IFM Group, a technological excellence
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IFM Group, a technological excellence



Overview on IFM Group, a dynamic Italian company in the ICT sector that provides integrated solutions for Telecommunications, Unified Communications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ...

Overview on IFM Group, a dynamic Italian company in the ICT sector that provides integrated solutions for Telecommunications, Unified Communications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Multi-sensor technologies.
Special focus on Angel Pad, the new technology designed by IFM to help and support vulnerable people in order to create a real Link Society with no technological barriers.



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IFM Group, a technological excellence IFM Group, a technological excellence Presentation Transcript

  • Company and products profileSurveillance, Assistance & Communicationsto detect, process and communicate Summary Company Overview 2-4 Key Technologies 5-8 Angel Pad 9 - 12
  • IFM GroupIFM Group has been working for over 15years in the market of AdvancedCommunications Technologies.With more than 900 installations, IFM standsfor one of the most dynamic companies inthe ICT sector able to design and implementthe entire technological chain aimed at thecreation of its products.As a result of the strong commitment in R&D – also due to the partnership with theuniversities in Genoa and Catania – IFM Group belongs to the selected ring of Italiancompanies able to develop technology and innovation in strict compliance withinternational standards
  • IFM Group |Shareholders Management 68% Innovest S.p.a. 18% TELECOM Italia S.p.a. 12% CARISMA S.p.a. (Bain & Company) 2%
  • IFM Group| Patchwork of companies
  • Key TechnologiesLighthouse Communications XtenderLighthouse Communications Xtender is anevent manager system for processing theworkflow between a source event and theconsequent action or actions.A source event is anything that happens, aphone call, a temperature sensor or a motion Event Source Action Providerdetection device. An action can berepresented by any type of actuator, i.e. a Action Provider Presencevideo phone call, a gate, a switch or an alarm. CRM Event Source Event Source DetectionAny kind of flow can be graphically designedallowing a user-friendly configuration Event Source Action Provider Click Event Source Action Provider Sentinel to Action Provider Event Sourceexperience. Talk Call Center
  • Key TechnologiesSentinelSentinel is a multisensory integration systemwith a distributed architecture able to applydata fusion algorithms which combineinformation coming from different devices todetermine the processing of the source eventas a critical event.This technology prevents false alarm thanksto the application of the contest analysis tothe device signal.
  • Key TechnologiesPhonesEnterprisePhonesEnterprise is a multimedia, multi-event contact center which guarantees thatthe event and all the information related towill be available to the right destination at theright time.This assignment depends on time, skill,availability...
  • Key TechnologiesREVOSRevos is a Customer RelationshipManagement product.Revos deals with matching each event to allthe data related the customer.Customer data mean address, history, Kin,health data, etc.As an event occurs the agent in charge willreceive a screen pop up with the mostimportant information.
  • ANGEL PADAngel Pad has been designed for urban security toprovide vulnerable people with assistance and support.Angel Pad stands for the synthesis of the main IFMproducts: • Lighthouse Communications Xtender • Sentinel • PhonesEnterprise • Revos
  • ANGEL PAD Angel Pad is able to: -connect a wide range of sensors -integrate intelligent video camera with algorithms in charge of recognizing what it’s happening in the scene (privacy reasons need to pay attention to when and where to use). -define any type of process related to an event thanks to the the graphic work flow designer -match different events to define what is happening and decide the correct actionMoreover, Actions may be the activation of actuators, the generationof multimedia communication activities, the execution ofsoftware applications, or their combination. Multimedia multi-event contact center agents receive allthe information and are able to execute any action, involvingany third party.
  • ANGEL PAD Angel Pad Engine
  • ANGEL PAD UPS power supply Presence detector Gas detector Video door phone Water leaks detector Smoke detector Panic button Temperature detector