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Kodak Brochure

  1. 1. For the technology, the solutions, and the relationship to help your business succeed, call 1-866-563-2533 today, or visit graphics.kodak.com it’s time to adapt Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/kodak/idigprint or visit our blog at growyourbiz.kodak.com to stay up to date on the latest developments in the graphic communications industry. flourish. eastman Kodak Company 343 state street rochester, NY 14650 It’s time for you and Kodak © Kodak, 2010. Kodak is a trademark. Kodak Publication No. U.GCG.0014.0410.EN.01
  2. 2. servIce aNd support: Our global network of over 3,000 service professionals in more than 120 countries provides skilled, responsive service, with an understanding of local language and culture, business practices, and government regulations. Customer satisfaction, resulting from a determined focus on your efficiency and profitability, is our ultimate goal. Wherever aNtiCipatiNg Needs exteNsive reaCh your company does business, you can rely on Kodak to help you control costs, maximize productivity, and minimize respoNsive support. business risk. exCeediNg expeCtatioNs. It’s tIme to adapt aNd FlourIsh. Give us a call at 1-866-563-2533 today, or visit kodak.com/go/green It’s time for you and Kodak
  3. 3. KodaK’s approaCh is to worK toward greater iNNovative strategies for sustaiNabilitY…together with our Customers. aN ever-ChaNgiNg marKetplaCe. Kodak is committed to sustainability worldwide. We recognize that we have a role to play in helping society thrive by driving business growth in a responsible manner that The printing landscape is undergoing change as with online technologies that allow each franchisee creates value for our stakeholders. We will continue to set and report on challenging we move from broad canvassing and mass printing to set their own pricing. goals to drive our progress. and publishing to targeted multi-media campaigns, Sports-themed food packaging capitalizes on from product-based marketing to customer needs- support your sustaINaBIlIty KodaK has: a local team’s recent success — and custom based marketing. This requires consistency of strategy wIth: • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and packages are on shelf in time for the playoffs. messaging at every touchpoint, from inbox • Digital printing solutions that improve ROI energy usage by over 40 percent in the past to mailbox. Kodak can help you profit from this Credit card bills are printed with special by minimizing ink, paper, and energy used in six years. promotions to match purchasing preferences — sustaiNable change. We’ll show you how to leverage the latest traditional mass mailings. • Been part of the U.S. E.P.A. Climate Leaders digital solutions to offer new services that deliver so advertisers can reach target audiences for less suCCessful. • Printing plates that reduce water, chemistry, partnership since 2002. greater return on marketing investment — and and make more sales. and energy use. • Received recognition from the Department build new revenue streams for your business. To increase environmental marketability, an • Web-to-print digital workflows that reduce of Energy and the California Climate Action international brand collaborates with suppliers — Books are printed on-demand — increasing the use of paper and ink. Registry for achievements in managing energy and print and packaging manufacturing waste is revenue and maximizing profits by extending the • Unified workflow solutions that reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions dramatically reduced. life of titles and getting accurate quantities to throughout the print production chain. • Created remote service capabilities to market more quickly and affordably. A worldwide shipping leader turns to Kodak • Book publishing solutions that result in less resolve issues without deploying additional A photo book is produced with personalized Solutions for Business to automate air waybill warehousing and fewer returns. field engineers. information through an automated process— processing — and sees measurable time and • energy star qualified scanners that use together, we can create a winning cost savings with improved customer service. driving premium pages with higher margins. 30 to 75 percent less energy than standard sustainability strategy that supports business scanners. growth while reducing environmental impact. A nationwide franchiser boosts sales with colorful, • Return and reuse programs such as brand-managed inserts and mailers — produced replaceable components for digital presses. see how graphic communications can reach more people, in more places, visit graphics.kodak.com/go/green to learn more. at kodak.com/go/connect
  4. 4. Efficiency is key. Successful enterprises must reduce time to market, extract costs, maintain print consistency, and boost shelf impact. Kodak’s enterprise solutions improve your ability to anticipate change and react more effectively. • Web portal solutions provide new capabilities Enterprise for interaction, communication, and teamwork among embraCe ChaNge drive effiCieNCY employees, departments, and companies. iNCrease returN oN • Marketing campaign management tools enable marKetiNg iNvestmeNt. maiNtaiN CoNsisteNCY. cost savings while helping improve effectiveness Tying print media in with other marketing and return on marketing investment (ROMI). communications — web, text messaging, • Asset management systems integrated with workflow television — enables your customers and creative tools promote creative and brand to create more effective, broader- consistency across media, across print providers, reaching campaigns. and across the globe. Kodak’s modular, scalable solutions allow you For any forward-looking enterprise, Kodak is the to respond quickly and easily to customers’ partner of choice in developing innovative strategies specific needs, while maximizing efficiency for increased collaboration and accelerated delivery. and reducing costs. The result is improved marketing effectiveness and increased return on investment for you and your clients.
  5. 5. Ensuring profitability in the future means finding new The demand for higher returns on marketing campaigns has led to ways to provide value to customers. Photo services higher expectations for printing capability. You need to find a way have been identified by leading industry consultants to deliver. Kodak can help you stay ahead of the curve. as one of the highest growth markets in commercial • Help increase customer loyalty with consistent, high-resolution print and consumer photography. Kodak can help you printing and color throughout a run and on subsequent runs. take advantage. • Expand your offset business into digital print with a blended Photo services • High-value applications such as personalized photo Commercial Printing process driven by Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solution. exteNd Your marKet reaCh books, calendars, cards, and merchandise help you diversifY • Integrate promotional and educational messaging with bills grow your profits. seize opportuNitY. and statements for true personalized communication. • The Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning System opens a Customize. • Differentiate by expanding the applications you can offer, new revenue stream by enabling customers to quickly with innovations like dimensional printing. and easily digitize prints, which can then be used to create personalized products. • Grow revenue and increase margins by offering print as part of a multi-channel communications campaign. • Trusted Kodak Media give you final results you can always depend on, with exceptional color • Gain entry into the high-growth, premium-page market for performance, predictability, and durability. personalized photo books. KodaK solutions deliver fully personalized photo • Improve collaboration during review cycles within your enterprise. products with exceptional productivity and image quality, so you can enter this lucrative market on the leading edge. Kodak can help you identify opportunities and suggest solutions that provide the flexibility you require.
  6. 6. Every day, around the globe, newspaper, magazine, and book publishers rely on solutions from Kodak to deliver information to the world with vibrant, consistent color. • Complete, integrated solutions that cut costs and accelerate throughput. Packaging • Quality that improves shelf appeal of books, deliver the braNd effiCieNtlY directories, and other large-scale print publications. impaCtfullY. • Remote newspaper production, personalized mass publications printed with inkjet heads on web presses, and inventory-free, print-on-demand book publishing. • Service resources and coverage plans dedicated to the uptime requirements of the deadline- driven provider. With Kodak as your partner, you can remain in the forefront of publishing trends, so you can thrive today and well into the future.
  7. 7. Product packaging is about increasing efficiency, reducing time to market, and driving sales. You need to print vibrant, high-impact colors to precise specifications, react quickly to trends, and deliver on budget. How can a package producer meet these demands? Publishing • Offset and flexographic solutions that optimize productivity and accuracy. meet todaY’s deadliNes • Sophisticated automation tools that increase the Needs of tomorrow. efficiency, accelerate job turnaround, and provide near-perfect repeatability. • One point of contact for service with accountability for your entire system’s performance — whether you have a single location or multiple sites around the world. Many of the world’s major brands trust KodaK systems to optimize creative development, manage compliance, and deliver the highest standards of quality and consistency.
  8. 8. Your data represents a vital source of strategic intelligence. Kodak can help you leverage it to personalize customer communications, target the right individuals at exactly the right time, and react to changing markets more quickly. print and premedia providers data-driven Communications Scalable, upgradable Kodak Technologies and maKe CommuNiCatioNs relevaNt Solutions provide a smooth transition into the growing markets of variable print, electronic persoNal. media, and marketing campaign management. direct marketers, customer relationship specialists, and data centers Kodak Technologies and Solutions open new opportunities for targeted and relevant integrated customer communication.