7 Tips to Build Your Pipeline


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Presented at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2014

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  • Getting back to basics can work – the fundamentals are going to be key this year. Don’t forget to farm your area. There are professionally designed postcards already available for use in eEdge and if you have Pro or Suite, there are thousands. You can even target your ideal audience with a list purchased directly from your system using data such as: radius around an address or zip code, length of residence, income, age, gender and more. Great way to become known in a new neighborhood or target a specific type of buyer.
  • 7 Tips to Build Your Pipeline

    1. 1. Top 7 Tips to Build Your Pipeline Jack Markham Director of Online Strategies Market Leader, Inc. Twitter: @Markham18 Neither Keller Williams Realty, Inc. nor its affiliated companies warrant any product or services delivered under this program. All products and services are provided by Market Leader, Inc. 1
    2. 2. Agenda We will cover 7 effective tips for building your pipeline: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Taking advantage of the top search engines Providing consumers relevant content from your ‘store’ Experimenting with Craigslist Farming the FSBO section of Craigslist Diversifying your lead sources to attract different demographics Posting more than just listings on Social Media Using postcards to farm your area 2
    3. 3. Challenges for today’s agents Building, growing and managing a successful real estate business Generate leads Generating leads Engaging leads Continue relationship Engage leads Winning business Having fun Convert leads
    4. 4. Three secrets to growing your business
    5. 5. Establishing a solid business funnel Suspects or website visitors Leads Prospects or contacts Listings and buyers Transactions Income
    6. 6. Do your goals align with the rest of your business? 6
    7. 7. Understand today’s consumer • • • • • • • • • 9 out of 10 consumers start their search online Picture and details of homes = #1 driver for consumers Emphasis on neighborhood and school data Market conditions are important for buyers and sellers Sellers search for home values Short sale/foreclosure benefits and traps have become very popular 70% of consumers choose their agent based on the first person that can provide them relevant content Over 60% of those consumers make that choice in less than 1 day Many more choices for consumers to gather content – – – – – Search engines Craigslist 3rd party websites Company branded websites Agent websites
    8. 8. Diversify your lead sources
    9. 9. Targeted, centralized lead generation channels • Paid lead generation • Craigslist • SEO/blogging • Social media sites • Print marketing
    10. 10. Paid advertising Let someone else do the work
    11. 11. Dominate search engines homes for sale in anchorage ak
    12. 12. Drive to your site
    13. 13. Know the Craigslist changes & keep it interesting • • • • • • • • • • • Use your consumer focused website IDX Feed from Your MLS is the value proposition Must have an Attention Grabbing Headline Short and concise message Always link back to your website in front of relevant content! Instant gratification Trust in the eEdge value proposition lead capture tool Farm the FBSO section Post your listings during peak hours Wait 48 hours before reposting or removing Service oriented, not the sales approach
    14. 14. SEO/blogging for lead generation 14
    15. 15. Optimize your communities served
    16. 16. Social Media • • • • Networking opportunities Don’t just post listing or homes Provide relevant neighborhood content Utilize a value proposition call to action
    17. 17. Farm with postcards • Professionally designed postcards • Find your ideal client with targeted lists 17
    18. 18. Must move leads through the funnel Suspects or website visitors Leads Prospects or contacts Listings and buyers Transactions Income
    19. 19. Your #1 goal with EVERY NEW LEAD Consumer STOP THEIR SEARCH! 1 - Get them back to your website 2 – Eliminate other search engines 3 – Determine timeline and demographic Site System
    20. 20. Demonstrate your experience Provide relevant content • Neighborhood information • Market analysis • Foreclosure/short sale info • Recommended listings • Offer a free comparative market analysis • Offer a relocation package • Offer tips for 1st time homebuyers
    21. 21. 10 behavior triggers • Viewed home • Saved home • Set up listing alert – new or refined alert • • • • • • • Request more info on listing Zip code/neighborhood change Short sale/foreclosure home Condo’s/Townhomes –HOA Viewed Market Insider report Preapproval request Phone number
    22. 22. 4 strategies to guarantee lead engagement • Recommended listings – – – – • Most relevant content to online consumer 9 out of 10 consumers start their search online to view homes Drives the consumer BACK to your site Eliminates other search engines Market Insider/neighborhood data – Up to date neighborhood data – Value proposition to your business – Demonstrate expertise • Daily listing alerts – Consistent technology that drives your consumers back to your store – Opens windows of relevant content – Provides a reason for your prospects to contact you directly • Integrated Marketing Center – Integrated print and email campaigns to drive consumers back to your site – Relevant content based on different consumer demographics
    23. 23. 7 Day Plan of Attack for each NEW lead Your Game Plan: • Day One: Recommended Listings Top tip: Set reminders to check the status of your lead for 2 days after each step! • Day Three: Market Insider link • Day Five: Listing Alerts – Add listing alert or refine listing alert based on behavior • Day Seven: Add to your “Ten Days of Pain” Campaign – Also add to your Market Insider Newsletter
    24. 24. Top 7 Tips for Lead Gen 1. Take advantage of the top search engines • 2. Provide consumers relevant content from your ‘store’ • 3. Should focus on at least 3-4 lead sources to maximize your exposure Post more than just listings on Social Media • 7. Find the low hanging fruit here for listings Diversify your lead sources to attract different demographics • 6. A ton of changes but still a destination for consumers Farm the FSBO section of Craigslist • 5. Must stop the consumer search online Be prepared to experiment with Craigslist • 4. Google isn’t the only search engine consumers are using Be seen and known as the Neighborhood Expert Use postcards to farm your area • Target your niche 24
    25. 25. The Market Leader Booth