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Global STM Publishing 2008-2009


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  • 1. Get more info on this report!Global STM Publishing 2008-2009January 16, 2009In today’s global market, it’s more important than ever to understand the dynamics ofSTM publishing. Rely on Simba’s newest research tool -- Global STM Publishing 2008-2009 -- to build your growth plan for this year and beyond.Including: Simba’s exclusive analysis of market size and structure Perspective on which STM products and services customers want most Revenue and market share rankings of leading publishers Detailed profiles of 35 leading STM publishers worldwide Simba’s exclusive projections for market growth and much, much moreWhether your focus is books, journals, online content or newsletters, you can trustGlobal STM Publishing 2008-2009 to provide the inside intelligence you need toevaluate growth potential, understand trends affecting the industry, and size up thecompetition in the dynamic markets for STM content worldwide.Additional InformationStamford, Conn. - January 29, 2009 - Overall growth in scientific, technical andmedical (STM) publishing fell a point and a half to 3.8% in 2008 to approach $16 billionfor the English-language global market, according to Global STM Publishing 2008-2009,the newly released strategic market report from Simba Information.The transition from print to electronic publishing has given STM publishers two ways tofuel revenue growth and the market leaders have taken advantage. Traditional modelsremain viable while publishers generate new revenue from the demand for tools tosearch, index, link, cite and manage the vast amounts of electronic information nowavailable to researchers and clinical professionals.The Online Services/Abstract & Indexing segment grew fastest compared to the othercontent delivery segments in 2008. Online/A&I grew 6.1% to $2.97 billion in the STM
  • 2. market. Publishers touted the demand for workflow solutions and many haveaggressively reorganized their operations to meet it.Medical publishing grew at a compound annual growth rate of 4.1% between 2006 and2008, but growth dipped near the end of the period. Simba expects that medicalpublishing will continue to slow due to the severe economic slump and its impact onadvertising, a medical publishing revenue stream that had begun to weaken in 2007.The newly released Simba report provides an overview and financial outlook for theglobal STM publishing market based on specific research and analysis of the leadingcompetitors and market performance in six content delivery categories. This researchwas conducted in conjunction with a larger study of the overall market for professionalpublishing, the results of which are published in the associated reports Global Legal &Business Publishing 2008-2009 and Global Professional Publishing 2008-2009.The report also includes detailed profiles of leading STM publishers such as ReedElsevier, Thomson and Wolters Kluwer.TABLE OF CONTENTSMethodologyExecutive SummaryChapter 1: Scientific and Technical Publishing Introduction Market Size Journals Books Online/A&I Directories/Databases Newsletters/Looseleafs Other Leading Scientific/Technical Publishers Reed Elsevier Thomson Reuters John Wiley & Sons American Chemical Society Springer Science+Business Media IHS Holtzbrinck Pearson Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Informa McGraw-Hill
  • 3. Current Trends in Scientific/Technical Publishing Full-Text Resources in Demand Digitization Projects Spread Rapidly Across the Industry Library Cost Pressures Wait and See Web 2.0 Mergers & Acquisitions Table 1.1: Global Scientific & Technical Publishing Market by Media, 2006-2008E Table 1.2: Global Scientific & Technical Publishing, Media Market Share, 2007 Table 1.3: Leading Scientific & Technical Publishers, 2006-2008E Table 1.4: Median Expenditures, Association of Research Libraries, 1988-2007 Table 1.5: Key Merger & Acquisition Activity in Scientific and Technical Publishing, January 2007 - October 2008Chapter 2: Medical Publishing Introduction Market Size Journals Books Other Online/A&I Newsletters/Looseleafs Directories/Databases Leading Medical Publishers Reed Elsevier Wolters Kluwer Thomson Reuters Healthcare John Wiley & Sons Springer Science+Business Media CMPMedica Informa American Medical Association Massachusetts Medical Society British Medical Association Thieme McGraw-Hill Current Trends in Medical Publishing Pharmaceutical Advertising Wanes Advertising Model Less Attractive Effect of Consolidation Growth in Health IT Expected Fast Evolution in Mobile Medical, Workflow Solutions Mergers & Acquisitions in the Medical Publishing Market Table 2.1: Global Medical Publishing Market by Media, 2006-2008E Table 2.2: Global Medical Publishing, Media Market Share, 2007 Table 2.3: Leading Medical Publishers, 2006-2008E
  • 4. Table 2.4: Electronic Medical Products and Services Table 2.5: Key Medical Publishing M&A Activity, January - December 2007 Table 2.6: Key Medical Publishing M&A Activity, January - December 2008Chapter 3: University Press, Society and Association Publishing University Presses Segment Size Leading University Presses Oxford University Press Cambridge University Press Harvard Business School Publishing The University of Chicago Press Yale University Press The University of California Press MIT Press Columbia University Press Current Trends in University Press Publishing Increased International Expansion Online Initiatives Take the Forefront Society and Association Publishers Segment Size Leading Society/Association Presses American Chemical Society (ACS) The American Medical Association (AMA) The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Massachusetts Medical Society British Medical Association The American Psychological Association (APA) American Institute of Physics (AIP) Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing The Royal Society of Chemistry The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Current Trends in Society/Association Publishing Electronic Publishing on the Rise as Print Consolidates Partnerships to Ride the Rough Waves of the Economy Table 3.1: Leading University Press Publishers, Ranked by 2007 Revenue Table 3.2: Leading Society/Association Publishers, Ranked by 2007 Publishing RevenueCompany Profiles American Association for the Advancement of Science American Chemical Society American Institute of Physics American Medical Association American Psychological Association
  • 5. British Medical Association Cambridge University Press CMPMedica CSA/ProQuest EBSCO Publishing Epocrates Holtzbrinck IHS Informa Infotrieve IEEE Institute of Physics Publishing Institution of Engineering and Technology Massachusetts Medical Society McGraw-Hill MIT Press Oxford University Press Pearson plc Reed Elsevier Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing SAGE Publications Seitel Skyscape Springer Science+Business Media Thieme Thomson Reuters University of Chicago Press WebMD Health John Wiley & Sons Wolters KluwerAvailable immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004