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Most successful business owners will tell you that there are three critical assets in their business:
Their customers
Their product or services
Their business relationships

All of these take hard work to develop, but the third one (business relationships) is one that often gets neglected. Relationships are difficult to build at the best of times. But, when you’re busy with all the other “stuff” of life, they’re often the part that gets neglected – whether they’re personal or business relationships.
Find out what one of the biggest mistakes you are making in marketing your small business!
After years of consulting with business owners on their Marketing Strategy a pattern began to appear. I found that we were focusing on specific points in building out their strategy and each one built upon the previous. As I began to research these strategies, a simple system appeared that delivered powerful results. Once I began to walk the client through the steps, I drew 3 boxes on a Legal pad and it opened up vast amounts of opportunities for us to grow their business. The simplicity of the "boxes" is what gives it the powerful results because anything that becomes cumbersome...doesn't get done! As an avid reader of personal development teachings, such as Tony Robbins, I remembered that he coined his concept of constant-and-never-ending-impr­ovement: "CANI" This gave me the idea to call my system "CA-TA-SA" relating to the 3-box coaching system I created which is a fusion of Competitive Advantage, Target Audience and Strategic Alliances.
The result that you will experience is that ALL of your marketing will resonate powerfully with your target audience so that they fully understand why you are the obvious choice!
This is a small part of your overall Marketing Plan but is the best place to start to give you a solid blueprint to get started with right away. The next logical step is to move into Strategic Marketing Coaching.
Mike Saunders with Marketing Huddle can help!
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Marketing Huddle | Power Networking Blueprint-part 3

  1. 1. THE NEXT STEP Use your follow-up to keep the conversation going by proposing a next step.
  2. 2. FOLLOW-UP ETIQUETTE Be real and authentic. If following up over email, be extra friendly and polite.
  3. 3. Think of your follow-up as a way to deepen your relationship and get to know the other person better.
  4. 4. ACTIVITY: Write a follow-up email template to use after each networking conversation. Create an opening Leave place holders for filling in information about who you are, where you met and what you talked about Write a closing
  6. 6. Have a solid game plan in place for your networking.
  7. 7. YOUR NETWORKING SCHEDULE Plan to attend at least one networking function each week. Write down follow-ups and any other related activities.
  8. 8. MAKING THE ROUNDS Research and prepare before functions. Set a quota for how many contacts you'll make.
  9. 9. GETTING INTO THE RIGHT MINDSET Take a moment before each function to get into a relaxed, positive, and confident mindset.
  10. 10. TAKE NOTES During the function, take notes so that you can remember the details of each person you meet.
  11. 11. DON'T STOP NETWORKING Even when you've gathered many contacts and you're busy interacting with them, don't stop attending networking functions.
  12. 12. YOUR NETWORKING BUDDY You may want to network in pairs, taking a 'networking buddy' with you to events.
  13. 13. CONCLUSION Make your game plan flexible and make changes as needed.
  14. 14. ACTIVITY: Write out your game plan as specifically as possible, adding your next steps to your action plan and preferred calendar. Be sure to include: Events you want to attend People or companies you want to connect with Research about those prospects Dates for getting things done and following up
  16. 16. INTRODUCTION In order to tell whether your networking is paying off or not, you need to measure results with reliable data.
  17. 17. KEY METRICS Choose a few key metrics to use to monitor your progress.
  18. 18. NEW CONTACTS An easy metric is to keep track of the number of new contacts.
  19. 19. NEW INTERACTIONS You may choose to measure the number of follow-up communications and interactions as well.
  20. 20. OPPORTUNITIES, VENTURES AND SALES Metrics should be tailored to your particular goal.
  21. 21. FAVORS DONE FOR OTHERS You can also measure progress by counting the good things you've done for others.
  22. 22. Watch your metrics closely and if they're not showing the progress you'd like to see, make changes to your game plan.
  23. 23. ACTIVITY: Choose 2-4 key metrics and set goals for them.
  25. 25. In order to network effectively, you need a positive mindset.
  26. 26. KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS Focus on your personal strengths and the good things you do for others.
  27. 27. NO BIG DEAL Imagine that you're just being social and having a good time.
  28. 28. FOCUS ON OTHER PEOPLE Keep the focus on other people to take it off of yourself.
  29. 29. FAKE IT Imagine that you've already reached your networking goals.
  30. 30. NO WAY TO LOSE Keep in mind that there's really nothing that can go wrong.
  31. 31. PREPARE WELL If you're well prepared, it's easy to be positive and confident.
  32. 32. As you network more, you'll find it easier to be positive and confident.
  33. 33. ACTIVITY: Write down your motivating goal and post it where you can see it. Write down 3 tips you find most effective for encouraging your own positive mindset.
  34. 34.