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Making it Happen in a Shoestring: Crowdsourcing Your Marketing Activities
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Making it Happen in a Shoestring: Crowdsourcing Your Marketing Activities


Published on

Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder, crowdSPRING

Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder, crowdSPRING

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  • Create content and share it
  • The brief can make or break a project. Define the problem and define your goals - creatives essentially are problem solvers. Being creative is not something that magically happens—it's a process. If you provide better details — you'll generally receive better solutions to your problem.
  • Unless you want something very specific, don't limitby describing specific imagery/concepts in your project brief. While you may have a vision, you could be missing out on many other terrific concepts, one of which may be perfect for you!
  • The value you set will reflect the quality of the work.
  • Don't get caught up in details before they become relevant. When your project is for logo design, for example, do not get caught up in colors - creatives can easily customize colors to your liking within seconds, but a design takes a lot of hard work and brainstorming. Color iterations can be discussed in the post-project wrap-up after you pick the winning design. Focus on the details that are most relevant.
  • You make the decision — not the faceless crowd, not the current trends, not even your 2-3 most trusted advisors. Listen to the input, absolutely; do your homework, definitely. In the end though, you decide.
  • Transcript

    • 1. MAKING IT HAPPEN ON A SHOESTRING crowdsourcing your marketing activities Ross Kimbarovsky - crowdSPRING Start-Up Marketing Boot Camp October 8, 2010 #FMbootcamp
    • 2. the world has changed #FMbootcamp
    • 3. marketing has not changed marketing has not changed #FMbootcamp
    • 4. 1000 ideas or 1 good one? #FMbootcamp
    • 5. Darwinian meritocracy of ideas #FMbootcamp
    • 6. marketing on a shoestring #FMbootcamp
    • 7. goals, strategies, tactics #FMbootcamp
    • 8. leverage crowdsourcing #FMbootcamp
    • 9. PPC #FMbootcamp
    • 10. design and content #FMbootcamp
    • 11. basic surveys #FMbootcamp
    • 12. advanced surveys #FMbootcamp
    • 13. promotion #FMbootcamp
    • 14. 5 crowdsourcing tips #FMbootcamp
    • 15. provide clear directions #FMbootcamp
    • 16. have an open mind #FMbootcamp
    • 17. set a fair value #FMbootcamp
    • 18. focus on right details #FMbootcamp
    • 19. avoid committeecide #FMbootcamp
    • 20. 1000 ideas or 1 good one? #FMbootcamp
    • 21. Ross Kimbarovsky [email_address] @rosskimbarovsky questions? #FMbootcamp