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Home Improvement Social Media Scoring


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While social media listening often produces valuable information that can be used for marketing purposes, it can also create large volumes of unstructured data that can be difficult to manage or filter. MarketBridge offers social media listening services that automate the monitoring process and generate useful customer data that can fuel revenue growth for your organization.

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Home Improvement Social Media Scoring

  1. 1. 0.0! 10.0! 20.0! 30.0! 40.0! 50.0! 60.0! 70.0! 80.0! 90.0! 100.0! True Value! Ace Hardware! Home Depot! Lowes! Direct Reach Potential Reach Engaged Community Industry Impact Brand Sentiment Social Accessibility Conversion Potential Social Influence Community Development 0   50   100   150   200   250   300   350   400   x  10000   DR direct REACH PR potential REACH EC engaged COMMUNITY II industry IMPACT BS brand SENTIMENT SA social ACCESSIBILITY CP conversion POTENTIAL SI social INFLUENCE CD community DEVELOPMENT Measure  of  immediate  fans   and  followers  in  owned   networks   Extended  audience  not   necessarily  in  owned   networks   Degree  to  which  social   community  interacts  with   and  promotes  brand   Performance by Category Strengths & Weaknesses of Each Brand Measure  of  how  much   social  conversaBons  is   impacBng  the  industry   Measure  of  the  consumer   opinion  of  the  brand  inside   social  conversaBons   Ease  with  which  people  can   reach  the  brand  through   social  channels   Viability  of  the  social  media   space  to  generate   conversions   Measure  of  social  channel   moBvaBng  others  towards   acBon   Measure  of  intenBonality  of   brand  to  culBvate  an   engaged  community   Lowes Home Depot Ace Hardware True Value 80.8 The Home Improvement Wars Competitive Social Media Benchmark Analysis 71.5 43% Lowes 41% True Value 35% Home Depot 31% Ace 21% Lowes 20% Home Depot 17% True Value 17% Ace Performance by Network How did each platform contribute to the brand’s score? Lowes Home Depot Ace Hardware True Value 9% Home Depot 8% Lowes 7% True Value 6% Ace 3% Ace 3% Home Depot 3% Lowes 2% True Value 7% 42% Ace 31% True Value 29% Home Depot 24% Lowes Pinterest For  the  home  improvement  space,  this   is  an  important  network  not  reflected   in  direct  traffic  percentages  reflected   here.    Boards  and  pins  are  shared   through  Facebook  and  influence  the   drive  towards  increases  in  Likes.   Facebook Given  that  the  retailers  occupy  the  B2C   space,  Facebook  is  a  key  way  to  market   products,  services  and  messages.    Lowes  has   dominated  this  space  for  the  past  18  months   and  conBnues  to  show  an  incredibly  strong   rate  of  growth.    This  lead  is  significant  as   people  are  incredibly  prone  to  share  pictures   of  remodeling  projects  they  want  to  engage   in  and  share  posts  produced  by  Lowes  with   these  ideas  included.   You Tube Home  improvement  is  a  compeBBve   space  especially  in  the  DIY  category.     For  projects  where  consumers  want  to   aTempt  it  on  their  own,  instrucBonal   videos  are  sought  from  the  experts,   and  Home  Depot  has  led  this  category.   Earned Media The  earned  media  space  is  defined  as  brand   menBons  within  the  social  media  arena  that   do  not  occur  on  a  brand’s  owned  networks.     This  represents  opportunity  to  convert   influencers  and  redirect  the  conversaBons   back  into  a  managed  plaVorm.   Twitter TwiTer’s  importance  for  the  home   improvement  space  is  when  it  is  used  to   direct  back  to  a  content  markeBng  strategy,   whether  that  is  a  DIY  post  on  Facebook,  a   DIY  video  on  YouTube  or  a  new  board  on   Pinterest.    Lowes  and  Home  Depot  remain   very  compeBBve  in  this  space.   Core Factors For the Leader Insights into specific metrics giving the leader the edge in performance Lowes Home Depot Ace Hardware True Value 0   50   100   150   200   250   300   JUL-­‐12   SEP-­‐12   NOV-­‐12   JAN-­‐13   MAR-­‐13   MAY-­‐13   JUL-­‐13   x  10000   Lowes Home Depot Ace True Value 2 Million 1 Million 2.5 Million Facebook Rate of Growth In  the  B2C  space,  Facebook  is  a  significant  factor  for  sharing  a  brand’s   message.    A  high  Rate  of  Growth  usually  indicates  that  the  brand’s  users  are   sharing  posts  and  stories  and  evangelizing  their  friends.     Engagement on Facebook The  size  of  the  Facebook  community  is  only  as  relevant  as  the  number  of  fans   actually  sharing  the  brand’s  posts.    Below  illustrates  how  each  brand  sizes  up.   Avg Retweets/Follower Similar  to  Facebook,  a  TwiTer  following  is  effecBve  if  the  community  re-­‐ broadcasts  your  message.    Below  are  how  the  brand’s  followers  help  to   publish  to  their  own  followings.   44K 23K 5K 5K Pinterest Followers In  the  DIY  space,  Pinterest  has  established  itself  as  a  social  media  mecca.    That   Lowes  dominates  this  space  as  strongly  as  they  do  is  a  core  factor  to  their   sibng  in  the  pole  posiBon  for  social  media  markeBng.   70 35 65 25 5K PTAT 10 RT 3.5M 75.6K 1.8K1.3K WANT US TO SCORE YOUR BRAND? CONTACT US. 1-888-GO-TO-MKT www.market-bridge.com ABOUT MARKETBRIDGE About the SQ IndexTM The MarketBridge SQ Index is a proprietary scoring service which scores and ranks competitors in social media performance. Over 30 core social metrics that are either publicly-available or partner-provided are integrated into MarketBridge’s unique nine- category benchmark analysis. In addition to each competitor’s owned networks being scored, the earned social media space is also integrated as well for a holistic approach. Our algorithms use the competitive set as a means of establishing the limits of the scale so that participating brands can view the results as defining achievable highs and avoidable lows. The categories below represent our integrated scoring of core social metrics from the platforms represented: MarketBridge is a leading global provider of digital marketing, sales enablement, and customer analytics solutions for Fortune 1000 and emerging growth companies.  We help companies scale revenue growth and increase sales productivity by increasing digital customer engagement (social, mobile, on-line communities, e-commerce) and building robust customer analytics engines that focus marketing investments and sales activity on the right customers, with the right messaging and solution, through the right marketing and sales channels.  Our core solutions include RevenueEnginesTM digital marketing automation and sales enablement programs, DemandAnalyticsTM predictive analytics and reporting solutions, MarketBlueprintTM implementation playbooks for fully leveraging digital technologies, and SQ IndexTM for social media performance tracking and competitive benchmarking. Copyright © 2013 MarketBridge Inc., All Rights Reserved. 36.6 29.3