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Carved in Wood - New Marketing Goals 2012
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Carved in Wood - New Marketing Goals 2012

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10 Insights for New Marketing Goals.

10 Insights for New Marketing Goals.

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  • 1. Carved IN WOOD Insights for new Marketing GOALS 10
  • 2. Start building and using BUYER PERSONAS, and choose which CUSTOMER your business will primaraly serve. Dare to CHOOSE 1
  • 3. Develop A Target Audience based CUSTOMER JOURNEY, and get insights on their RITUALS. That’s where you wanne be . Know your CUSTOMER 2
  • 4. Stop regarding the playing field as ONLINE and OFFLINE, but rather think in MULTICHANNEL engagement strategies. View as HOLISTIC 3
  • 5. Manage the PROCES 4 Develop a skyrocketing CONTENT strategy and let automation software nurture your LEADS to prospects.
  • 6. Want to SUPRISE 5 Create PURPLE COWS as touch points within the experience of your CUSTOMER , to leave a remarkable impression .
  • 7. Focus on DEVICES 6 Focus on the CONNECTED customer and start aligning your business on the INTERACTION between the (mobile) screens .
  • 8. Deliver on RELEVANCE 7 Always Deliver on the right TIME, in the right PLACE, the right MESSAGE, to the right recipiënt , the right proposition .
  • 9. Cultivate the SUPERPROMOTOR 8 You’re as credible as your CUSTOMERS say you are, so make social CRM and BUSINESS reputation your top 1 priority.
  • 10. People LOVE to hear a good story, so tap into your companies DNA and write the REMEMBERABLE story of your business, they can spread. Tell the STORY 9
  • 11. Submerge into SOCIAL 10 Submerge into the SOCIAL world. Listen , learn and INTERACT to get the conversation with the audience STARTED.
  • 12. Carved IN WOOD 2012 by Mark de Greeff Go FOR it !