Zombie Lead Hunter Webinar: How to immunize your lead management from zombie leads


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MarketStar and Schneider Electric discuss why best-in-class companies require 20 times less marketing generated leads to create one customer and why less than half of marketing automation users are able to nurture leads effectively.

Webcast and infographic: http://bit.ly/12orfGa

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Zombie Lead Hunter Webinar: How to immunize your lead management from zombie leads

  1. 1. Best-in-Class Lead Hunters How to immunize your lead management from zombie leads Thursday, December 6 2012 - 1 PM Eastern, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific
  2. 2. Our Presenters Michele Egan Director, Marketing Integration Catina Martinez Lead Nurturing Architect Jay Williams VP Digital Solutions
  3. 3. Webinar Agenda Problem: Lead Zombies! Marketing Automation: Hopes and Promises Challenges of Automated Marketing The Evolution of Email Marketing Implementing a Proven Methodology The Zombie Lead Hunter Schneider Electric Case Study Conclusion / Q&A
  4. 4. Zombie Leads? Many leads turn lifeless and lie cold, others are wandering aimlessly through your database. Most are abandoned by both sales and marketing. • Dead • Unknown • Wandering • Aimless • Ignored • Aged and Outdated
  5. 5. How are zombie leads created? =
  6. 6. What do companies do about it? Pretend zombie leads do not exist Implement marketing automation Purchase more names in hopes of finding a living lead Invest in top of funnel lead generation activities
  7. 7. Automated Marketing – Hopes and Promises It helps marketers do more with less -- 44% of marketers say the top pressure is to do more with fewer or same resources – Aberdeen It can reduce marketing generated leads not worked by sales from 90% to as little as 10% – Forrester Can lead to a 300% increase in percentage of qualified opportunities sourced by marketing – Forrester
  8. 8. Marketing Automation IS NOT Easy The solution of automated marketing also presents a host of more complex difficulties… It takes 6 months to fully implement and use 100% of the marketing automation functionality – Eloqua Only 36% of platform users are able to design a multi-step nurturing process – Aberdeen Only 28% of users utilize lead scoring – Aberdeen
  9. 9. There is more to successful automation While marketing automation is a great start, it is only a small part of the solution. Marketing Leadership Council
  10. 10. The Creation of Efficient SPAM Most essentially transform their marketing automation platform into an efficient Zombie SPAM machine! 36% of your leads stop engaging because YOU stop communicating or don’t engage enough – Cone 53% of your leads stop engaging if the content is not relevant to THEM – Cone 58% of your leads stop engaging if you are over- communicating with them – Cone
  11. 11. Becoming a Best-in-Class Company Those companies who have become “best-in-class” companies are ridding their database of zombie leads. Best-in-class users need 20x fewer leads to generate one customer (68 vs. 1,272) – Aberdeen 65% of best-in-class users have designed a multi-step nurturing process – Aberdeen 69% of best-in-class users have dedicated lead management resources – Aberdeen
  12. 12. HOW? 42% of best-in-class companies utilize a consultant or third-party independent service provider to manage their lead nurturing tactics – Aberdeen
  13. 13. Consider People Marketing Leadership Council
  14. 14. Zombie Lead Hunters * Database Manager * Database Analyst * Tool Admin * Marketing Strategist * Solution Architect * Content Specialist * Programs Manager * Sales Person * Educator * Consensus Builder The Zombie Lead Hunter is a highly skilled marketer who is equal parts sales, marketing, and operations professional
  15. 15. Best in class companies are 5x more likely than all other companies to cite attracting / retaining top marketing talent as a pressure impacting their marketing lead management practices. – Aberdeen
  16. 16. Consider Methodology Marketing Leadership Council
  17. 17. The Evolution of E-Mail Marketing Email Marketing BROAD “Same to All” Typically contain the same content and calls to action no matter who the audience is. CUSTOM “Personalized” Communicates relevant content personalized to the recipient’s role, interests, and activity profile. SINGULAR “All E-Mail” Requires you to stay on the cusp of annoying to stay relevant and top of mind with your audience. INTEGRATED “Variety Matters” Uses multi-touch, direct marketing campaigns to interact with a lead via e-mail, phone and online. SPORADIC “Reactive” Messages are sent when you feel a need to communicate any marketing related activity. STRATEGIC “Proactive” Persuasive communications are sent according to the prospect’s stage in the buying cycle. QUANTITATIVE “Click Click” Generate a low 3% CTR while lead nurturing e-mail can generate over 8% CTR. (HubSpot) QUALITATIVE “Know the Score” Activity tracking, scoring, and grading elevates nurturing analytics and provides visibility to intent. GENERIC “One to Many” Used to communicate general information to broad audiences for informational purposes. TARGETED “One to One” Provides the right content to the right person at the right time progressing towards purchase. Lead Nurturing 100% of best-in class companies utilize their automation platforms for email marketing, 71% of the same group utilize it for true lead nurturing. For the rest of the world, only 28% utilize their platform for true lead nurturing. – Aberdeen
  18. 18. Implement a Proven Methodology Adopt a methodology that combines marketing automation technologies with persuasive communication techniques to strengthen relationships, qualify leads and accelerate sales  Platform Management  Database Cleansing  List Segmentation  Lead Profiling  Program Design  Content Creation  Content Management  Campaign Measurement  Process Flow
  19. 19. Support your claims with proof points and 3rd party validation. Decision Help prospects recognize how status quo limits business potential. Prospects need to understand the consequences of doing nothing. Being recognized as a trusted advisor is priceless. Offer true value. Always showing prospects different approaches to change. Objections are common. Develop messages to overcome them. Status Quo Priority Research Options Objections AwarenessConsideration Persuasive Communication A methodology maps key messages and touch points to support buyers through the emotional checkpoints of decision making. Validation
  20. 20. Methodology in Action - Value Streams A Solution Architect will create a customer communications and technical integration framework based on the Project Plan. This connects the program assets, communications, events, landing pages, technology and workflow to the strategic objectives of the program.
  21. 21. Methodology in Action - Content Maps A Solution Architect will inventory current content and creative assets to establish a strategic communications plan which aligns engagement activities with the sales cycle and a contact scoring and grading strategy. AGCO Massey Ferguson - Nurturing Program Drip Description Asset Interval Stage http://www.onlinedigitalpubs.com/publication/?i=109449&p=14 Farm Life article about investment planning strategy This drip touches on how changes in the economy/environment can affect long-term investment strategies on the farm. Call to action: Link to article Yes - Go to 2 No - Go to 1.1 1.1 Practical tips we hear from farmers http://www.myfarmlife.com/features/youth-movement/ 2 weeks Status Quo This drip provides a snapshot into what "Real Farmers" are doing. Call to action: Link to article Yes - Go to 2.1 No - Go to 2 2 As changes in the economy impact the business of farming, farmers need to look for new ways to maximize profits http://www.myfarmlife.com/features/under-cover/ 2 weeks Priority This drip provides a farmer point of view of how to maximize profits through smart investments in machinery. Call to action: Link to article Yes - Go to 3 No - Go to 2.1 2.1 Farming is not just a job but a way of life Massey Ferguson Across America customer profile - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxb03xwqHdg&feature=relmfu 2 weeks Priority This drip builds upon the concept of farming as a way of life and profiles a 3rd-gen farmer looking for equipment that preserves his legacy for generations to come. Call to action: Download Interview Yes - Go to 3.1 No - Go to Long-term nurturing 3 The Massey Ferguson line can be a valuable long- term investment. Equipment cost ROI calculator or the AGCO compare web page 2 weeks Research This drip allows prospects perspective of how a Massey Ferguson solution stacks up. Call to action: Link to the calculator or comparison page Yes - Go to 4 No - Go to Investment Profile Research Path 3.1 Get more out of your machinery Technology Demo video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHXMLpqg0As&feature=related 2 weeks Research This drip will demonstrate how Massey Ferguson high horse power gives real farmers a reliable machine with reduced downtime. Call to action: Link to the demo Yes - Go to 4.1 No - Go to Practical Advice Research Path 4 Is it better to lease or to buy? Document explores the advantages to either option 2 weeks Options This drip provides some perspectives on different options to finance your investment. Call to action: Download the document Yes - Go to 5 No - Go to Investment Profile Options Path 4.1 How do Massey Ferguson tractors compare to the competition. AGCO compare web page - http://agcocompare.agcocorp.com/public/index.cfm?productTypeID =302c6613-8bd9-4b97-ab98-59f4948e1a18 2 weeks Options This drip follows a subject matter expert as he demonstrates how Massey Ferguson tractors are superior. Call to action: Link to the comparison page. Yes - Go to 5.1 No - Go to Practical Advice Options Path 5 CVT extends predictable performance for the long- term http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgtIKMAjvFI 2 weeks Objections This drip demonstrates how not all CVTs are created equal and that Massey Ferguson is the best and most "logical choice." Call to action: Link to article. Yes - Go to 6 No - Go to Investment Profile Objections Path 5.1 Real farming equipment for real farming challenges Product comparison infographic 2 weeks Objections This drip combats the perception that Massey Ferguson tractors are not for real farming. Call to action: Download the infographic Yes - Go to 6.1 No - Go to Practical Advice Objections Path 6 Day-to-day farming solutions in practice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJXZJvEFzks 2 weeks Validation This drip validates a prospect decision to go with Massey Ferguson Call to action: Download the profile/testimonial Yes - Lead Hand off No - Go to Investment Profile Validation Path 6.1 Day-to-day farming solutions in practice Massey Ferguson Across America customer profile - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ukGmeZHtc0&feature=relmfu 2 weeks Validation This drip validates a prospect decision to go with Massey Ferguson by walking through many of the tractor features with two land owners. Call to action: Download the profile/testimonial Yes - Lead Hand off No - Go to Practical Advice Profile Validation Path Investing for long-term stability and growth in the face of change 1 N/A Status Quo
  22. 22. Methodology in Action – Scoring & Grading -10 5 20 35 45 50 Inactivity Click Registration Download Phone Call Webinar B Good fit for target profile D Does not fit target profile
  23. 23. Challenges An inefficient process for qualifying and prioritizing leads High rejection rates from sales for the leads qualified Lack of process to stay in touch with prospects not yet ready to make a purchase Spending more on traditional marcom (demand generation) tactics no longer generated more qualified leads Turning Early Stage Leads into Sales
  24. 24. Science + Art = Integrated Lead Nurturing Strategy Solution Implemented an integrated lead nurturing strategy that segments and engages leads with relevant communications and content as they progress through the buying cycle. Activities: • Established a team of educational specialist that sit in marketing (not sales) • Used data insight to profile responses for segmentation and priority ranking • Developed robust value streams based on what we know about the prospect • Created a variety of content in cutting edge formats • Used automation to efficiently deliver the personalized content, score behavior and re-route or escalate as needed • Inserted a human touch when applicable
  25. 25. Doing More With Less Results Spending less on traditional demand generation activities Improved content submission to 48.93% Decreased rejection rates by 93% from sales on MQLs Actively nurturing more than125,000 responses We touch 100% of our responses and 20% become MQL
  26. 26. Q&AMichele Egan Director, Marketing Integration Catina Martinez Lead Nurturing Architect Jay Williams VP Digital Solutions
  27. 27. Additional Content 1. Certified Lead Hunter Certificate 2. On-Demand Webinar Recording 3. Presentation Slide Deck 4. Zombie Lead Infographic 5. eBook – 7 Reasons to Outsource Your Lead Management All content available at www.marketstar.com – participants will receive custom links to all additional content
  28. 28. Thank You! Welcome to the ranks of Zombie Lead Hunters! Remember to download the eBook at www.marketstar.com 7 Reasons to Outsource Your Lead Management