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Opportunities in mobile marketing & advertising 2008 2009
Opportunities in mobile marketing & advertising 2008 2009
Opportunities in mobile marketing & advertising 2008 2009
Opportunities in mobile marketing & advertising 2008 2009
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Opportunities in mobile marketing & advertising 2008 2009


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Get more info on this report!Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2008-2009November 25, 2008Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2008-2009 provides acomprehensive overview of the burgeoning U.S. and global mobile marketing business,including analysis of industry structure, financial models, the competitive landscape,emerging trends, policy issues, and insights into the latest transmission and displaytechnologies.As smartphones and other handheld devices proliferate, mobile marketing is rapidlyemerging as the next great frontier for advertisers in the highly competitive mediamarket. This report examines in detail topics such as potential market size,opportunities for development in both the U.S. and globally, audience appetite andrevenue models.In addition, the report provides profiles of wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T,Sprint, T-Mobile and virtual providers, as well as content creators and aggregators,including publishers, advertisers, marketers and agencies, and offers an analysis of therelationship between the sectors.Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2008-2009 presents an objectivesummary of competitive considerations surrounding the new medium, such as the roleof advertisers, location- and technology-based issues, and first-mover advantages anddisadvantages. The report also delves into emerging trends, including the use of videophones for marketing, and how social networks fit into the mix, and examines theregulatory issues surrounding the mobile marketing initiatives.Simba takes a measured approach to developing its market size and forecast figures,and presents its findings in a no-nonsense fashion. Our clients can count on theobjectivity and accuracy of our numbers and analysis—whether they’re preparing astrategic presentation, benchmarking their company’s performance against that of theircompetitors, or seeking out an acquisition, a new partnership or an alliance.Whether you’re an advertiser, a marketer, an ad agency, a media buyer, a technologyor wireless service provider, or work on the policy issues involving mobile marketing, ifyou have a stake in this emerging arena, can you afford to make decisions withoutaccess to the same market intelligence that your competitors are using? Give yourself a
  • 2. leg-up by ordering your copy of Opportunities in Mobile Marketing & Advertising2008-2009 today.TABLE OF CONTENTSMethodologyExecutive SummaryChapter 1: Overview of the Mobile Marketing Business Introduction Mobile Advertising Where the Mobile Ads Go Enabling a Critical Mass Potential Market Size Background of Mobile Marketing Services Audience Demographics Where Ads Are Going Now Table 1.1: U.S. Mobile Phone Market Share Table 1.2: Interest in Mobile Marketing Among U.S. Mobile Phone Users Table 1.3: U.S. Online Video Advertising Viewers Table 1.4: Global Mobile Advertising Spending by Format Table 1.5: Interest Among U.S. Teen Mobile Phone Users in Receiving Mobile Advertising in Exchange for Incentives Table 1.6: Top Mobile Web Destinations by Ad Impressions ServedChapter 2: U.S. Industry Structure Introduction Wireless Carriers Carriers Role vis-à-vis Advertising Competitive Environment Carrier Outlook Content Creators and Aggregators Developers and Ad Agencies On-Deck vs. Off-Deck Content Handset Equipment Suppliers Ad Networks The Role of Mobile Advertising Mobile Performance Outlook for Mobile Industry Structure Table 2.1: Mobile Ad Networks and Their Benefits Table 2.2: Mobile Advertising’s Effect on Consumers’ View of Brands
  • 3. Chapter 3: Technology and Implementation Introduction Marketing Formats Transmission Technologies WAP: Wireless Application Protocol Third Generation (3G) Operating Systems Text Messaging and SMS Codes SMS Outlook Click-Through Rates Future Technologies QR and Other Scanning TechnologiesChapter 4: Growth of Products and Services Mobile Marketing for Diverse Products: Growth Search and Location-Based Services Search via Mobile Platforms Location-Based Services Pioneering Location-Based Services Geographic Positioning System (GPS) and Mobile Commerce Table 4.1: SMS Advertising Audience and Response Rates, Select European Nations Table 4.2: Global Location-Based Service Users, 2008-2012PChapter 5: Usage Patterns, Measurement & Analytics Usage Patterns Tween Usage Steady Choices Measurement and Analytics Young Users’ View of Mobile Marketing Table 5.1: Mobile Content Usage Table 5.2: Reliance on Mobile Devices, 2002-2007 Table 5.3: Mobile Data and Communications Activities Table 5.4: Mobile Web Usage by Age Table 5.5: Use of Mobile Data Services Table 5.6: Mobile Analytics Vendors Table 5.7: Mobile Ad Recall by Age Segment, Q2 2008Chapter 6: Social Media and User-Generated Content Introduction Social Networks Carrier Opportunity: Buying In (European Examples) Bringing Ads to Mobile UGC Table 6.1: Comparative Estimates, Mobile UGC Revenue
  • 4. Chapter 7: Policy Considerations Introduction Impact of FTC and Other Regulatory Restrictions Spectrum Usage Privacy and Security Future Developments Industry Response and Best PracticesChapter 8: Case Histories of Mobile Marketing Introduction Obama for President 2008: “Celling of the President” Nokia: A Manufacturer Supports Services Kinetic Mobile: A Focused Ad Agency Hyundai Motor America: Integrating Mobile Into Launch Campaign Table 8.1: Estimated Cost of Obama Text Messaging CampaignsChapter 9: More Examples of Mobile Marketing Projects and ExperimentsChapter 10: ConclusionsAvailable immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004