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Inbound 2012 Presentation Inbound 2012 Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • AUGUST 29, 2012 VAR TRACK the art and science ofselling agency services: how to stop the churn. #inbound12
  • Paul Roetzer @paulroetzer founder & CEO, PR 20/20 author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint#inbound12
  • growth is the easy part.retaining it, and making it profitable, is the real challenge for agencies.
  • A Cautionary Tale of Churn @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • PR 20/20 New Campaign Clients (2009) ‣ 15 new campaign clients ‣ $195,000 in 2009 revenue ‣ $503,000 in 2010 forecasted revenue @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • life is good! @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • 1 client remains @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • avg. client relationship = 11 months Image Credit: Hollywood_PR
  • 49% of marketers report they willconsolidate or change agencies overthe next 12 months. another 15% aren’t sure. Source: The Chief Marketing (CMO) Council report More Gain, Less Strain.
  • only 36% of marketers are firmly committed to their agency relationships. Source: The Chief Marketing (CMO) Council report More Gain, Less Strain.
  • Churn Factors agency side‣ Over promise and under deliver ‣ Financial instability‣ Focus on outputs, not outcomes ‣ Stretched too thin‣ Talent turnover ‣ Stagnant business model‣ Weak processes ‣ Siloed services @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • Churn Factors client side‣ Unrealistic expectations ‣ Short-term focus‣ Weak foundation ‣ Marketing technology utilization‣ Poor management ‣ Conservative business practices‣ Lack of vision ‣ Sales/marketing team strength‣ Bad product ‣ Personnel changes‣ Financial instability ‣ Merges & acquisitions @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • the cost of bad relationships ‣ Agency resources (people, time, money) ‣ Opportunity lost ‣ Financial pains ‣ Loyal account neglect ‣ Mental health (of employees, leaders) ‣ Employee burnout and turnover ‣ False foundation (The Red Zone) @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • The Red Zonemonitor and grade client portfolio health45% of recurring revenue is at risk to churn @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • Choose the Right Clients‣ Commit to prospects who value your people, time and energy.‣ Watch for red flags.‣ Trust your instinct.‣ Be willing to walk away.‣ Take a more sophisticated approach to sales. @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • make retention the priority.
  • 1) assess strengths and forecast potential.2) offer integrated services .3) benchmark performance.4) connect actions to audiences and KPIs.
  • 1) Success Starts with the Assessment @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • PR 20/20 Inbound Marketing Survey 175+ audits completed @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • challenges with the current process ‣ Time intensive ‣ Requires high-level personnel to analyze ‣ Lacks scoring system and visualizations ‣ Not a true assessment of success potential ‣ Fails to properly set expectations ‣ Not scalable @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • A More Intelligent Process & Platformsubjective analysis. assessment scoring. automated recommendations. ‣ Assess business and marketing strengths. ‣ Forecast potential for success. ‣ Build an integrated marketing strategy. ‣ Connect actions with KPIs and audiences. ‣ Determine talent needs and team structure. ‣ Forecast agency services costs. ‣ Allocate resources — time and money.
  • Net Marketing ScoreEvery element of an organization, as it relates to marketing,can be divided into: assets, neutrals and escalators . @NMScore #Inbound12
  • Net Marketing ScoreBy evaluating and scoring these elements, an organization can devise marketing strategies ; allocate the time, money and talent ; and adapt resources and priorities based on performance.
  • Net Marketing Score: ModelMarketing Manager Section NMS = 62% @NMScore #Inbound12
  • Net Marketing Score: Model CEO Section NMS = 38% @NMScore #Inbound12
  • Business Fundamentals ‣ Business life cycle stage ‣ Competitive advantage ‣ Financial stability ‣ Growth goals ‣ Leadership team ‣ Pricing strategy ‣ Product/service quality @NMScore #Inbound12
  • Marketing Foundation ‣ Brand awareness ‣ Internal inbound competencies ‣ Lead sources ‣ Marketing/sales integration ‣ Marketing technology utilization ‣ Reach ‣ Website performance @NMScore #Inbound12
  • 2) Offer Integrated Services @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • Published January 2010 @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • Published July 2010 @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • 80% of chief marketing officers think integrated services will increase inimportance over the next five years, according to a study by The Horn Group and Kelton Research. @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • however, in the same study, 60% of CMOsindicated that they are unable to find an integrated firm to meet those needs. @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • only 9 percent of senior marketers believe traditional ad agencies are doing a good job of evolving and extending their service capabilities in the digital age. that means 91 percent are not! Source: The Chief Marketing (CMO) Councilreport More Gain, Less Strain.
  • “There’s an underlying level of frustration among seniorcorporate marketers worldwide when it comes to agency contributions to business value creation, strategic thinking, and digital marketing development.”— Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director, CMO Council @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • The New Marketing Services Mix ‣ Search ‣ PR ‣ Social ‣ Digital advertising ‣ Content ‣ Email ‣ Web ‣ Analytics ‣ Mobile ‣ Tech integration ‣ Brand ‣ App development
  • 3) Benchmark Performance @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • Build Custom Scorecards establish expectations. @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • 52% of senior marketers do not have a formal scorecard for rating agency performance on an annual basis. Source: The Chief Marketing (CMO) Council report More Gain, Less Strain.
  • 4) Connect Actions to Audiences & KPIs @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • Deliver Resultslet performance tell your story. @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • Client Services Series: The Case of a Hypothetical B2B Account (Coming in October 2012) ‣ Session 1: The Marketing Assessment ‣ Session 2: The Scorecard ‣ Session 3: The GamePlan ‣ Session 4: The Honeymoon (Q1) ‣ Session 5: The Reality (Q2) ‣ Session 6: The Tipping Point (Q3) ‣ Session 7: The Renewal (Q4) @PaulRoetzerpromo code: inbound15 #Inbound12
  • breakups sucks.4 steps to stop the churn. @PaulRoetzer #Inbound12
  • 1) assess strengths and forecast potential.2) offer integrated services .3) benchmark performance.4) connect actions to audiences and KPIs.
  • thank you Paul Roetzer