Combining Your Online & Offline Marketing Efforts
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Combining Your Online & Offline Marketing Efforts

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Presentation for St. Louis Entrepreneurs Meetup Group on 3/24/11

Presentation for St. Louis Entrepreneurs Meetup Group on 3/24/11

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  • Onlinevs OfflineOld-school vs New SchoolDirect Mail vs EmailAdvertising vs SEMTelevision vsYoutubeRadio vs Podcast
  • InfoTrends - Marketers reported an average improvement of close to 50% for personalized multichannel campaigns over traditional campaigns. Omnicon Media - 62% of online campaigns are seeing an increase in return on investment when combined with offline marketing such as direct mail.Bottom line… marketing campaigns that combine 2 or more channels will generate more leads, see higher response rates, faster response times and larger order sizes than those that don’t.
  • Key conceptsExampleSteps to takeEmerging technology
  • Building a campaign with a specific marketing objective (leads, event, product launch, retail push, direct sales)Targeted audiencePutting your message in front of themRelevant offers & clear calls-to-action
  • Over 1/2 of consumers prefer to respondNearly 1/3 of consumers WILL ONLY respond onlineCombine by using offline to drive onlineStill include other response mechanisms
  • A landing page is a website designed specifically for capturing responses from a specific marketing outreachOnline Business Reply Card
  • Netfilx – TV CommercialGieco – Direct mailerDeVry – Riverfront Times Insert
  • No CLEAR offer or call-to-actionNo visual connectionDoesn’t collect dataCan’t measure traffic source
  • Small Business MonthlyOnly ad out of 100s with landing page
  • Generate LeadsPromote an EventLaunch a Product or ServiceDrive Retail Activity (Coupons)Online Sales
  • Soft Offer – Free T-Shirt, Special ReportHard Offer – 25% Off Your Next PurchaseRelevance is KEY, put your self in your audience’s seat
  • Focus on your primary channel firstCreate a postcard or email, make a tv commercial, etc.Then…
  • Carry that message over to your landing pageOther channels
  • Keep an eye on analyticsMake adjustments on the flyTally resultsRinse & repeat
  • Keep an eye on analyticsMake adjustments on the flyTally resultsRinse & repeat
  • A few strategies…Include Social Profiles on offline channels and link to on landing pagesDrive people to your facebook page, include an ad (iframe) as your front pageCreate landing pages for Social Media, be careful not to promote too much thoughGive people incentives to shareKeep in mind though… social media is more effective as a tool for networking and building relationships than promoting
  • ConnectEmailQuestions
  • Strategy session$500Website MakeoverEmail Newsletter Template


  • 1. Combining Your Online &
    Offline Marketing Efforts
  • 2. Marketing Services, Tools & Resources to Help Businesses GROW
  • 3. Traditional vs. Digital
  • 4. The reality is…
  • 5. What is Integrated Marketing?
    using both
    marketing to deliver a consistent
    message across multiple channels
  • 6. A few keys concepts…
  • 7. Marketing “Channels”
  • 8. Integrated Marketing is DIRECT
  • 9. Consumers PREFER to Respond Online
  • 10. Landing Pages are the HUB
  • 11. Landing Page Examples…
  • 12. Why not just drive them to your Website?
  • 13. Visual Consistency Between Channels Is Critical
  • 14. Direct Mail
  • 15. Print Advertising
  • 16. Print Advertising
  • 17. Email
  • 18. Television
  • 19. Billboards
  • 20. Determine Your Objective
  • 21. Create Your Offer
  • 22. Choose A Primary Channel
  • 23. Duplicate Your Message
  • 24. Launch Your Campaign
  • 25. Monitor & Measure
  • 26. Calculate ROI
  • 27. QR Codes: Integrating Offline with Mobile
  • 28. Integrating Social Media
  • 29. A Few Landing Page Tools
  • 30. Connect
  • 31. How Can We Help You?