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Aligning Marketing With the Buying Process
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Aligning Marketing With the Buying Process


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Chris Chariton of Global Spec helps shed light on understanding the industrial buy cycle.

Chris Chariton of Global Spec helps shed light on understanding the industrial buy cycle.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Align Your Marketing With Your Customers’ Buying Process Understanding the Industrial Buy Cycle
    • 2. About Chris Chariton
      • Vice President of Supplier Marketing and Marketing Services for GlobalSpec, a specialized search, information resource, e-publishing and online events company for the industrial sector
      • Oversees direct marketing, demand generation, product management, market research, PR, advertising
      • 20+ years of marketing experience, including 10 years in industrial marketing
    • 3. Agenda
      • The industrial buy cycle: a definition
      • 8 key takeaways from the GlobalSpec Industrial Buy Cycle Survey
      • Creating a content strategy
      • Recommendations
    • 4. The Industrial Buy Cycle The steps that industrial or other B2B sector buyers engage in when purchasing products and services
    • 5. The Industrial Buy Cycle
      • In the consumer world…
    • 6. The Industrial Buy Cycle
      • People are not ready to purchase all the time
      • “Impulse buying” does not exist in the industrial/B2B space
    • 7. The Industrial Buy Cycle
    • 8. Key Research Takeaways
      • Industrial Buy Cycle Survey
      • 700 respondents
      • 46% of respondents influence $100,000 or more in purchasing
      • 21% influence more than $500,000
    • 9. Key Research Takeaways
      • 1. The buy cycle is long.
    • 10. Average Length of the Buy Cycle
    • 11. Key Research Takeaways
      • 2. Rarely just one person is involved in purchase decisions.
    • 12. Percent of Purchases Decided by One Person
    • 13. How Many Decision Makers for Purchases
    • 14. Key Research Takeaways
      • 3. Many sources are used for information.
    • 15. Information Sources for Work-Related Purposes
    • 16. Information Sources at Various Buy Cycle Stages
    • 17. Social Media Used for Work-Related Purposes
    • 18. Social Media Recommendations
      • Don’t replace established online marketing with social media
      • Begin to explore social media tools
      • Develop a vision and define goals for social media
      • Integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy
    • 19. What Engineers Look for on the Web Top Activities
    • 20. Key Research Takeaways
      • 4. Content is king.
    • 21. Number of Pieces of Content Reviewed Before Purchasing
    • 22. Number of Pieces of Content Reviewed Before Purchasing
    • 23. Key Research Takeaways
      • 5. Numerous suppliers are evaluated before a decision is made.
    • 24. Evaluating Suppliers
    • 25. Evaluating Suppliers: Procurement Phase
    • 26. Key Research Takeaways
      • 6. Availability, price and delivery are all important.
    • 27. Importance of Factors in Purchasing Decisions
    • 28. Key Research Takeaways
      • 7. Purchases are being made in many different ways.
    • 29. Methods Used to Make Purchases
    • 30. Most Commonly Used Purchase Method
    • 31. Avoid “last ad” marketing mistake
      • Giving credit for a lead to the last action taken before purchase
    • 32. Frequency of Typing Company Name into Search Box
    • 33. Use of Search as Navigation
    • 34.
      • 71% of sponsored search clicks are navigational in nature.
      Use of Search as Navigation Source: Atlas Institute, “Paying for Navigational Search”
    • 35. Why “the click” isn’t the only thing that matters
      • Branding and exposure through other channels may be the reason why they are coming to your Web site
      • Buyers type your name into the search box because of the exposure they have received from you
      • Research proves the importance of being found in multiple places with various content
    • 36.  
    • 37. Why “the click” isn’t the only thing that matters
    • 38. Key Research Takeaways
      • 8. Frequency of exposure across various media is key to driving business
    • 39. Key Questions to Ask
      • What is your purchase cycle?
      • Does your content address the needs of buyers at the various stages of the buy cycle?
      • Is your company, products and services visible in various media/information sources used across the stages?
    • 40.  
    • 41. Industrial Buy Cycle Content Audit
    • 42. Content Audit
    • 43. Industrial Buy Cycle Media Information/Source Audit
    • 44. Media/Information Source Audit
    • 45. Content Example: E-book Download
    • 46. Content Example: Twitter
    • 47. Content Example: Blog
    • 48. Content Example: Video
    • 49. Content Example: Video
    • 50. Content Example: e-Newsletter
    • 51. Content Example: Technical Articles
    • 52. Content Example: Technical Article
    • 53. Content Example: Data Sheet
    • 54. Content Example: Contact Page
    • 55. Content Example: Contact Page
    • 56.
      • Get found early – and often - in the buy cycle
    • 57.  
    • 58.  
    • 59.  
    • 60.  
    • 61.
      • Get found early – and often - in the buy cycle
      • Be found where your audience is looking - online
      • Understand your company’s buy cycle – and offer content to support it
      • Conduct a content audit to ensure that you have the right content for the right stages
    • 62. About GlobalSpec We offer a variety of marketing programs tailored to your needs that deliver qualified leads, brand exposure and Web traffic, including:
          • Searchable online catalogs and directories
          • Advertising in more than 60 e-newsletters
          • Exhibitor opportunities at online events for the industrial sector
          • PLUS banner advertising and pay-per-click programs
    • 63. Thank You! Learn More Contact Us Chris Chariton: [email_address] Follow Us @GlobalSpecInc