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Global Mobile Communications - Statistics, Trends and Regional Insights

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Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Global Mobile Communications - Statistics, Trends and Regional Insights” research report to their offering. more information visit: …

Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Global Mobile Communications - Statistics, Trends and Regional Insights” research report to their offering. more information visit: http://mrr.cm/Z4D

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  • 1. www.MarketResearchReports.com Category : Telecom All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  • 2. www.MarketResearchReports.com Introduction to Report  Launch Date: March 3, 2014  Number of Pages: 144  Geography Coverage: Global  Available Format: PDF Price For Single User License: USD 1,100 Price For Site License: USD 2,200 Price For Global User License: USD 3,300 Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days)
  • 3. www.MarketResearchReports.com About the Report This annual report offers a wealth of information on the global mobile sector and is a valuable resource of insights, examples, statistics and trends. The report provides valuable information on the global mobile communications industry including key industry statistics at a global and regional level; insights into the activities of the operators and identification of trends and opportunities. It also includes a global overview of handset, smartphone, touchscreen tablets and wearable technology. It provides insights into the BRIC markets and a case study on the emerging market of Myanmar. It contains unique insights into regional developments written by Publisher’s Senior Analysts.
  • 4. www.MarketResearchReports.com Research Findings The ongoing development of wireless services offers the telecoms industry the largest ray of hope for growth in 2014. We already see interesting developments occurring as a result of the OTT players. For example both mobile VoIP apps and mobile Instant Messaging (IM) are OTT services representing a potential threat to mobile operators’ call revenues. It is expected that in the next couple of years; the mobile operators will lose billions in lost revenue to these new messaging services. Brazil, Russia, India and China have long been recognized as key markets for opportunities for telecoms – due partially to their large populations and increased globalization. In 2014 the industry is again focusing heavily on the BRIC markets.
  • 5. www.MarketResearchReports.com Research Findings Continues.. The smartphone is doing what the internet did in the 1960s, and the WWW in the 90s. It creates an open infrastructure, a platform that can be used by others to create new economic growth, better services, innovations, and in general increase the productivity that is needed to support the lifestyle people have become accustomed to. Wearable technology is expected to be the next large growth area for consumer electronics with smart watches, fitness trackers, augmented reality glasses and remote home monitoring devices all emerging from this new sector. A number of carriers are exploring the option of selling or leasing out their mobile towers in an attempt to monetize these assets. Telecom Italia and AT&T are two such carriers exploring this option, with AT&T leasing over 9,000 towers to Crown Castle and Telecom Italia expected to sell-off towers in Brazil and Italy during 2014.
  • 6. www.MarketResearchReports.com Research Findings Continues.. In 2014 over 1.2 billion smart phones are expected to be shipped worldwide. Overall mobile penetration in Asia had reached almost 90% coming into 2014. The US mobile sector has shown considerable growth in recent years, with penetration reaching about 117% by early 2014. More than 95% of all telephone lines in the African continent are on mobile networks. Data in this report is the latest available at the time of preparation and may not be for the current year
  • 7. www.MarketResearchReports.com Report Coverage 1. Global Mobile Market – Trends and Statistics 2. Smartphones and Handsets Trends and Statistics 3. Messaging Trends and Statistics 4. Customer Experience and Tariffs 5. Case Study – International Interest in Myanmar 6. Regional Overviews For more details regarding Report coverage see the last slide All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  • 8. www.MarketResearchReports.com Custom Research:  Are you an industry professional, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, investors and organization, then let us know your specific research requirements. Our goal is to cater to your requirements be it for a custom market research project, syndicated research report on a specific market or industry sector, newsletter creation, case study development or anything else related to marketing research. For Any Customization Related query Visit IdeaCenter @ http://www.marketresearchreports.com/idea-center
  • 9. www.MarketResearchReports.com How To Buy This Report? Visit following URL to see Table of Content and purchase this publication: http://www.marketresearchreports.com/paul-budde- communication-pty-ltd/global-mobile-communications- statistics-trends-and-regional About Market Research Reports, Inc. Market Research Reports provides a customized set of reports from reputed Publishers, built on the intelligence available within organizations and leverages on our motto of “Intelligence Redefined”. Contact : Amitava Sen Email : info@marketresearchreports.com Phone: +1 302-703-7787 (USA) +91-8762746600 (India)