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6 Reasons Integrated Direct Marketing Can Lead to a Bright Future for Your Company
6 Reasons Integrated Direct Marketing Can Lead to a Bright Future for Your Company
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6 Reasons Integrated Direct Marketing Can Lead to a Bright Future for Your Company


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  • 1. 6 Reasons Integrated Direct Marketing Can Lead To a Brighter Future for Your Company The economy has cast a dark shadow on the hopes and budgets of marketers everywhere… blah, blah, blah! This type of negativity seems to be everywhere these days. DON’T LISTEN TO IT! The economy IS NOT in control of your destiny as a successful marketer, YOU ARE! Your future and the future of your company falls upon YOU as marketer to discover an innovative and highly effective marketing strategy. It is your job… your mission even, to lead the nail-biting executives out of the darkness and into the LIGHT! Integrated Direct Marketing could be that LIGHT for your company. Below are 6 reasons Integrated Direct Marketing can lead to a brighter future for you and your company: 1. IT’S MULTI-CHANNEL By combining multiple marketing channels, you can deliver a more powerful and effective marketing campaign than you would by using any single channel exclusively. Integrated Direct Marketing uses a cross-media approach, that combines personalized direct mail, email, text messages and websites to support and enhance each of the other channels being utilized within the campaign. 2. IT’S PERSONALIZED An Integrated Direct Marketing Campaign is a unique, personalized marketing experience for the recipient. Each element is personalized with the recipient’s name and other relevant information. Images can also be personalized based on demographic information within the data. The direct mail, emails, websites and text messages all speak directly to the recipient creating a deeper and more personal marketing relationship. 3. IT’S TARGETED Gone are the days of “spray and pray” mass mailings. To be effective in today’s cluttered marketing landscape, you must be targeted. Integrated Direct Marketing allows
  • 2. for more relevant messages to be sent to highly targeted groups of recipients. Data can be segmented and analyzed to further determine the effectiveness of your messages and determine whether specific targets are worthy of future efforts. 4. IT’S PROVEN The information on various marketing methods can be overwhelming. If you google “Marketing” you get over 600 million results. But organizations like PODi (, who provide a comprehensive library of over 350 case studies, use real world results to prove that Integrated Direct Marketing is much more than just a passing fad. In many of these case studies, response rates above 20% and ROI of over tenfold are not uncommon. 5. IT’S MEASURABLE Whether or not a marketing campaign is successful hinges on the ability to accurately measure the results of the campaign. Without accurate measurement tools, you may as well just throw your marketing dollars in the garbage. With Integrated Direct Marketing, you can measure every element of the campaign from the moment the mail piece is delivered, all the way to a highly qualified lead being forwarded to your sales team’s inbox and everything in between. 6. IT’S AUTOMATED Once an Integrated Direct Marketing Campaign is launched, the entire lead-generation process in now automated. A response immediately triggers a notification message, either by email or text message, to the appropriate representative for follow up. The leads can be distributed based on qualification level, geography, demographics or other criteria. They can also be fed directly into a CRM program such as for a complete, seamless workflow between sales and marketing. To learn more about how Integrated Direct Marketing can help your business SHINE, visit to sign up for a demo of MarketPath's Integrated Direct Marketing Program. Are You Ready For A Brighter Future? Your P ATH to Superior Measurable Marketing Results 3 1 4 - 4 3 2 - 7 7 7 4 w w w . M a r k e t P a t h O n l i n e . c o m