Pet Accessories Market Report - UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research


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Pet Accessories Market Report - UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research

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Pet Accessories Market Report - UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research

  1. 1. Pet Accessories Market Report - UK 2013-2017 Analysis AMA Research Report Highlight
  2. 2. The pet accessories market is a highly and competitive fragmented market worth over £750min 2012. Performance of the market is influenced by pet ownership levels, types of pet, demand for more convenient products and the humanisation of pets. Pet accessories have generally been considered a resilient market to economic downturns, but market growth has been restricted in the current economic climate. Areas of particular interest: Analysis of market performance during 2011-2013 – pet owners’ unwillingness to compromise on their pets helps to underpin market. Analysis by type of pet – estimated shares held by the different pet types. Product group analysis – market size and forecasts 2007-2017, product mixes, mix by type of pets, market influences and trends. Review of key suppliers – shares of major players. Review of key distribution channels – continued expansion of Pets at Home, growth of grocery multiples and the Internet. Forecasts of market performance to 2017 – prospects and market drivers. Companies included: Alex Griffiths Cosipet,Ancol Pet Products, Aqua Pacific (UK), Aquatics, Argos, Armitages Pet Products, Bayer (UK), Beaphar, Bestpets, Bloodworths, Bob Martin UK, Boots, Cagex Accessories, Clas Ohlson, Company of Animals, Countrywide Farmers, Creature Comforts, Danish Design Pet Products, Dobbies, Epro Wholesale, Ferplast (UK), Garden & Leisure Group, Hagen, Happy Pet Products, Hi-Craft, Homebase, Interpet, Johnson’s Veterinary Products, Just for Pets, Juwel Aquarium (UK), Leonard F. Jollye, Lloyds Pharmacy, Maidenhead Aquatics, Mars Petcare, Merial Animal Health, Milpets, Mines for Pets, Pampurred Pets, Pedigree Wholesale, Pet Brands, Petlife International, Pets at Home, Pets Corner, PetSafe, Pettex, R Plevin & Sons, Reef One, Rolf C Hagen, Rosewood Pet Products, Savic, Scruffs, Seapets, Sharples ‘n’ Grant, Stax Trade Centres, Tetra (UK), The Garden Centre Group, The Pet Warehouse Co, The Range, Tolsa (UK), Trago Mill, Vital Pet Products, Webbs Garden Centre
  3. 3. PRODUCTS Review of product groups - toys; care products; housing, bedding & feeding equipment; and collars, leads & utility products. Estimated shares of main product groups within pet accessories market. Product group analysis – definition, product mix and market sizes 2007-2012, with forecasts to 2017, mix by type of pets. Product sectors – market sector size sizes - Dog & cat toys & tank accessories; care products including maintenance, worm/flea treatments, types of cat litter, health supplements and grooming; bedding, cages, aquariums/terrariums, hutches, feeding; leads, collars and other products etc. Review of products within market - recent trends, future prospects and factors affecting sector. SUPPLIERS AND DISTRIBUTION Profiles of leading manufacturers of pet accessories – fragmented structure, market shares of leading players, company structure, product profiles and turnovers. Supplier shares for bedding & baskets, cat litter and aquariums & other terrariums. Review of distribution – estimated channel shares including pet superstores, independent pet stores, grocery multiples and mail order/catalogue/Internet. Review of leading distributors – profiles of key distributors including company structure, product profiles and turnovers. FUTURE PROSPECTS Forecast of market development in the short, medium and long term. Positive and negative factors affecting market growth – humanisation of pets, pet ownership levels, disposable income levels, product innovation, environmental issues. Outlook for the pet accessories market in 2013/14 and through to 2017.
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