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What's Hot in Search Marketing: 2012 Update
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What's Hot in Search Marketing: 2012 Update


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From the 7th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit. What's Hot in Search Marketing: 2012 Update by Shari Worthington, Telesian Technology.

From the 7th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit. What's Hot in Search Marketing: 2012 Update by Shari Worthington, Telesian Technology.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. ISA Marketing & Sales SummitWhat’s Hot in Search Marketing August 17, 2012 Shari L.S. Worthington Telesian Technology
  • 2. Is Google Making Us Stupid?• Web provides ready access to tons of data & info – 65+% of US Internet users search daily• Media isn’t passive…shapes thought process – Browsing, skimming, flitting – Chipping away at concentration & contemplation? – Harder to focus on long pieces of writing?• How does this affect marketing? – Shorter comms – Search presence mandatory Source: The Atlantic Monthly
  • 3. Does Search Work?Source B2B CTR IndustryCTR NotesGoogle Organic #1 18%Google Organic #2 10%PPC, non-branded 1-7%PPC, branded 3%Facebook 0.02-0.04%LinkedIn 0.025%Web Banner 0.11% 0.10%Rich Media Ad 1.02% 0.87%In-stream Video Ad 1.21% 1.03% 55-75% completionFloating Ad 1.24% Source: Marketing Charts, Media Mind 2012
  • 4. Search Traffic Beats Email/Social• Average order value (AOV) web traffic Q2 2012 – Search: $90.40, Email: $82.72, Social: $64.19 Source: Marketing Charts, Media Mind
  • 5. Searchers Don’t Want Social in SERPs• Google evolution – Universal Search, increasing emphasis on social – Instant Search• Less social integration preferred – Bing vs Google Source: Search Engine Watch
  • 6. Searchers Don’t Want Social in SERPs• Bing layout preferred over Google Source: Search Engine Watch
  • 7. US Search Market Share• Google – 66.2% March 2012, 12.2 billion searches – 65.1% July 2011 – 65.8% July 2010• Yahoo – 15.3% March 2012, 2.8 billion searches – 15.9% July 2011 – 17.1% July 2010• Microsoft (Bing + Yahoo search) – 14.3% March 2012, 2.6 billion searches – 14.4% July 2011 – 11.0% July 2010 comScore 2012
  • 8. Google’s Algorithms Rule the Web• Panda Update – Major update February 24, 2011 – New update every 4-6 weeks – Focus on higher quality content for individual searcher • Reduce rank of poor quality sites • Increase rank of high quality sites – Block unwanted domains
  • 9. What Gets a Site in Trouble?• High % of duplicate content• Low amount of original content• High # pages with low amount of original content
  • 10. What Gets a Site in Trouble?• High amount of inappropriate adverts that don’t match search queries• Page content & page title tags that don’t match search queries a page does well for• Unnatural language, e.g. heavy-handed SEO
  • 11. What Gets a Site in Trouble?• High bounce rate on page or site• Low visit times on page or site• Low % of users returning to a site• Low click-through % from Google SERPs• High % of boilerplate content on each page• Low or no quality inbound links to a page or site• Low or no mentions to a page or site in social media
  • 12. Google’s Algorithms Rule the Web• Penguin Update (April 2012) – Focus on removing web spam in SERPs • Removing links from low-quality networks – The importance of incoming links • Google sees links as “votes” from the Internet universe • Analyze quantity, quality, relevance of sites that link to yours • Types of sites, how quickly links acquired, anchor text
  • 13. Google’s Algorithms Rule the Web• Penguin Update (April 2012) – Penguin no-no’s • Paid text links using exact match anchor text • Comment spam • Guest posts on questionable sites • Article marketing sites • Links from dangerous sites
  • 14. • 2,520,000,000 results • 5120 backlinks to• 14,400,000 results• 832 backlinks to
  • 15. Google’s Universal Search Rewards Multimedia
  • 16. Google’s Universal Search Really Likes Videos
  • 17. Google Strengthens Local ListingsBest pizza in Chicago Pizza How to make a pizza SEOmoz 2011
  • 18. SEO: Where to Start• Keyword rich content – Identify top keywords, 2-3 per page – Use them naturally in visible content – Tweak keyword density• Search friendly site architecture – Easy to navigate, easy to crawl & index – Optimize site code• Relevant linking – Best place to start is with a PR program
  • 19. SEO: Where to Start• Google Webmaster Tools account• Use www. domain so turned into link everywhere• No duplicate content, lots of cross-linking within site• No dynamic URLs• Include keywords in – TITLES, content headers – URLs, files names – Link text, no “click here”
  • 20. PPC: What’s New?• Google: New Exact & Phrase matching – Includes plurals, misspellings, close variants – “Rotate Evenly” (for ad testing) will stop rotating after 30 days – Mobile-specific ads get top ranking for searches on mobile devices • Mobile ads + mobile landing pages • Web site: Responsive Design
  • 21. Responsive Design
  • 22. Responsive Design
  • 23. Responsive Design• .net Magazine: #2 top web design trends 2012• Auto fit to screen size – Browser & mobile device detection – Cascading Style Sheets 3 media queries – Proportion based grids, flexible images• Know your market before you jump – What % are using smartphones, tablets, computers?
  • 24. PPC: Common B2B Mistakes• Challenge B2B vs B2C – More considered purchases from savvier buyers• Mistake #1: Don’t track phone calls – New tools use dynamic phone numbers to track by keywords, e.g. IfByPhone, ClickPath
  • 25. PPC: Common B2B Mistakes• Mistake #2: Ignore interim metrics – ROI is long-term, shorter-term options: • Cost per LEAD • Cost per QUALIFIED CONTACT • Cost per APPOINTMENT • Cost per PROPOSAL – Source specific options: • Conversions, rate • Click throughs, rate • Dwell time • Pages per visit
  • 26. PPC: Common B2B Mistakes• Mistake #3: Careless with keywords – Watch for dual meanings, e.g. PLC, laser detector, company name commonalities• Mistake #4: Not using day / day of week parting
  • 27. PPC: Common B2B Mistakes• Mistake #5: Not using laser-focused landing pgs
  • 28. Search & Branding• Search isn’t just for direct response• Strong branding effect• 81% respondents say search influences their perception about a company (Weber Shandwick)• Absence of a brand can influence searcher – Subliminally implies brand isn’t important for that search category
  • 29. Search & Branding
  • 30. Social Media Optimization• Create shareable content – Encourage links• Make sharing easy – Embed buttons & widgets• Reward engagement – Use promotional or content offers
  • 31. Social Media Optimization• Proactively share content – Syndicate articles to other partners or platforms, Slideshare or Scribd• Encourage “mashups” – Encourage others to take and remix your content so it becomes user generated
  • 32. Cisco’s Aggregated Services Router Product Launch
  • 33. Questions? Thank you! Shari L.S. Worthington Cell: 508-397-6345 Web: Blog: Twitter: @sharilee @telesianLinkedIn: