZkJqM
    • Example: Lynx Press Adverts 34 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFuUFeQIdpk
    • Example: Lynx Augmented Reality Experiential 35 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFuUFeQIdpk
    • Summary:1. Follow the ‘big idea’ (Ad adjency / Creative) – but not necessarily ‘religiously’2. Consider the messaging by stage / page / location3. Clear Call to action / response on all messaging4. Do not try to do too much with one piece of communication5. Use Digital where relevant / helpful / you can add an ‘experience’ 36
    • 4. Emerging Technologies
    • Integrated Digital POSMade up of singular or multipleLCD touchscreens, often withphysical / static panels orproduct.This can be used in retail to:- Enabling the shopper to browse virtualproduct.- See product rendered in 3D, with additionalinteractive information/data displayed- Shoppers can access social media channelsto read real-time discussion concerningfeatured products- Any store can stock Brands’ entire range.- Gesture control adds an element ofinteraction. 38 Adidas Adiverse Wall
    • Integrated Digital POS 39 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKbsfOAVu3Y&feature=player_embedded
    • Augmented RealityAR (Augmented Relality) is alive view of a real worldenvironment, which isaugmented with a layer ofcomputer generated inputsuch as sound and video, seenonly when viewed through adevice such as a smartphoneor using a computer webcam.This enables retailers to: Lego AR Point of Sale-  Add in-store interactivity-  Provide additional product information-  Deliver interactive animations-  Showcase product in 3D 40
    • Augmented Reality 41 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUuVvY4c4-A
    • 4D Projection MappingBring product to life byprojection animations, mappedprecisely to a product, buildingor space.This can be used in retail to:- Create the WOW factor Auris Car 3D Mapping Projection- Highlight hero Product- Launch Product- Cause a buzz / PR 42
    • 43 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iePEp096JeY&feature=related
    • Gamification80% of teens own a gamesconsole.Gamification leverages the loveof gaming by applying gamingprinciples to engage and marketto consumers.This can be used in retail to:- Cause a buzz / PR- Drive instant Reaction McDonalds Billboard / Mobile Game- Engage customers- Leverage an emotional response
    • Gamification http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u0ij9D5S4Y&feature=player_embedded
    • QR CodesA two dimensional barcodecontaining data that allows amobile device to redirect theuser to content.QR Code = Quick Response codeThey can be used to:-  Directly link to URLs and e-commerce sites.- Trigger a download of an app Tesco Virtual Store, Korea-  Function as a traditional barcode - i.e toput items in a basket (virtual or ‘real) 46
    • Virtual QR Code Shopping 47 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGaVFRzTTP4
    • Virtual AR ShoppingLayar is an AR mobile browser forsmartphones.It allows users to see locationspecific ‘virtual layers’ of imagery /objects using a form ofaugmented reality.The technology makes use of the following:- GPS- Compass- Built-in camera- Accelerometer- Geo-targeting Airwalk Pop Up Shop 48
    • Virtual AR Shopping http://vimeo.com/22753630 49
    • Image RecognitionImage recognition systemsallow software to identifyconsumers, or gender,based on their facialfeatures, or objects based ontheir attributes.This allows Brands and Retailers to:- Target Specific Genders.-  Recognise specific customers.-  Develop targeted gender specific Clear Channel - Plan UK Interactive Bus Stopmarketing and promotions.- Recognise images or products and bere- directed to further informationdigitally.- Interact and engage with digitaltouchpoints, both in-and-out of store. 50
    • Image Recognition 51 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f40vGY3BbVA
    • 5. Best Practice Examples
    • Burberry – London Regent Street Flagship StoreA showcase of technologyat retail-  Burberry’s flagship store merges digitalinteractivity into its iconic British Luxury label.-  The store features a 22ft high screen at thecentre of the atrium.-  500 hidden speakers and a hydraulic stagebeneath the screen are used to stageperformances by Burberry endorsed bandsand musicians.-  The Stage hosted a catwalk event duringLondon Fashion week for VIP customers-  All staff are equipped with iPads, enablingthem to show shoppers interactiveinformation for every product via a series orapplications. 53
    • Burberry – London Regent Street Flagship Store RFID tags in Products “I’ll have this one thanks”’ 54
    • Burberry – London Regent Street Flagship StoreRFID tags in Products arerecognised by ‘sensor tables’- The Digital screen will automaticallyload up catwalk images ormanufacturing images of the product. “It’s about more than shopping, we want to encourage exploring” Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer. 55
    • Burberry – London Regent Street Flagship Store It’s Raining!!! -  Burberry is perhaps best known for it’s famous Trench coats. -  The Trench is celebrated on the top floor mezzanine in a wonderfully currated timeline of trench coats, since the brand began. -  Every three hours or so, Shoppers are treated to sporadic weather ‘moments’ when digital rain showers, accompanied by sophisticated special effects, thunder and lighting, engulf the store and all the digital screens. “One guy just comes in, sits on the sofas with his book and waits for the rain. Then he goes.” Danny, Sales Assistant at Burberry 56
    • Burberry – London Regent Street Flagship Store 57 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CokbQWI_15U&feature=player_embedded&list=PLY7E_CZZ_9_OsQALrEvFkPEfBY5IA6ByS
    • Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges, LondonNike Digital Pop Up store inSelfridges- Times to coincide with the London 2012Olympics-  The space featured numerous digital panelsdisplaying real-time coverage of Olympicevents, interactive renderings of key Nikeproducts and social media feeds.-  By inviting consumers to discover theemotional and functional benefits of theirproducts, Nike succeeded in creating agenuinely engaging, interactive shoppingexperience.-  Nike installed demo areas where shopperscould compete each other in time-trials andjumping contests, with the results beingposted to social media instantaneously. 58
    • Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges, London http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxdJgL9eugg 59
    • 6. Vivid Brand Tips
    • 1. Do not Digitise for the sake of it My no1, most pointless and irrelevant Digital activation - ever!!! -  Be consistent with your brand value and attributes and current campaigns -  Pay as much attention to Digital activations as you would a TV ad -  What is this doing for your brand? -  What is this doing for my customer? -  Will this drive brand love, or sales? Walkers Augmented Reality App 61
    • 2. Digital Technology is an EnablerDigital technology enables brands andretailers to increase levels of interactivity,engagement and entertainment.Use Digital to:> Amplify Communications> Inform> Engage> Compare> Brand Build> Rich Experience> Capture data> Convert sales> Wow factor> Cool Factor- Simple is best- Be clear about your communicationprinciples- Be coherent and consistent cross channel Example of Home Finder app via QR code-  Adapt messaging to channel execution 62
    • 3. Baby StepsDon’t try to recreate Retail in a day!Test what works, or not, analyse data andwatch customers User Experience andability to navigate the Interface.Document results and tweak and amendas suits.- See what works for the business- See what works for customers- Be realistic- Retail space- Wifi / plug points- Budget- ROI 63
    • 4. Understand your ShopperUnderstand how Digital can be used to deliverIMPROVED communication for your Shoppers.Consider TRADE MARKETING too.SHOPPER:- Think about their lifestyle- Kids? - Busy Life?-  How and when do they shop?-  What websites do they visit?-  Analyse Online data-  What devices do they own?- What would HELP them ( to buy more / shop)- How can you capture customer data?- How can you convert sales?TRADE:-  What would help trade sell more?-  How can you engage B2B customers?-  Loyalty and Incentives Example of Roc iPad App concept 64
    • 5. Choose your Digital tools Tesco are the biggest Online retailer in the UK. Mobile Web apps help Shoppers Buy on the go. > Scan barcode of empty packets > Search for Product > Re-order Favourites > Book delivery slots > Recipes - Understand your customers shopping habits and behaviour. - Use appropriate tools and interface for your Shoppers. - Consider Path to purchase and tools that would be most effective Tesco Mobile App Screenshot 65
    • 6. Do the Unexpected http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75jzLOdznyQ 66
    • 7. Holistic approachOne brand, one shop, one image.-  Integrate campaign cross channel-  Use Digital execution to enhance yourvalues-  Be consistent with styling andexecution- Internal Training Philips Grooming Project 67
    • 8. Convert Browsers into BuyersMake it easy for yourcustomers to buy / find outmore-  Identify key decision moments-  Interrupt the Shopper-  Be disruptive- Big buttons: Buy / Next / Find out MorePost purchase, make it easy for Shoppersto share their experience with friends. Dulux Paint Brand - Pop Up Banners 68
    • 8. Convert Browsers into Buyers in 3 clicks Online Sheep Dog pops up Price Promo and colours A roller ‘paints’ the screen Links to Dulux Room Sets 69
    • 9. Have a clear vision-  Be Brave-  Have fun-  Great Creative-  Great Content-  Wow Factor- Joined up execution Evian Water ‘ Live Young’ Baby Campaign 70
    • 10. DON’T!X. Squeeze too much information inX. Forget the call to actionX. Forget to inform all your channels of what you are doingX. Don’t do it, if you can’t afford to do it properlyX. Think you need to know everything about digital – bring in the expertsX. Be scared to try! Give it a go 71
    • Thank youPlease note that all work in this presentation is copyrighted to Vivid Brand. We treat all our clients’ work as highly sensitive so please do not share any further without contacting us. Rachel Wilkinson +44 (0)20 7421 1750 rachel@vividbrand.com www.vividbrand.com London . Hong Kong . Melbourne