Costa Rica: Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media


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Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Costa Rica - Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media” research report to their offering. For more Information visit:

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Costa Rica: Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media

  1. 1. Category : Telecom All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. Introduction to Report  Launch Date: December 17, 2013  Number of Pages: 38  Geography Coverage: Costa Rica  Available Format: PDF Price For Single User License: USD 410 Price For Site License: USD 820 Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days)
  3. 3. About the Report The Costa Rica - Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media report includes all BuddeComm research data and analysis on this country. Covering trends and developments in telecommunications, mobile, internet, broadband, infrastr ucture and regulation.
  4. 4. Research Findings Internet access is increasingly dominated by the mobile sector, which in early 2013 accounted for 67% of all internet accesses, compared to 37% a year earlier. Sutel has adopted the Long Run Incremental Costs (LRIC) model to calculate access and interconnection rates between operators. All network operators in Costa Rica must grant interconnection to other network operators on a non-discriminatory and transparent basis. The first companies to reach access/interconnection agreements with ICE, in 2010, were cable TV company Tigo, public telephone operator BBG Global AG, and three VoIP providers: Ticom, CallMyWay, and Intertel Worldwide. Tigo was finally able to launch its own cable modem service, becoming the operator to offer internet access in competition with the incumbent.
  5. 5. Research Findings Continues.. ICE’s prepaid service recycled the accounts of GSM customers that migrated to 3G, but even the number of lines has since proved insufficient. In late 2013 Fonatel received bids from telcos to deliver broadband and fixed telephony services to over 200,000 people. The projected is budgeted at $20 million. Voice tariffs were increased by 83% in late 2013, which has encouraged the rapid growth in VoIP services. ICE in 2013 launched a limited LTE service in late 2013 using the 2600MHz band. ICE finalised its acquisition of 100% of CableVision at the end of 2013, reinforcing its interest in the cable TV market. The telecom sector is showing steady growth, with revenue reaching C$510 billion in 2012.
  6. 6. Report Coverage 1. Executive summary 2. Key statistics 3. Telecommunications market 4. Regulatory environment 5. Fixed network operator in Costa Rica 6. Telecommunications infrastructure 7. Wholesale 8. Broadband market 9. Broadcasting 10.Mobile communications 11.Related reports For more details regarding Report coverage see the last slide All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  7. 7. Company Coverage 1. 2. 3. 4. Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) RASCA Tigo Cable Tica For more details regarding Report coverage see the last slide All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
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