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Assemble the Right Team to Get the Most out of Marketing Automation

Is your marketing automation platform a tool for good or evil? Learn how the right team makes all the difference in your automated marketing efforts. This joint webcast with Marketo and MarketStar will explore the make-up of the team that can strategize, design, and execute your automated marketing campaigns, and turn your leads into clients.


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  • Our panelists…Jon MillerVP Marketing Content & Strategy Jon leads strategy and execution for all aspects of Marketo's thought leadership and content marketing programs. In addition to co-founding Marketo, he is the author of the comprehensive handbook, The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics. In 2010, the CMO Institute named Jon a Top 10 CMO for companies under $250 million revenue. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard College and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.Adam GunnMarketStar Marketing Director As MarketStar's Marketing Director, Adam plays a key role in making sure the MarketStar story is communicated dynamically and effectively. He has over 10 years of agency experience designing and illustrating award-winning sales and marketing collateral for both print and web. Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from Weber State University and is an avid Utah Jazz fan.   Katie BullingerSenior Architect Automation Specialist Katie is the main architect and manager of all marketing automation instances for MarketStar’s MarketPro team. She is the nuts-and-bolts builder of all programs and insures the cleansing of each clients’ data set. She also manages the creation and integration CRM instances into the platform. Katie holds a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from Weber State University where she competed on the volleyball team.
  • Today’s Agenda – what we hope to learn
  • Where did the idea for Marketo originate…what is the backstory of the Marketo Platform?
  • Where did the idea for Marketo originate…what is the backstory of the Marketo Platform?
  • Where did the idea for Marketo originate…what is the backstory of the Marketo Platform?
  • “Of course, for marketing automation content to create lovable marketing, you need to use it sensibly. Follow the same rules that you would follow for effective content marketing:  make your communications relevant and personal and avoid being overly promotional. Take advantage of the platform’s capabilities to send good marketing, don’t just automate bad marketing.  Clearly, marketing automation is doomed if it just used as a mindless email-blasting machine… but why would you do that?”“Based on all this, I cannot understand people (or vendors) who try to portray marketing automation as an evil way to send unwanted, irrelevant marketing.  They must either not understand marketing automation, or be using an inferior system that doesn’t have the capabilities.”Jon Miller – Marketo Blog - How to Create Marketing People Love with Marketing Automation (March 7, 2013)
  • Lack a strategy and methodology on who to reach and how to do itLimited understanding of the technology (installation, training and support)Bad content, wrong content, not enough content –is there a plan?No data up front, no application of metrics and analytics, lack of reportingFunnel management – same clumsy handoff of leads between marketing and sales
  • But here’s the big idea – this is one of the most important ideas in today’s webinar: Your MA strategy is not an all or nothing proposition. In reality, there is a maturity curve as companies go from no marketing automation, to basic and then sophisticated use if MA.To explain this point, I’ll first introduce the four levels of maturity. The first level, represented by companies with no MA, is called “traditional marketing”. Characterized by: read…According to the Marketo Benchmark for Revenue Performance, 18% of the companies we looked at were in this category.The next level is BASIC demand generation. This is where a companies starts to use marketing automation, but in only the most basic ways, without taking advantage of the more sophisticated capabilities like lead scoring, lead nurturing, and ROI analytics. 43% of our responders were in this category.The integrated pipeline stage represents more sophisticated use of marketing automation, including behavioral segmentation, real-time targeting capabilities, nurturing and scoring. These companies are creating more integrated sales and marketing processes that are ultimately about a more efficient revenue engine. Achieving this level is a good goal for many marketing automation users; 30% of the companies in our survey were at this level.Finally, we call the highest level revenue performance management. This is characterized by using marketing automation to transform their sales and marketing into a single revenue team that is aligned around continuous measurement and improvement to the revenue process, much like six-sigma was about continuous measurement and improvement to the manufacturing process. I believe Marketo is at this level in our own use of marketing automation, and personally I can attest to the benefits it brings… both to the company, but also to the marketer’s who help drive it, since it enhances their credibility and careers.
  • Gaining marketing automation maturity – moving from traditional marketing to revenue performance management
  • So what’s this all mean in terms of driving marketing automation success?With limited investment in your marketing automation strategy, you can usually move from “traditional marketing” to at least the second or maybe third level of maturity. And this is pretty good – in our research, companies who move from the first to second level, sales reps spent 15% more time on selling activities and were able to generate 32% better revenue plan attainment. So that’s pretty good, and to me that’s a sign that just getting started can deliver nice ROI quickly, even if you don’t have the strategy perfectly worked out.But at the same time, our research shows that the more you invest, the higher you move up the curve, and the better your return on investment. At RPM companies, sales reps spent 52% more time on selling activities, and a whopping 80% better revenue plan attainment. It’s not easy to achieve this level of maturity – in fact only 9% of companies in our study were at this level. But the ROI benefit of getting there is truly amazing.The key is to “think big, start small, and move quickly”. In other words, the best results usually come from getting started with a basic strategy, and then incrementally investing over time to move up the curve.So, what do you need to do? It comes down to three main areas: strategy and process, content and lead generation, and people. Let’s talk about each.
  • Marketing Automation has transformed marketing. It has changed how marketers work and is rendering email service providers obsolete.Many marketers don’t have the resources so they will rely on agencies to provide a fully managed service.
  • Your team needs to have real expertise – a strategy and a methodology that is tested and demonstrates results. A team that has the skill and know-how to execute.This team is a professional services group that knows how to build a strategy, implement the program and execute from prospect to close.Many of you have the technology, but let us do the rest.
  • Your lead evangelist and an alliance builder – equal parts marketing, sales and information technology, and must be able to navigate the processes and personalities in all three areas and provide a gap analysistechnology roadmap and integrationmarketing message and contentsales cycle and funnel nomenclatureThe business visionary that manages expectations and creates the measurement plan – defines what success looks like Understands current sales and marketing process and the integration points to integrate the methodology into every facet of the program Aligns message with buyer personas, and maps content to each stage of the buyer journey Refines the programs and campaigns based on actual data
  • This is the creative team – not just one person, but team of talented people who know how to build content that people loveWriter/editor – able to write for multiple assets (personal email, ebook content, social media, multimedia production)Designer – build creaative assets that harmonize with brand guidelines and are effective at communicating the right message (infographics, ebooks, multimedia, video)Developer – html elements that support the creative but also work in multiple environments (email, landing pages, mobile, application) Create content that aligns with the methodology and moves leads along the buying journey Build content that is more than just creative - assets that are persuasive, relevant and resonates with the right lead at the right time in their decision cycle Ability to take existing content and adapt it into a productive portion of the campaign
  • Is a certified expert in the tool and has ability to fuse the CRM and Marketing Automation systems - ensures the tools are utilized most effectively Connects sales and marketing data to provide the Data Analysis with closed-loop analytics Has strong ties to IT and business intelligence, acting as the support arm of the campaign and the tool Implements the methodology by implementing segmentation, manages the grading and scoring systems and ultimately programs and executes the value streams Manage multiple complex campaigns and programs – constantly improving best practices through dynamic asset prioritization and closing gaps in the methodology Maximizes deliverability of each stage of nurturing, providing guidance on content evolution and campaign direction
  • Provides the data that empowers the methodology - organize and report on collected campaign metrics, CRM data and analytics Strong tie to business intelligence, has the ability to create appropriate modeling and predictive analytics Looks at every result of every drip and determines what is and is not working Evaluates results from A-B / multi-variate testing, makes recommendations on what to do next and has the data to back up the decisions Creates the revenue attribution model – identifying where the deal originated and accelerated Creates and populates the formula that shows ROI
  • This is the true melding of sales and marketing into a single revenue team, closes the gap in the lead hand-off between marketing and sales Has a deep understanding of the marketing content and extends the conversation started by nurturing, transitioning nurtured leads into active sales conversations Oversees the lead transition from MQL to SAL to SQL and reports on the progress of each stage (manages and ensures bi-directional lead flow by dispositioning a lead to qualification or re-marketing and/or reengagement) Provides the personal touch and builds real relationships with leads as they progress through the buyer journey Closes the loop in the methodology and provides the ultimate ROI validation for the program – active sales conversations and closed deals
  • Your team needs to have real expertise – a strategy and a methodology that is tested and demonstrates results. A team that has the skill and know-how to execute.This team is a professional services group that knows how to build a strategy, implement the program and execute from prospect to close.Many of you have the technology, but let us do the rest.
  • To evolve from traditional marketing to RPM, you need a complete solution (tool, methodology, people)Identify the gaps in your marketing automation practice, form an action plan to fill themAn agency can fill those gaps – you have to know what to look for in a group
  • Marketo will provide the “Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation” to all participantsLet MarketStar’s Guardians evaluate your automated marketing activities (Our Executive will look at your strategy, our Automation Specialist will evaluate your systems, our Data Analyst will evaluate your past data, our Content Team will give you a content audit, a Smarketer will look at your pipeline and prospects from past campaigns – limited offer, act now)
  • Thank You – Goodbye!
  • Guardians of the Leads Webinar

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    2. 2. 2 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential Jon Miller VP Marketing Content & Strategy Co-Founder - Marketo Adam Gunn Marketing Director MarketStar Corp. Katie Bullinger Senior Architect/Automation Spec. MarketStar Corp. 2
    3. 3. 3 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  The benefits and challenges of marketing automation  Expertise an agency brings to your marketing automation practices  Identifying gaps in your marketing automation practice  How to evolve from traditional marketing to Revenue Performance Management 3
    4. 4. 4 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential MarketStar is a sales & revenue acceleration agency. We help our clients acquire new customers or better engage with the customers they already have. Retail Engage, train and motivate customers and store associates to drive brand loyalty, recommendation rates, and sales Maximizing loyalty and sales through active partner recruitment and engagement with key indirect channel relationships. Partner Direct Efficient and cost effective lead management and customer engagement to drive sales and improve the customer experience.  25 years of experience in Direct, Partner, and Retail engagements  $6 billion in annual client sales revenue  50+ clients and coverage in more than 60 countries  Qualifying 500,000 leads annually  5 million annual direct customer interactions 4
    5. 5. 5 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential “Help us increase our reach and lower our cost per engagement…” MarketPro MarketStar’s MarketPro Team was created to help our clients adopt, implement, and manage marketing automation tools and best practices to increase reach and drive additional revenue through digital engagement. 5
    6. 6. 6 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  Customers don’t want to be interrupted and are more empowered than ever  End of mass channels (consumers expect personalized conversations)  Marketing can’t get away with not being accountable  Marketing technology too hard to buy and too hard to use
    7. 7. 7  Streamline the marketer’s world  Measure and prove marketing ROI  Increase revenue by optimizing the funnel  Simplify and automate repeatable processes  Single platform It’s supposed to make your job easier. © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential7
    8. 8. 8 Gaining Success with Marketing Automation – It’s More than Technology © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential8
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    10. 10. 10 “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” - Bill Gates – Founder, Microsoft © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential10
    11. 11. 11 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential11
    12. 12. 12 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  Have a platform, don’t know how to implement  Don’t have the team to implement  Not dedicated and disciplined in using their methodologies  Not enough patience to reap results 12
    13. 13. 13 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential • Low targeting • Immature sales and marketing alignment • Limited marketing ROI measurement Traditional Marketing Demand Generation Integrated Pipeline Revenue Performance Management 18% 43% 30% 9% • Manual campaigns • Basic lead management • sales and Marketing remain in silos • Operational marketing metrics only • More sophisticated segmentation • Lead nurturing and scoring • Integrated marketing and sales processes • ROI and revenue impact measurement • Coordinated, optimized, multi- channel campaigns • Single revenue team (Marketing and Sales) • Sophisticated lead management across the revenue cycle • Disciplined multi- touch ROI measurement 13
    14. 14. 14 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential Platform Optimization Strategy & Methodology The Right Team Traditional Marketing Demand Generation Integrated Pipeline Revenue Performance Management More Effort, Great ROI Some Effort, Good ROI 14
    15. 15. 15 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential Source: Marketo Benchmark on revenue Performance as of Sept. 15, 2012 (N=489) Target revenue plan achieved: Last 12 months 15
    16. 16. 16 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential 42% of best-in-class companies utilize a consultant or third-party independent service provider to manage their lead nurturing tactics – Aberdeen  Marketers are looking for external support  Technology installation, training, and support  Expertise in relationship marketing, integrated campaigns, analytics, and reporting  Content planning, creation, and management  Identify breaks between multiple siloes – IT/Marketing/Sales  Fill the talent gap –between skills needed and education/training available  Find an agency that offers marketing automation professional services 16
    17. 17. 17 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential
    18. 18. 18 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  Evangelist and alliance builder  Manages expectations, defines success  Integrates the methodology  Aligns messaging, personas, content  Refines program through data 18
    19. 19. 19 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  Writer/Editor – Designer – Developer  Builds effective content - not just creative content  Aligns content with the methodology  Creates persuasive, relevant messaging  Works with existing content 19
    20. 20. 20 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  Expert in the tool  Connects sales and marketing data  Acts as support arm of the campaign  Implements the methodology  Constantly improving best practices  Maximizes deliverability 20
    21. 21. 21 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  Empowers the methodology through data  Tied to business intelligence  Looks at every result  Conducts A-B/multi-variate testing  Designs revenue attribution modeling  Creates the ROI calculator
    22. 22. 22 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  Manages lead hand-off between marketing/sales  Extends the conversation  Guides lead dispositioning  Builds real relationships  Closes the loop in the methodology  ROI validation 22
    23. 23. 23 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential
    24. 24. 24 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential  To evolve from traditional marketing to RPM, you need a complete solution (tool, methodology, people)  Identify the gaps in your marketing automation practice, form an action plan to fill them  An agency can fill those gaps – you have to know what to look for in a group 24
    25. 25. 25 1. Your copy of “The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation” 2. On-Demand Webinar Recording 3. Presentation Slide Deck Participants can receive a full Marketing Automation Program Evaluation by MarketStar’s own Guardians! Contact: Joel Rackham email: Phone: 801.786.5020 © 2013 MarketStar Corporation – Confidential Participants will receive an email with a link to all additional content at 25
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