Cruises – US By Mintel International Group Ltd.


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Cruises – US By Mintel International Group Ltd.

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Cruises – US By Mintel International Group Ltd.

  1. 1. Cruises – US Mintel International Group Ltd. Report Highlight
  2. 2. About the Publisher Mintel Reports have been providing the world’s leading businesses with the insight and inspiration to create clever, targeted and successful marketing strategies for over 30 years. As an internationally recognised market analyst, Mintel produces some 600 Reports into European, US and UK-specific markets every year. Our series of Reports offers you a new understanding of all the major food and drink, consumer goods, retail, finance, leisure and travel markets. Mintel is also renowned for our research into changing consumer lifestyles and the implications for business. Each Report provides a unique overview of a market's dynamics and prospects, enabling you to devise effective business strategies for both the short-and long-term. While analysis of a market’s major players helps you track competitors or identify new entry points, innovative consumer research offers you the chance to tailor your services to consumer demand; a great way of boosting profits and growing your market share. Use Mintel Reports to find out what motivates or deters consumers from making purchase decisions, what they think about your business and discover how to best reach key target audiences.
  3. 3. US Cruises “The cruise industry is the fastest growing travel segment and is expected to continue its expansion through added capacity. However, global per passenger revenues have remained essentially flat from 2008-13, which begs the question of whether growth is sustainable, and how cruise lines will ensure that demand—and revenues—will keep up with the increasing supply.” – Fiona O’Donnell, Senior Lifestyles & Leisure Analyst This report looks at the following areas: Will demand keep up with increasing supply? How have recent safety issues impacted the industry? Do cruise lines need to provide a guarantee? Is a la carte pricing the answer to keeping fares low while boosting profits?
  4. 4. Excerpt from the Table of Contents MARKETING STRATEGIES Overview Direct marketing trends Loyalty mailings Acquisition Figure 27: Share of customer acquisition and loyalty direct mail, January 2012-July 2013 CONTEMPORARY Carnival Cruise Lines Boosts marketing budget Changes direction with “Moments that Matter” campaign Figure 28: Carnival Cruise Lines, “24 Hours Onboard” TV ad, September 2013 Contacting lapsed cruisers with discounted cruise deals Figure 29: Carnival Cruise Lines, loyalty direct mailing, July 2013 Other initiatives Royal Caribbean International Distances itself from negative publicity, builds anticipation for arrival of newest ship Figure 30: Royal Caribbean International, “Experience Quantum of the Seas” complete video ad, April 2013 Figure 31: Royal Caribbean International, “Introducing Quantum of the Seas” TV ad, April 2013 Encourages cruising by promising higher status Figure 32: Royal Caribbean International, loyalty direct mailing, July 2013 View Report
  5. 5. Title Date Air Fresheners - US - September 2013 September 01 2013 Apps and Applications - Ireland - July 2013 July 01 2013 Bread - Ireland - July 2013 July 01 2013 Digital Trends Autumn - US - September 2013 September 01 2013 E-Commerce - Europe - July 2013 July 01 2013 Foodservice - Ireland - July 2013 July 01 2013 Tablets - US - July 2013 July 01 2013 Hispanics and Personal Care - US - September 2013 September 01 2013 View More Reports from this Publisher
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