Influencers, key success factor in modern B2B Marketing

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In today’s B2B environment, most potential buyers have a very low tolerance for marketing talk and unsolicited commercial contacts. At the same time they actively look for information from sources …

In today’s B2B environment, most potential buyers have a very low tolerance for marketing talk and unsolicited commercial contacts. At the same time they actively look for information from sources they trust: peers – people with the same jobs – recognized journalists and analysts, or leading experts.

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  • 1. Influencers: key success factorin B2B Marketing and Account Management MARKEDU Webinar Speaker: Dr. Olivier Riviere July 11th, 2011 Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  1
  • 2. Are products & services sold? Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  2
  • 3. Or are theypurchased? Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  3
  • 4. A classic view on Mktg & Sales Vendor‘s side Sales 8. Delivery 7. Purchase 6. Negociation / decision 5. Vendors offer evaluation Marketing 4. Vendors short list 3. Contacts with vendors 2. Information gatheringTime 1. Need from the potential buyer Buyer‘s side Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  4
  • 5. Shift in B2B buying behaviourDisturbance and interruption not welcomeLittle tolerance for marketing talkUnsolicited commercial contacts not welcomeOpinion and recommendation fromtrusted sources (non commercial) welcomeWord of Mouth matters Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  5
  • 6. Consequence:More than ever, Vendors need to influencethose who influence purchase decisions Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  6
  • 7. Influence Mechanism Prospective Has a Need YOURCOMPANY Customer Related to a Business topic INFLUENCE INFLUENCER Ist an Expert and/or a trusted source of Information on the same topic Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  7
  • 8. He, who starts early ….. Thought Vendor listAwareness Positioning Evaluation Closing Leadership Selection Influence-focused Marketing & Sales Buying process Focus on external To get Focus on internal To get HERE HERE Influencers Influencers Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  8
  • 9. External & Internal Influencers • Media • Blogers • Analysts • Academics EXTERNAL • Authors/ Experts INFLUENCERS • Prof. associations • Prof. forums (online/offline) • Regulatory bodies Your • Client Ref. programsCompany Client • Initiators • Gatekeepers • Relevant functional INTERNAL managers INFLUENCERS • Informal influencers • Users • Purchasing • ….. Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  9
  • 10. How to play theinfluence game? Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  10
  • 11. Influence-driven marketing Methodology overview1. Build a map of your ecosystem2. Identify the key constituencies3. Analyze relationships between constituencies4. Detect relevant topics for discussion & engagement5. Identify influencers (groups or individuals) and engage into a  dialogue6. Create appropriate content and drive multi‐channel  campaigns7. Engage with the target audience (several constituencies) Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  11
  • 12. Engaging external influencersEMC Centera Case Study Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  12
  • 13. EMC Centera launch (early 00s)EMC’s campaign: Launch Centera, a new storage technologyfor fixed contentEMC’s challenge: Compared to IBM or HP, EMCis a box mover, not a provider of business solutionsHot business issue: Emerging compliance regulation forlisted companiesTargeted Influencers: Law firms, 6 leading software vendors
  • 14. EMC Centera Ecosystem map Law firms Business media Legal Regul. CFO bodiesEMC Purcha sing LOB mngrs IT Analysts ISV users Tech. media Select. ISVs Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  14
  • 15. EMC and Law firms EMC’s goals Shared goal Law firm goals Lead• Successful launch conversation • Be perceived as of Centera on emerging leading on emerging• Leverage the compliance regulation and risks influencers credibility issue and• Move up the value attract chain C-level attention Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  15
  • 16. EMC and selected software vendors EMC’s goals Shared goal ISV goals Lead• Successful launch conversation • Increase awareness of Centera on compliance • Grow existing clients• Move up the value issue • Win new clients chain (biz solution) & optimize • Demonstrate ROI• Leverage the ISVs ROI of credibility technology Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  16
  • 17. EMC Centera Influencers Engagement matrixInfluencer Their Agenda Engagement focus Target public (influenced) Their needs Their benefitLaw Firms Sell consulting on Educational material C-level / Senior Compliance with and events management regulations (beyond IT) Analysts Develop awareness Use EMC power to Business Media of topic at C-level raise their visibility6 Selected Sell the business Educational material C-level / SeniorSoftware value of their and events management (ITvendors solutions and Line of Business) Easier access to Use EMC power to Analysts senior management raise their visibility Biz / Tech media Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  17
  • 18. EMC Engagement with external influencers Law firms Legal CFO EMC Purcha sing LOB mngrs IT ISV users Select. ISVs Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  18
  • 19. Actions from the influencers Law firms Series of Business actions, part of media them with EMC Legal (not all) Regul. CFO bodies DeliverablesEMC Purcha sing LOB mngrs - White papers IT Analysts - Media briefings - Analyst briefings ISV - Interviews users - Web pages Tech. - Webinars media - E-Newsletters Select. - Events ISVs Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  19
  • 20. Cascade of influence Law firms Business media Legal The engagement Regul. with influencers CFO bodies creates a “snow ball”EMC Purcha sing LOB mngrs effect in terms IT Analysts of dialogue ISV between all users stakeholders Tech. media Select. ISVs Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  20
  • 21. Outcome from EMC’s campaignHigh visibility rapidly achieved for EMC Centera, includingon new target groupsEMC and EMC spokespersons quoted in most mediacoverage on « Compliance »Positive shift in image for EMC: perceived as a businesssolution providerIncreased visibility for the Influencers (especially for themost active)
  • 22. Create a map of yourbusiness ecosystem Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  22
  • 23. Ecosystem Generic description CLIENTS EMPLOYEES PARTNERS Useful for quickly Describing an overall ecosystem or driving high-levelCITIZENS COMPANY BODIES Strategic thinking Too generic to help plan a given GOV. ANALYSTS campaign MEDIA Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  23
  • 24. Ecosystem (campaign planning) Law firms Business media Efficient tool for Legal campaign Regul. planning CFO bodiesEMC Purcha LOB Campaign-specific sing mngrs (not the Big picture!) IT Analysts ISV users Tech. media Select. ISVs Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  24
  • 25. Ecosystem map / specialized internet portal XOHANA is an intelligent portal focusing on very specific Market niches This map features both the constituencies and the channel to reach themCourtesy Herwig Rollet – CEO, Xohana Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  25
  • 26. Business ecosystem map What for?• To identify all Constituencies• To analyse the  Interactions between constituencies• To identify Influencers to analyse their agenda• To identify the various relevant  Communication Channels• In order to design the Influence strategy & tactics Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  26
  • 27. Influence-driven marketing Identify and analyze hot topics1. Build a map of your ecosystem2. Identify the key constituencies3. Analyze relationships between constituencies4. Detect relevant topics for discussion & engagement5. Identify influencers (groups or individuals) and engage into a  dialogue6. Create appropriate content and drive multi‐channel  campaigns7. Engage with the target audience (several constituencies) Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  27
  • 28. Identify hot topics and influencersBefore trying to develop influence, youneed to know the conversation topics andwho leads on each of them Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  28
  • 29. Leverage relevant hot issues• Which hot business topics are on your prospective  customer’s mind?• Who are the stakeholders (constituencies of your business  ecosystem)• How can you be relevant?• What are your authentic messages & stories • Which content can you create?• How can you engage with influencers? Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  29
  • 30. Explore relevant discussion topics usual offline analysis tacticsMedia coverage analysisDialogue with influencers (experts, analysts, key journalists and academics, …)Analysis from topics in key events; conferences, tradeshows, work of prof. bodies, …Client surveys Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  30
  • 31. Analyze offline media coverageDiscussion Drivers (5 months) Company Company B ACourtesy Context Analytics – Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  31
  • 32. Analyze offline media coverage Why?• Monitor who writes on what and who is quoted• Analyze tonality• Identify leaders and followers by topic• Decide on which topics to focus• Helps leverage strengths and handle weaknesses• Helps build differentiating messages and stories Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  32
  • 33. Explore relevant discussion topics usual online tacticsMonitor comments on brands & products Focus:  News  and comments on brands and products, comparison with  competitorsIdentify and analyze trends and discussion themes Focus:  Analyze discussion drivers, detect weak signals (new players, new  trends)Identify most influential web sites Focus: Better understanding of influence mechanism and focus of  campaigns on most relevant web sites Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  33
  • 34. Analysis of online conversationsCourtesy Brandwatch © 2011 Brandwatch | Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page 34
  • 35. Online conversations Competitors comparison© 2011 Brandwatch | Analysis of the nature of comments for the products of 4 Different digital camera brands Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page 35
  • 36. Analyze online conversations Why?• Monitor discussions, detect topics• Analyze tonality on your company, on competitors • Identify strengths and weaknesses and define adequate  answers• Enable fast reaction (crisis management / fast moving  campaign)• Helps create differentiating messages and stories Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  36
  • 37. Associate web sites and discussion topicsAnalysis for Canadian producersof sugar-based products(French speaking markets)GOAL: identify relevant themes andweb sites to build marketing Web cartographycampaigns Infl identifies: - Relevant sites - Level of influence - Discussion topics Original themes: work, gastronomy, healthcare Additional themes detected: • Responsible citizenship • Montreal & Quebec Courtesy MP6 – Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  37
  • 38. Identify hot topics on the web Why?• Identify trends and themes that drive high‐volume discussions relevant to you• Associate themes to websites that drive traffic• Detect small signals (not what everybody can find on  Google!)• Make decisions on campaigns Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  38
  • 39. Identify truly most influential web sites US presidential election – Centricity analysis of main campaign topics 6 months before Election Day B.Obama Barack Obama’s network J. McCain Leads topical discussion Reacts to Obama’s networkCourtesy MP6 – Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  39
  • 40. Identify truly most influential web sites Why?• Identify truly influential web sites and blogers• Early detection of trends• Associate themes and topics to web sites• Focus engagement and advertising spending on most  relevant targets• Make strategic decisions on campaigns Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  40
  • 41. Identify the preferred informationsources and communication channelsWork VERY hard on creating good contentand delivering it through the adequate mixof channels (No, surely not only social media …) Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  41
  • 42. Typical influence-oriented programmes deliverables and programmes • PR / Case Studies • Blogs / Forums • Speaking oppties • White Papers EXTERNAL • Books INFLUENCERS • Work with Academics • Work with prof bodies YOUR CLIENT • Client Reference Client ProgrammeCOMPANY • ….. INTERNAL INFLUENCERS Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  42
  • 43. Shift in tactics a more agile marketingMore from this: Topic oriented PR & blog Speaking engagements Short videos Focused digital ads Small focused events Focused social media White paper with depth Reference Clients Thought Vendor list Awareness Positioning Evaluation Closing Leadership SelectionLess from that: Mass advertising Long videos Large “one fit all“events One fit all social media Glossy brochure Big booth at trade shows Generic corporate PR & blog Superficial White paper Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  43
  • 44. Engaging Internal InfluencersAdvanced Account Management Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  44
  • 45. The notion of buying centreA classic way to describe the players of a buying process• Initiators• Gatekeepers In reality, all players• Buyers in a buying center have some sort of• Deciders influence• Influencers• Users Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  45
  • 46. Engaging internal influencers Ext Infl 1 Your Infl. MediaCompany Client B Infl. A Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  46
  • 47. What you should know about clientsAbout your client contacts – Their charter, how they are measured – Their personal agenda and goals – Their style and taste – Current and future key projectsAbout your own company’s material and activities – All marketing material and activities that can be personally relevant to each of your contacts – A sense of when to deliver them the right content – The best moment to deliver each piece of information Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page 47
  • 48. Analysing Internal InfluencersName / Attitude Areas of interest EngagementFunction towards your companyAll existing 1. Not aware Key drivers for this Goal and planned actionscontacts but 2. Opposed person with their timelinesalso important 3. Neutralpersons who 4. Advocate Also, personal goalsshould be and data on internalcontacted politics A solid account plan must include this matrix Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  48
  • 49. Mapping influencers ( Account management)Courtesy eoKAM (KamUp! Application) – Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  49
  • 50. Mapping influencers (Account Management)Courtesy eoKAM (KamUp! Application) – Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  50
  • 51. Typical influence-oriented programmes deliverables and programmes PR / Case Studies • Blogs / Forums • Speaking oppties • White Papers • EXTERNAL Books • INFLUENCERS Work with • Academics • Work with prof bodies YOUR CLIENT • Client Reference Client ProgrammeCOMPANY • Personal relationship • ….. • Regular meetings INTERNAL • Focused distribution of INFLUENCERS material • Executive Sponsor • „Vendor of Choice“ Programme • Joint marketing & communication • ….. Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  51
  • 52. Client Reference ProgrammeThe principle Rules & Regulations• Existing clients involved into Reference Customer Data Incentives & Rewards the sales process• Direct contact with a prospective client Reference Types, Usage and Activities Qualified Processes (for recruiting, reference requests, etc.)• Formal framework• Reward system (transparent, ethical)The impact Courtesy: CKoenig-Consulting• Credibility• Transparency• Up-to-date Information• Relevance Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  52
  • 53. Internal Influencers programme matrixComplexity Analysis & Planning Engagement (examples) Description of buying Selective distribution of centre featuring each relevant information andSimple player with motivation content and attitude Precise account map with Same as above plus: status of relationship with Explore agenda and deepMedium key contacts motivation Leverage external influencers (individuals) (If already clients): regular meetings with all key stakeholders Networking and Same as above plus: influence-building plan Executive sponsorAdvanced covering all relevant Vendor of Choice Prof. contacts Customer Club Customer Advisory Board Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  53
  • 54. Internal Influencers best practiceSource: – Sean Geehan – 18 Feb. 2011 Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  54
  • 55. ConclusionAdapting Marketing and Sales Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  55
  • 56. Modern Marketing & Sales Thought Vendor listAwareness Positioning Evaluation Closing Leadership Selection Influence Process Sales Process Influence helps get Influence helps into the sales game win the sales game Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  56
  • 57. Influence-driven Marketing & Sales Attitude matters Exercising honest Influence is not manipulating It is about solving client issues It is based on dialogue It requires self-confidence and trust Knowledge Collaboration Pre-requisites Relevance for success Networking Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  57
  • 58. Which goals, which processesNew products, new market, new strategyStrengthening of the positioningCompetitive programmeDesign or revamping of the mktg organisationImprovement of collaborationTactical: Focus on a specific campaignStrategic: Adaption of the organisation and key processes Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  58
  • 59. Critical success factors• Flexible methodology• In‐depth analysis of the ecosystem and of the influencers• In‐depth analysis of online and offline conversations• Create content that demonstrates in‐depth knowledge• Build relationship and maintain a dialogue with your target  groups• Implement a new way to manage marketing and sales Influence‐driven marketing & sales is built upon collective Intelligence and collaboration Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  59
  • 60. Service offering overviewEcosystem & Influencers Marketing System• Methodology training • Organization audit• Ecosystem Map • Org. & Process Definition• Influencers Analysis • Objectives & Dashboard• Online Themes Analysis • Integrated campaign design• Online Brand Monitoring Ecosystem • Thought Leadership prog.• Choice of 3rd party vendors Marketing • Advocacy programmes & System • Marketing Automation Influencers (with partners) • Synergy with Sales KAM/GAMTeam development Team Key Account Mngmnt. Key• Skills development plan Dynamic • Strategic Analysis Account• Marketing Training • Customer base audit Mngmnt.• KAM / GAM Training • Organizational audit• Virtual Team Management • Senior Mngmnt Workshop• Communication Style • Programme Design• Intercultural training • Progr. implementation • Training & Coaching • KamUp! KAM/GAM Software Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  60
  • 61. An offer to the audienceFor two participants to this Webinar• Short consulting (3 hours) on how to introduce or develop  influence‐oriented marketing in your company• Prerequisites • A short briefing on your business and your marketing system • Links to your company‘s and key competitors web sites “First come, first served“ Influencers‐focused marketing & sales Page  61
  • 62. Thank You We help strengthen your B2B Go to Market system with services for; - Organisational development - Influence-focused Marketing & Communication - Key/Global Account Management E-Mail: Mobile:+49 173 5731 586 Web: www.olivierriviere-consulting.comInfluencers‐focused marketing & sales page  62