Marketing Keys Deck 2014


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Marketing Keys is a full-service, Chicago-based boutique advertising agency that specializes in media management. This is a look at our background and capabilities.

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Marketing Keys Deck 2014

  1. 1. Why We Are Reaching Out •  You make the decisions on advertising/ marketing for your company. •  You are currently handling your media placement internally or outsourcing your media placement. •  You were referred to us from one of our clients, media reps. and/or your company has popped up in our database. •  We are a media management firm located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and can help with planning, strategizing, creating, placing and negotiating your media. •  You may have too much on your plate and may be open to discovering a better way to have your media managed while generating new business/leads for your company.     150  N.  Michigan  Avenue      28th  Floor      Chicago,  IL    60601      (312)  291-­‐4630  
  2. 2. Media Expertise •  Online/ Digital/ Mobile •  Broadcast Television •  Cable Television •  Radio •  Newspaper/ Magazine/ Direct Mail/ Email Marketing •  Billboard/ Out-of-Home Advertising •  Social Media •  Experiential/ Trade Shows/ Event Marketing/ Product Activation     150  N.  Michigan  Avenue      28th  Floor      Chicago,  IL    60601      (312)  291-­‐4630  
  3. 3. Media Managed Services •  Consumer Research/Market Analysis •  Media Planning/ Media Buying/ Media Evaluation/ Metrics/ Daily Media Monitoring/ Trafficking/ Post Campaign Recaps •  Concept Development/ Advertising/ Design/ Production •  Web/ Digital/ Online/ Mobile •  Public Relations/ Social Media/ Experiential •  Positioning/ Branding/ Strategic Consulting     150  N.  Michigan  Avenue      28th  Floor      Chicago,  IL    60601      (312)  291-­‐4630  
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing FACEBOOK   TWITTER   PINTEREST   •  Marketing Keys leverages online communities to generate exposure, links, and sales for your brand. •  Discover new ways to interact with your customers online while: •  Improving SEO LINKEDIN   INSTAGRAM   •  Increasing brand awareness & equity •  Creating buzz YOUTUBE   •  Driving sales •  Improving customer service •  Becoming a trusted resource GOOGLE+   TUMBLR.   FLICKR   •  Our certified Social Media Director, Megan Hardie, will manage up to (4) of your social media sites for as low as $500/month WORDPRESS   REDDIT   YELP       150  N.  Michigan  Avenue      28th  Floor      Chicago,  IL    60601      (312)  291-­‐4630  
  5. 5. Key Differentiators •  We are a boutique firm. You will be working closely with the President of the firm and his qualified staff to ensure the clearest communication. The process flows much more smoothly. Since we are small, we are also much more nimble. •  We bring over 25 years of media buying and selling to the table. While other agencies were created from other agencies, Marketing Keys was born from major media companies. It gives us a big advantage on the whole buying process. Our training ground? Media companies like ABC and The Walt Disney Company. •  We will have a team of (3) working on your account. Through our Project Coordinator – Steph - you will be updated each week on deadlines, outstanding creative, media that is beginning etc. to ensure the campaign occurs without a hitch. Furthermore, on a daily basis, Megan will check your spot times to make sure everything is airing when it should be. If by chance it isn’t, Megan will be able to get the problem corrected immediately. •  We are an extension of your company. Look at us as a strategic partner. We plan on learning everything about your company and about the customers you are trying to reach. Our goal is to hang around for a long time. We will make recommendations but – ultimately - it is your final decision. •  For straight media planning and buying, there are no out of pocket costs from your company to ours. We are compensated directly from the media companies through a standard agency commission. 150  N.  Michigan  Avenue      28th  Floor      Chicago,  IL    60601      (312)  291-­‐4630  
  6. 6. LEADERSHIP Roger Keys Founder and CEO Roger loves challenges more than anything else. It is why after 20 years of steady paychecks on the media sales side, he decided to build his media company from the ground up working out of a spare bedroom. His routine consisted of rolling out of bed around 6 am and jumping on the computer. Showering had to wait until after 5 pm. Once his daughter became the ripe old age of 2 and began interrupting his phone conferences, it was time to secure real office space. He will never forget the early days and how this company has evolved. He firmly believes how you deliver your marketing message is just as important – if not more important – than the message itself. Roger spent 20 years learning his craft working for companies like ABC, Walt Disney Company and the like. He has managed campaigns for companies like the American Lung Association, the Chicago Wolves, Direct Buy, Hooters and hundreds more. 150  N.  Michigan  Avenue      28th  Floor      Chicago,  IL    60601      (312)  291-­‐4630  
  7. 7. LEADERSHIP Steph Dreyer Project Coordinator Steph is psychic. Or maybe she has a crystal ball hidden in her office. Either way, she has an uncanny ability to recognize and solve problems before they happen; foresee every project milestone; oversee the entire traffic process to ensure deadlines are being met etc. Oh yeah. And it doesn’t hurt that she is also one of the most pleasant, unflappable people you’ll ever meet. Megan Hardie Strategic Planner/Social Media Director Megan is very competitive. As a triplet, she had to constantly compete with her (2) other sisters for attention. That competitive experience growing up led her to an athletic scholarship playing softball at Winona State University. Thankfully for us, she tore her (2) ACLs and her meniscus…and now she is utilizing the competitive side of her brain to get attention for our clients. 150  N.  Michigan  Avenue      28th  Floor      Chicago,  IL    60601      (312)  291-­‐4630  
  8. 8. MARKETING KEYS Creative Placement: bus tail Ultra Foods
  9. 9. BRANDS WHOM WE HELP GROW INCLUDE: CONTACT Roger Keys Marketing Keys 150 N. Michigan Ave. 28th Fl. Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: 312-291-4630 Web: Email: We are Social! Twitter Facebook Linkedin Google+ Instagram YouTube