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How to measure the results from Online media to DM coupon redemption

See how a campaign can integrate online media, facebook apps, DM and coupon redemption and how to measure each channel's effectiveness
Learn how to launch a new product based based on a Facebook application

Speaker: José Guedes from TribeCRM, Portugal member of AMD Portugal

Published in: Technology, Business
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IDMD Online: Whiskas - Share Your Relationship! - José Guedes

  1. 1. Whiskas Snacks Case Study
  2. 2. Proposal Description Challenge
  3. 3. Challenge CONSUMER TARGET… Cat Lovers those who find fulfilment in their cat’s happiness and those who make the most of happy moments spent in the company of their feline friends. This target audience is very conscious about their cat’s diet (taking into account health issues or food appreciation). INSIGHT/Block: “I had no idea that cat snacks existed” “My cat is very demanding , thefore might not like these snacks – most probably he will reject them” … if we manage to bring awareness to… Because most consumers don’t know this sector and allow consumers toabout the Snacks & Treat sector. perceive Whiskas Snacks as the most BRAND tasteful treat they could offer their pets, as this could generate more happy HURDLE: moments. Consumers product awarness osCan t find them on the supermarket limitedshelf/ailse, and when they do, consumers – …they experiment the product, and atdon’t understand at what time of the day haven’t heard this moment they are presented with athese snacks should be consumed by about Whickas delightful moment which motivates themtheir cats = therefore they don’t buy it. S&T category. to purchase this product in the future. Current Situation goal
  4. 4. Proposal Description Solution
  5. 5. ResponseShake your Relationship!
  6. 6. SolutionThe solution presented took into account digital/viral communicationwhich motivated consumers to go online. With the use of digitalplatforms it was possible to collect consumer information allowing usto target interested/curious customers with discount coupons. Thisresulted on positive brand experience.In every project monitoring media and the collection of data wasimportant and should be allowed in order to measure results.
  7. 7. Solution Platform Measument Tool POS Cupon Redention Facebook App Direct Mail – with couponsWhiskas Snacks Database
  8. 8. Solution Banners Is your cat to far away? Shake your Relationship!Become a Facebook fan and receive 3, 1€ coupons.
  9. 9. Solution Banners Mrec Video Is your cat to far away? Shake your Relationship!Become a Facebook fan and receive 3, 1€ coupons.
  10. 10. Communicaton Facebook AdsDiscover your cat’s new treat and receive 3, 1€ coupons.
  11. 11. Communicaton Google AdwordsToys Vet Cats Cat Dog Dogs Pet Animal Food Habitat
  12. 12. Communicaton EmailYour cat needs more than meals. He needs treats that can shake your relationship. Receive them bow in your house.
  13. 13. Communicaton FacebookMercedes, Leia, Spanky and Kitty have already participated. Your cat would love to be part of this list!
  14. 14. Solution Facebook Whiskas Portugal Page Fans interaction was overwhelming:“I can hardly wait to know more about this!”
  15. 15. Proposal Description Web Application
  16. 16. Web Application Facebook
  17. 17. Web Application FacebookUsers were asked to fill in their personal info in order to receive the coupons by mail. A Database started to gain shape!
  18. 18. Web Application Facebook “Your 1€ coupons are served!”Users were also encouraged to share this offer with friends.
  19. 19. Web Application Facebook PostA Viral effect was achieved though the usage of the application. “Did your cat already tried the snacks no cat resists to?”
  20. 20. Web Application EmailThe 3, 1€ coupons were sent to your house. Soon your cat will look at you as a even more irresistible owner!
  21. 21. Web Application Direct Mail
  22. 22. Web Application Direct MailPersonalized with the cats name, communicating the product range and leveraging product trial.
  23. 23. Web Application Direct MailDear Mister Pirata:We have been trying to send you thegastronomic hymn a cat of your lineagedeserves, but it has been a hard task toaccomplish. Every time we wrap up abox of Whiskas Snacks, thetransportation faces a number ofunpredictable obstacles.Whiskas employees are ambushed byfeline hordes, incapable of resistingthem. As soon as they ear the snacksshaking, they approach and as they feeltheir delicious smell, they run over themail to devour the delicacy. They thenbecome so thrilled with happiness thatthey have even been heard singing someof ABBA’s hits. We came across this alternativesolution: to send you over these 1€coupons, allowing the person that mostloves you to bring them over from thenearest store. You’ll see : yourrelationship will became even moreirresistible.Delicious regards,Whiskas.
  24. 24. Web Application Direct Mail – Female CatDear Miss Bolinha:We have been trying to send you the gastronomic hymn a cat of your lineage deserves, but ithas been a hard task to accomplish. Every time we wrap up a box of Whiskas Snacks, thetransportation faces a number of unpredictable obstacles.Whiskas employees are ambushed by feline hordes, incapable of resisting them. As soon asthey ear the snacks shaking, they approach and as they feel their delicious smell, they run overthe mail to devour the delicacy. They then become so thrilled with happiness that they haveeven been heard singing some of ABBA’s hits.We came across this alternative solution: to send you over these 1€ coupons, allowing theperson that most loves you to bring them over from the nearest store. You’ll see : yourrelationship will became even more irresistible.Delicious regards,Whiskas.
  25. 25. Results
  26. 26. Email Marketing Results Real timeMeasurement
  27. 27. Email Marketing Results Open Email Clicked Email Real timeMeasurement
  28. 28. Online Ads Results Facebook Ads Real timeMeasurement
  29. 29. Facebook app use and coupoun redemption ResultsApplication totalAccesses Coupon total requests Real time Measurement
  30. 30. Web Application access and coupon redemption Results Total Requests Total RedemptionsViral – WOM and Facebook POSTS from FB App
  31. 31. DMResults
  32. 32. DMResults
  33. 33. Consumer Feedback Facebook Comments Someone will be very happy to have some treats of it’s own. Looking forward to see the reaction!Mine come running andmeow like crazy as soon aswe shake the snack box. LOCKY opens his mouthand starts to meow. He lovessalmon temptations. Blessyou all for providing suchhappy moments you ourlittle friends.
  34. 34. ConclusionKnowing more about our target audience, and recognizing their tastes and needs, allows us to create a stronger relationship.The Whiskas Portugal Facebook Page is now a relationship platform to engage with cat lovers community.