Independent Yellow Pages Publishers 2010: Forecast & Analysis


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Independent Yellow Pages Publishers 2010: Forecast & Analysis

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!Independent Yellow Pages Publishers 2010: Forecast & AnalysisJuly 19, 2010Independent Yellow Pages Publishers 2010: Forecast & Analysis is the premiersource for reliable insight to past, present and future trends shaping the independentyellow pages directory publishing market.Independent Yellow Pages Publishers is an inside look at the segment of the industrythat has gone from a 6.45% market share in 1996 to approaching a 30% share by 2010,with no let-up in sight.The report uncovers information affecting mergers & acquisitions, rates and trends, aswell as syndicated usage research, competitive business strategies, and revenue andmarket share projections shaping the marketplace.Independent Yellow Pages Publishers arms decision makers with an effectivesolution for benchmarking success, sizing up revenues, pinpointing what’s drivinginvestment activity, spotting growth opportunities and much more!Table of ContentsMethodologyExecutive SummaryChapter 1: Overview of the Independent Yellow Pages Market Introduction and Definitions What Is an Independent? A Brief History of the Independent Movement A Busy Time for the Independents and the Industry Total Advertising and Yellow Pages Advertising Usage Numbers Decline Slightly
  2. 2. Mergers and Acquisitions Remain Flat in 2008 Through Early 2010 The Expansion Slows: Start-Up Markets Litigation in the Yellow Pages Industry The Ticking Time Bomb Partially Defused Directory Recycling and the Waste Stream The History of the Environmental Movement Table 1.1: Statistical Summary of the Yellow Pages Industry, 2004-2009 Table 1.2: Revenue Growth in All U.S. Advertising Media, 2007-2010P Table 1.3: Yellow Pages’ Share of the U.S. Advertising, 2000-2010P Table 1.4: Yellow Pages References, 2006-2014P Table 1.5: Yellow Pages References, Top Headings, 2009 Table 1.6: Financial Size of Selected Yellow Pages Acquisitions, 2008-2010 Table 1.7: Financial Size of Selected Historical Yellow Pages Acquisitions, 1988- 2007 Table 1.8: Selected Start-Ups, 2007-2009 Table 1.9: Select Yellow Pages Industry Lawsuits, 1983-2007 Table 1.10: Nondurable Goods Generated in Municipal Waste Stream, 1990- 2008 Table 1.11: Nondurable Goods Discarded in Municipal Waste Stream, 1990-2008Chapter 2: Independent Publishers—The Ever-Strengthening Segment Introduction The Size of the Independent Yellow Pages Market Yellow Pages Advertising Rates RBOC Advertising Rates Independent Advertising Rates National Ad Revenue Employment Selling Costs and Printing Costs Table 2.1: Yellow Pages Growth Rates, 1995-2012P Table 2.2: Yellow Pages Revenue by Publisher Category, 1996-2012P Table 2.3: Yellow Pages Market Share by Type of Publishers, 1996-2012P Table 2.4: RBOC Yellow Pages Revenue, 2007-2010P Table 2.5: Leading Independent Publishers Revenue, 2008-2010P Table 2.6: DHC Rates, CPMs in 25 Top Directories by RBOC Publishers Table 2.7: DHC Rates, CPMs in 16 Select Independent Directories Table 2.8: National Advertising Revenue, Leading Independents, 2009E Table 2.9: Total Employees vs. Sales Staff, Leading Independents, 2009 Table 2.10: Revenue per Sales Rep, Leading Independents, 2009 Table 2.11: Revenue per Employee, Leading Independents, 2009 Table 2.12: Revenue per Book, Leading Independents, 2009 Table 2.13: Revenue per Title, Leading Independents, 2009
  3. 3. Table 2.14: Selling Costs, Leading Independents, 2009 Table 2.15: Printing Costs, Leading Independents, 2009Chapter 3: Competitive Markets and Consolidation Introduction Taking the National Route The Metro Markets A Look at the Top Three Publishers Yellowbook White Directory Publishers Valley Yellow Pages Table 3.1: Largest U.S. Yellow Pages Directory Publishers, 1999 Table 3.2: Largest U.S. Yellow Pages Directory Publishers, 2009 Table 3.3: Print, Internet Share of Yellow Pages Metro Markets, 2008-2011P Table 3.4: Simbas Top 20 Metro Markets, 2005-2009 Table 3.5: Yellowbook, Key Statistics 2009 Table 3.6: Yellow Book, Historical Highlights Table 3.7: Yellowbook’s Top 10 Directories 2009 Table 3.8: White Directory, Key Statistics 2009 Table 3.9: White Directory Publishers Historical Highlights Table 3.10: Valley Yellow Pages Key Statistics, 2009 Table 3.11: Valley Yellow Pages, Historical Highlights Table 3.12: Valleys Top 10 Directories 2009Chapter 4: Forecast and Conclusions Market Forecast Table 4.1: Yellow Pages Revenue Growth by Publisher Category, 1996-2012P Table 4.2: Yellow Pages Market Share by Type of Publisher, 1996-2012P Table 4.3: Market Share, Independent Publishers vs. Telco Publishers, 2009 Table 4.4: Market Share, Independent Publishers vs. Telco Publishers, 2012Chapter 5: Profiles of Leading Independent Publishers Ambassador Media Group Hagadone Directories Names and Numbers Ogden Directories Phone Directories Co. User-Friendly Phone Book Valley Yellow Pages White Directory Publishers
  4. 4. Yell GroupAvailable immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004