Latin America - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Forecasts


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Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Latin America - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Forecasts” research report to their offering. See more at -

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Latin America - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Forecasts

  1. 1. Category : Telecom All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. Introduction to Report  Launch Date: May 8, 2014  Number of Pages: 56  Geography Coverage: Latin America  Available Format: PDF Price For Single User License: USD 1,100 Price For Site User License: USD 2,200 Price For Global User License: USD 3,300 Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days)
  3. 3. About the Report This report is essential reading for those needing high- level strategic information and objective analysis on the telecom sector in the Latin American and Caribbean region. This report includes scenario-based forecasting for the fixed-line, mobile and broadband markets in the major Latin American countries. Scenario forecasting presents us with an opportunity to address the market variables and their likely impact on future growth. Essentially, our scenario forecasts provide bands between higher and lower limits within which growth is expected to occur.
  4. 4. Research Findings The 2014 economic outlook for LAC is uninspiring, with GDP forecast to grow by only 2.5%, well behind the projected world average of 3.6%. Although 2015 is expected to be a more favourable year for the region, GDP growth will still be almost one percentage point behind the global average: 3.0% as opposed to the world’s 3.9%. The region’s best performers in 2014/2015 will be Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Colombia, where GDP growth is expected to top 4.5%. Panama outshines every other country in the region, with 7.2% growth forecast for 2014 and 6.9% for 2015. With an investment of US$600 million, Colombia’s National Fibre Optic Project aims to deploy over 15,000km of fibre cable.
  5. 5. Research Findings Continues… Perus national broadband plan aims to provide internet connectivity via a fibre-optic backbone to the more remote regions; it could boost broadband penetration from 4% in 2011 to 9% in 2016. Several submarine fibre optic networks are expected to become ready for service later in 2014, including ACSea, the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS), and Seabras-1. Five satellites are scheduled for launch in the second half of 2014: Brazil’s Star One C4 and Star One C5, and Mexico’s SatMex 7, MexSat 1 (MexSat Centenario), and MexSat 2. Uruguay’s Antel’s has rolled out an FttP network covering more than 720,000 households, of which around 275,000 were connected in March 2014. The operator expects to cover all towns with over 3,500 inhabitants by 2015.
  6. 6. Research Findings Continues… Telecom Italia has agreed to sell its 22.7% holding in Telecom Argentina to the investment firm Fintech Group. The sale was part of Telecom Italia’s general strategy to raise €4 billion in a bid to revive its business and avoid a credit downgrade. Smartphone penetration across the region is escalating; it was an estimated 20% at end-2013, and it is forecast to reach 44% by 2017. Thanks to the increasing availability of lower cost models, smartphones are becoming more accessible to middle and lower income groups.
  7. 7. Investment opportunities The LAC region includes a number of emerging markets that offer attractive investment opportunities. Conditions vary substantially from country to country. Most governments follow pro-business, pro-growth policies, but a few are less supportive of private enterprise. The most promising telecom markets for prospective investors are mobile telephony, fixed and mobile broadband, and pay TV. Also, several countries are developing ambitious national broadband projects, which require substantial investment. Brazil, LAC’s largest market, is the region’s most popular investment destination. Its telecom regulatory environment is one of the most favourable in Latin America for investors. The provision of telecom services is simply linked to acquiring an authorisation from the regulator.
  8. 8. Report Coverage 1. National Comparisons 2. Argentina 3. Bolivia 4. Brazil 5. Chile 6. Colombia 7. Dominican Republic 8. Ecuador 9. Jamaica 10. Mexico 11. Panama 12. Paraguay 13. Peru 14. Puerto Rico 15. Uruguay 16. Venezuela For more details regarding Report coverage see the last slide All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
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