Glucose testing markets


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Glucose testing markets

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!Glucose Testing MarketsNovember 1, 2008This report takes a bold look into the world glucose testing, ten years from now. It is notan exercise in crystal ball gazing. Rather, in this report, Kalorama offers a calculatedlook into the future, based on events taking place in the present.The report offers a quantitative assessment of specific markets, worldwide, in USdollars for 2007 to 2012.With the reported growing epidemic of diabetes, worldwide, it is widely held that glucoseself testing and diabetes management are among the fastest growing areas in healthcare.compiled from various Kalorama reports including Kaloramas Glucose Testing, TheWorldwide Market for Diagnostic Tests, 6th Edition, and Diabetes and DiabeticComplications, 2nd edition, A comprehensive look at the world glucose monitoringmarket, this survey includes: Markets and Forecasts for POC Self-Testing By Region(U.S., Asia, Europe, Rest of World) World Market and Forecasted Market for Professional Glucose Testing Diabetes Epidemology for Major Countries Review of Innovative Glucose Monitoring Products Market Share Company Profiles Predictions on the Future of Glucose Monitoring Products.As with all Kalorama Information reports, this study is the result of exhaustive researchand interviews with experts in the diagnostic industry. Shara Rosen is the author ofKaloramas best-selling Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostic Testing, 6th Edition, aresource used by most major diagnostic companies in decision making and marketestimates.
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER ONE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Scope and Objectives Methodology of Investigation Limitations of the research A Word About Diabetes Markets Professional and POC Glucose Testing Glucose Self-TestingCHAPTER TWO: INTRODUCTION Background The Pathology of Diabetes and Its Complications Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Gestational Diabetes Epidemiology Diabetes in UK, U.S., Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and U.S.CHAPTER THREE: GLUCOSE MONITORING MARKETS Total Market Professional Glucose Testing Glucose Self-Testing Non-Invasive Products Innovative Glucose Monitoring ProductsCHAPTER FOUR: COMPANY PROFILES MAJOR COMPETITORS o Bayer Diabetes Care o Roche Diagnostics o Abbott Diagnostics o Lifescan Inc. COMPANIES TO WATCH o 77 Elektronika Kft. o AgaMatrix, Inc. o Agilent Technologies Inc. o Alere Medical Inc. o ARKRAY o BIOSAFE Medical Technologies, Inc. o Biosign Technologies Inc. o BodyTel Scientific Inc.
  3. 3. o DexCom, Inc. o Diabetech, LP o GlucoLight Corporation o GlucoStats System o GlucoTec, Inc. o HealthPia America o Heidelberger-Medical-Marketing GmbH (HMM GmbH) o HemoCue AB o Integrity Applications Ltd. o Luminous Medical, Inc. o Medtronic Inc. o A. Menarini Diagnostics o Menssana Research, Inc. o OrSense Ltd. o Oxonica Healthcare o Philips Medical Systems o Quadraspec o Quotient Diagnostics o RainDance Technologies, Inc. (RDT) o Roche DiagnosticsTABLE OF EXHIBITSCHAPTER ONE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Figure 1-1 World Market for Glucose Testing Table 1-1: Glucose Monitoring Self-Testing Sales 2007-2012 Figure 1-2: Glucose Monitoring Self-Testing Sales 2007-2012CHAPTER TWO: INTRODUCTION Table 2-1: Characteristics of Type I and Type II Diabetes Mellitus Table 2-2: Common Symptoms and Conditions of Diabetes Mellitus Table 2-4: Populations of Each of the Seven Major World Healthcare Markets by Age Group (0-14, 15-64, 65+ Years) 2006 Table 2-5: Prevalence Rates and Cases for Diabetes Mellitus by Type (Type I vs Type II) in Seven Major World Healthcare Markets 2006 Table 2-6: Prevalence of Diabetes in Seven Major World Healthcare Markets by Type (I vs II) 2004-2016 Figure 2-1: Trending in the Total Prevalence of Diabetes Cases and the General Population in the Seven Major World Healthcare Markets 2006 - 2016 Figure 2-2: Composition of the Diabetes Patient Population in the Seven Major World Healthcare Markets 2006-2016 Figure 2-3: Geographic Distribution of the Total Diabetes Patient Population: 2006 and 2016
  4. 4. Figure 2-4: Geographic Distribution of the Type 1 Diabetes Patient Population 2006 and 2016 Figure 2-5: Geographic Distribution of the Type 2 Diabetes Patient Population 2006 and 2016 Figure 2-6: Population Trends in Seven Major World Healthcare Markets: 2006- 2016CHAPTER THREE: GLUCOSE MONITORING MARKETS Table 3-1: Glucose Monitoring Self-Testing Sales by Region (US, Europe, Asia, ROW) Table 3-2: Glucose Monitoring Self-Testing (OTC) Sales by Region (US, Europe, Asia, ROW) Table 3-3: Estimated World Glucose Monitoring Sales by Company 2005-2007 Table 3-4: Selected Blood Glucose Test Devices Innovations, 2006-2007 Figure 3-5: Technology Market Penetration Forecast for New Device Users 2007 - 2020Available immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004