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Outsourced Data Analytics Services - Market Equations India

  1. 1. Market Equations Analytics I Consulting I Business Intelligence We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein
  2. 2. Introduction  Founded in 2006 and among the first analytics outsourcing firms in India.  Recipient of the prestigious Global Black Book of Outsourcing Award.  Services : Business Analytics, Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics and Supply Chain Analytics  Industry focus : Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Retail, E- Commerce, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical (commercial), Logistics, Travel and Hospitality  Team Qualifications : Industry Experts and professionals with PHD's, MBA's, CFA's, Mathematics, Science and Technology graduates from IVY League institutions in India and abroad  Team Composition : Subject Matter Expert (Industry), Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Database Architect  Technical Capabilities : Statistical and Mathematical tools: SAS, R, SPSS, MATLAB: Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL server, MS Access; Reporting Tools: MS Excel, VBA automation, PowerPoint; MIS & Dashboards
  3. 3. Not Just Support :: We are Part of You Predictive Models Data Mining • • Round The clock Delivery • Strict Quality Control Mechanisms • Clustering & Segmentation Prompt Client Communication Process-Oriented Work Environment Data Reporting
  4. 4. Global Footprint London California Germany Delhi Mumbai Bangalore: HQ Australia HQ KF rep office Tie ups/networks
  5. 5. Decision Making :: Information to Intelligence Reactive Decision Making STD. REPORTS What happened? Proactive Decision Making DESCRIPTIVE Why it happened? PREDICTIVE What will happen next? PRESCRIPTIVE Action for best outcome! INTELLIGENCE INSIGHT INFORMATION DEGREE OF INTELLIGENCE
  6. 6. Our Services MARKETING ANALYTICS RISK ANALYTICS SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYTICS  Campaign Analytics  Application Fraud  Demand Forecasting  Customer Segmentation  Bad Debt Scorecards  Inventory Management  Cross Sell / Up Sell  Collection & Recovery  Sourcing Optimization  RFM Analysis  Credit Scoring & Risk  Stock Replenishment  Customer Life Time Value  Risk Modeling  Location Optimization  Churn, Retention, Loyalty  Sensitivity/What-if  Capacity Utilization  Customer Satisfaction  Portfolio Valuation  Transportation Analytics  Market Mix Modeling  Foreclosure Analysis  Logistics Optimization  Channel Optimization  Risk based Pricing  Routing Optimization  Offer Optimization  Stress Testing Analysis  Budget Optimization Descriptive Analytics I Predictive Analytics I Prescriptive Analytics I MIS & Dashboards
  7. 7. Our Clients Geographies – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, South Africa, United Arab Emirates
  8. 8. Testimonials Supply Chain Analytics – Fashion E-Retailer "We have seen a substantial improvement in our supply chain operations which would not have been possible without your help and support. Our next step would be to discuss the next set of activities around our marketing efforts that require urgent action.“ Fashion E-Retailer - Director – Strategic Planning :: Read the Case Study Demand Forecasting & Order Management – Fashion Apparel E-Retailer "Excellent work guys! This month's DTC run is almost bang on target and we have already dispatched the order for fulfillment. Great work." Morphsuits , UK - Founder & CEO :: Read the Case Study Customer Churn Analysis – Telecom "There has been a positive change in our active portfolios. The scorecards 15 day implementation window surely helps. We have started activating our campaigns on targets based on the scorecard results." Telecommunications Company - Principal Consultant :: Read the Case Study Bad Debt Predictive Model – Auto Dealership & Financing "The dashboards are working perfectly fine. We are already seeing improvements in our customer portfolio and balance sheet. Thank you for being patient and the hard work." Sames Auto - Director - Auto Finance :: Read the Case Study Sales Data Analysis – Multi Brand Fashion Retailer "We now have a complete picture of varying KPI trends across customers, regions and SKUs. Thank you so much for the insights. We will let you know if we require any additional views." Managing Partner :: Read the Case Study
  9. 9. Key Executives Gaurav Bajpai I Head - Analytics With an MBA in finance from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and an engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Gaurav brings along years of rich consulting experiences in both national and international geographies. He has worked on many business critical assignments in Telecom, Retail, BFSI, E-Commerce, and Pharmaceuticals. Specialties: Churn Analytics, Forecasting, Predictive Modeling , Management Dashboards Abraham Thomas I Head - Sales & Marketing Abraham holds a degree in Economics and an MBA in Marketing from Xavier’s Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Bangalore. He has a decade of rich Sales and Marketing experience and has contributed immensely to the success of organizations in the Information Technology and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Industry. Specialties: Business Development, Marketing, Business Transformation, Pricing Strategy Hemant Kathuria I Head - Operations Hemant holds graduate & post graduate degrees from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has delivered many assignments for top notch pharmaceutical clients across US and Europe and is especially noted for his contributions in automation of complex analytics processes. He has also delivered many scorecards and models for collections & recovery processes in the BFSI domain. Specialties: Collection & Recovery Analytics, Predictive Modeling , Scorecards, Automation Expert
  10. 10. Analytics Solutions : Retail Banking Marketing Analytics           Campaign Analytics Customer Segmentation Cross Sell – Up sell Analysis Customer Life Time Value Analysis Customer Profitability Analysis Customer Churn Analytics Win Back Propensity Modeling Promotion Effectiveness Product Pricing Analytics Market Mix Modeling Risk Analytics      Credit Risk Analytics Approval & Risk Scorecards Collection & Recovery Analytics Fraud Detection & Management Portfolio Analytics Industry challenges: Increased competition to acquire high potential customers, advanced technology adoption and digitization, uncontrolled debt exposure, considerable pressure on profits, ROA and ROE, and meeting ever changing demands of customers. Benefits: Market Equations helps organizations target and acquire profitable customers, enhance loyalty, minimize risk exposure and fraud, address compliance issues, reduce operational costs and maximize revenue growth and profitability. Read the Case Study : : Collection & Recovery
  11. 11. Analytics Solutions : Insurance Marketing & CRM Analytics           Campaign Analytics & Planning Customer Segmentation RFM Analytics Cross Sell – Up sell Analysis Customer Life Time Value Analysis Customer Satisfaction Customer Churn Analytics Price & Premium Optimization Market Mix Modeling Claims Settlement Optimization Fraud/Risk Analytics      Claims Approval & Risk Scorecards Policy Renewal & Revival Loss Forecasting & Modeling Fraud Detection & Management Underwriting Industry challenges: Regulatory and compliance, risk management (ORSA, CBI), customer experience management, inability to exploit data through analytics, inefficient billing and claims functions are some of the most pressing challenges. Benefits: Market Equations helps organizations maximize customer life time value, detect fraud and manage risk, maximize policy renewals, personalize offers, speed up approvals, reduce settlement delays, enhance sales force effectiveness, optimize operational costs and maximize profitability. Read the Case Study : :
  12. 12. Analytics Solutions : Telecom (CSP’s) Customer Life Cycle Management             Customer Acquisition Customer Segmentation Cross Sell – Up sell Analysis Customer Life Time Value Analysis Customer Profitability Analysis Customer Churn Analytics Customer Risk Analytics Social Media Analytics Product Affinity Analytics Offer Optimization Tariff Modeling Revenue Leakage Analytics Network Optimization & Management   Capacity Utilization & Planning Network Monitoring & Optimization Industry challenges: High customer churn, declining ARPU, unprecedented increase in mobile broadband base, revenue leakages and high competition from mobile virtual network operators and over-the-top providers. Benefits: Market Equations helps organizations acquire profitable customers, enhance customer life time value, reduce churn while enhancing loyalty, minimize risk and maximize profitability. Read the Case Study : : Customer Churn Analysis
  13. 13. Analytics Solutions : Retail Customer Experience Management             Customer Segmentation Customer Satisfaction Customer Conversion Cross Sell Analysis Customer Churn Customer Life Time Value Loyalty Programs/Membership Promotion Effectiveness Price Optimization Offer Optimization Marketing Mix Modeling Marketing Effectiveness Store Operations     Demand & Sales Forecasting Inventory Planning & Replenishment Store Profitability & Loss Prevention Location & Layout Optimization Industry challenges: Competition from eretailers, increased technology adoption by consumers, declining sales and shrinking margins, stagnant pricing and promotion strategies and lack of store innovation and a one-one customer engagement strategy to enhance customer experience. Market Equations helps organizations Benefits: target and acquire profitable customers, enhance loyalty, minimize risk exposure and fraud, address compliance issues, reduce operational costs and maximize revenue growth and profitability. Read the Case Study : : Inventory Management
  14. 14. Analytics Solutions : Pharmaceutical (commercial) Marketing Analytics        Market Mapping & Sizing Campaign Effectiveness (ROI) Promotion Effectiveness Channel Optimization Response Modeling Segmentation & Targeting Revenue Forecasting Sales Analytics       Sales Force Effectiveness Sales Force Optimization Call Planning Sampling Optimization Territory Optimization Incentive Optimization Secondary Research   Competitive Intelligence Physician Profiling (KOL) Industry challenges: Legislation and governance, the patent cliff, shift in influence from physicians and prescribers to non-prescribers, from blockbusters to a generic drug market, lack of integration in sales and marketing (esp. social media) and the need to derive insights the quickest for better patient outcomes. Benefits: Market Equations helps organizations apply extensive analytics to transform information to insights leading to better decision making for better patient outcomes, resulting in maximizing shareholder value and profitability. Read the Case Study : : Physician Profiling
  15. 15. Analytics Solutions : E-Commerce Customer Analytics            Campaign Effectiveness Segmentation & Profiling Multi Channel Optimization Cross Sell-Up Sell Offer Optimization Purchase/Repurchase Sales Performance & Funnel Analysis Customer Satisfaction Customer Churn & Retention Customer Life Time Value Social Media Analytics Inventory & Product Planning      Sales forecasting Market Basket Analysis Demand, Supply, Inventory Planning Product & Portfolio Value Assessment Network Optimization Industry challenges: Increased competition, shrinking margins, seasonal variations impacting revenues, lack of innovative acquisition and retention strategies, ineffective supply chain leading to poor customer satisfaction and the lack of proper analytics infrastructure to derive decision making. Benefits: Market Equations helps organizations apply extensive analytics to transform information to insights leading to better decision making for better business outcomes, resulting in maximizing revenue and profitability. Read the Case Study : : Service Optimization
  16. 16. Dynamic Simulation Tools We use advanced Analytical techniques to make sure that the techniques which best captures the business problem is used. The outcome algorithm is built into scenario analyzer tools. Ability to make more informed decisions based on collected business intelligence  Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies  Ability to identify and correct negative trends  Ability to generate new business opportunities  Align strategies and organizational goals  Save time over running multiple reports Enables better decision making by building monitoring systems that are:  Gain total visibility of all systems instantly  Real Time  Correct  Efficient
  17. 17. Analytics Infrastructure BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Marketing Analytics Customer Analytics Risk Analytics Analytics Ready Data ETL Customer Data Transaction Data Division Head Domain Expert Supply Chain Analytics Accounts Data Business Analyst Service Data Senior Statistician Social Media Database Manager
  18. 18. Engagement Process The ME Engagement Process ensures each customer has a positive experience the moment they enquire with us. Every project goes through the ME process radar ensuring the end result is customer delight. Client Request Review Review issues Provide Solutions Planning  Firm-up work-plan with Operations  Start Project Work  Prepare insightful milestones  Analyze requirements Delivery  Meet milestones Report  Select team members  Develop optimal plan  Conduct intermediate  Finalize Contract with  Finalize RFP time and cost client review session  Review with client & Finalize report
  19. 19. Engagement Models & Pricing Need based Flexible Engagement and Pricing models: Hourly : The hourly rate engagement model provides flexibility to clients who have very urgent data analysis and reporting needs that require couple of hours of effort. It is very common in cases where the client may require data to be analyzed and summarized quickly for urgent decision making usually with a TAT of less than 48 hours. Project Based : The project based engagement model is the most commonly used model. In this case, project requirements are analyzed and a total project fee is arrived at after careful evaluation. The project may involve an offshore resource or team engagement for a week or even months. This model is preferred for one off projects when there is no recurring analysis need or model updating required. Monthly : The monthly engagement model provides clients an option to recruit an offshore resource or team either for a short duration of 3-6 months or on a yearly contract commitment. In this case, the resource or team works as an extension of the clients onsite team. This model is preferred in cases where the client is looking at growing their team rapidly with a limited budget. *** A resource can be recruited for half a month or specific weeks in a month when there are given fluctuations in work volume. Team Composition : Subject Matter Expert I Business Analyst I Statistician I Database Manager
  20. 20. Contact Us Market Equations lives by its commitment to deliver the “best” always. With Market Equations our customers gain access to a result oriented, highly intellectual team that sets high process and delivery standards to provide the best solution to complex business challenges. Gaurav Bajpai Analytics Head Email: gaurav.b@marketequations.com Abraham Thomas Business Head Email: abraham@marketequations.com For general enquiries you could also send us an email at info@marketequations.com or fill in the Contact Us form at www.marketequations.com