Article Marketing Tips - Article Marketing Strategy To Increase Web Site Traffic Overnight

Uploaded on To See More Details On This Article Marketing Strategy and To Get It Done For You Click This … To See More Details On This Article Marketing Strategy and To Get It Done For You Click This Link Click this link to see real examples of Articles that have been converted into Videos and Presentations/Documents Manually.

Are you Making the Most Out Of Your Article Marketing?
If you follow the below steps you will get at least 5 to 10 Times the value out of your articles.

You Will Get More Targeted Web Site Traffic & More Backlinks If You Follow The Method Below

Method 1: Article To Video -- Convert & Upload To Top Video Sites
Method 2: Article To Presentations -- Convert & Upload To Top PDF/PPT Sharing Sites

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  • 1. Get 10 TIMES MORE WEBSITE TRAFFIC From Your Articles
  • 2. Get More Traffic From Articles - HOW?I want to give you an action plan on how youcan really get even more out of your articlesand this is something hardly anyone is doing. Ifyou follow the steps in this presentation you willget at least 5 to 10 Times the value out ofevery article you write or get written.You Will Get More Targeted Traffic & MoreBacklinks If You Follow The Method Below
  • 3. Article To Video JUICE - Method 1Overview Of Method 1Create Slide Show Videos using your article content and convert them intovideos and upload them to the Top Video Sites like, you do This Process For Every Article You Have you will maximize yourTraffic Potential & will have more Backlinks as well!EXAMPLES OF ARTICLES CONVERTED INTO VIDEOS To this link as it will show you some examples.
  • 4. Why Convert Your Articles Into Videos? ● Video Sites are Much More Popular than most Article sites. YOUTUBE is one of the most visited websites in the world. So By having your content on video sites your will potentially get Much More Targeted Website Traffic ● Google Loves Video Sites and they constantly rank Videos on Page 1 so you can potentially have a Video on Page 1 for your target key phrase hence MASSIVE TRAFFIC POTENTIAL ● Video Sites are Much More Social and Engaging. If your video has quality content then there is massive potential for the Video to go VIRAL, via the like button and sharing tools ● And on top of all this on many of the Top video sites you can get QUALITY BACKLINKS directly to your website. So you can get video backlinks from sites like Youtube. With the recent Panda and Penguin update its more important than ever to diversify your link building and make it as natural as possible. ● You can embed the videos that you create on your own Blog/Website to enhance the Quality of your Site/Blog. This way you hit your readers via Video and ArticlesSo make sure if you want more traffic, exposure, links then you MUST do thisprocess for every article you ever write or get written to MAXIMIZETRAFFIC & EXPOSURE
  • 5. We CAN DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOUNow i know this process takes a lot of time and effort.First you need to create the Videos and then you need to upload them to all thetop video sites.Doing this process for every single article can take a lot of your valuabletime.Which is why you should visit the links below. Its a service that we will do theWHOLE PROCESS of taking your articles and then manually creating HighQuality Videos and then uploading them to the TOP Vidoe Sharing Sites, ect ect.So if you don’t want to waste any of your own valuable time but still wantthe massive benefits that this method can bring then click The Link Below orARTICLE TO VIDEO + UPLOAD TO TOP VIDEO SITES SERVICE
  • 6. Article To Presentations JUICE - Method 2Overview Of MethodCreate Slide Show Presentations using your article content and convert theminto Presentations (ppt/pdf) and upload them to these TopPresentation/Document Sharing Sites. Eg, ectDo This Process For Every Article You HaveEXAMPLES OF ARTICLES CONVERTED INTO PRESENTATIONS To this link as it will show you some examples.
  • 7. Why Convert Your Articles Into Presentations (Ppt/Pdf)?● Presentation sites and Document sharing sites (PPT/PDF) have a lot of Web Traffic and by having your content on these sites you raise the potential to get Much More Targeted Website Traffic just like with the Video Sites. (Sites like,, ect ect)● Again Just Like Video Sites These are Much more Engaging and Visual to The Reader than just a plane article. Just Like Youtube any submission on these sites has the potential to go VIRAL● This one is HUGE. You can Add Direct Links within the Presentations so of people click them they will go directly to your website.
  • 8. Article To Video + Article To PresentationsIf you do both Method 1 and Method 2 for every singlearticle you have you will be maximizing your chance ofgetting MORE Targeted Traffic, More Backlinks, InGeneral More Exposure of your Content which meansmore Visitors and hence More Customers!So make the most of every article you have! Do BothMethod 1 and Method 2 For Every Article You Have.Look at next slide Examples that both theseMethods Will Get More Targeted Traffic
  • 9. These are just a few samples just to show you the potential of doing this processSo I hope I have emphasized the potential of this process and that you should do it for every singlearticle you create or that you already have
  • 10. QUICK OVERVIEW OF ALL THE STEPSStep 1. Make a Video of your ArticleStep 2. Create account at Youtube and other top videositesStep 3. UPLOAD each video to each of the Top Video SitesStep 4: Create Presentation of your ArticleStep 5: Create accounts at Sites like SlideShare,ScribdStep 6: Upload your presentationsStep 7: REPEAT FOR ALL YOUR ARTICLESSO TAKE ACTION AND GET MORE TRAFFIC NOW
  • 11. WE CAN DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOUNow the problem is that this whole process can take hours just to convertand submit 1 article let alone all your articles.So this is why we at have created a service that will do thisFULL PROCESS for you so you can focus on your Business while we do thetime consuming labor work for you.Just click the link below to find out more on how you can get this whole processdone for you for all your articles.CLICK HERE TO GET ALL YOUR ARTICLES CONVERTED INTO HIGHQUALITY VIDEOS & PRESENTATIONS AND DISTRIBUTED ACROSS THETOP SITES OR