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Schlesinger 2012 Schlesinger 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • MULTICULTURALISM DISUNITYArthur M. SchlesingerBy: Elba Rodriguez and Samantha Semlitz
  • WHO IS ARTHUR M. SCHLESINGER?● Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. first joined President Kennedy’s campaign as a speechwriter in 1960. The following year he was appointed Special Assistant to the President and held this post until 1964.● Schlesinger was an avid supporter of liberal democratic causes, Mr. Schlesinger was also the author of several important books, including The Age of Jackson, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1945.
  • WHO IS ARTHUR M. SCHLESINGER?● Mr. Schlesinger became Albert Schweitzer Professor of Humanities at the City University of New York. He returned to speechwriting, during Robert Kennedy’s 1968 campaign and George S. McGovern’s 1972 campaign.● Throughout his political career, Mr. Schlesinger remained an active scholar, publishing several more historical works and establishing himself as the leading intellectual of postwar liberalism. Profiles/Arthur-M-Schlesinger-Jr.aspx
  • “ Is it really a good idea to teach minority children myths- at least to teach myths as facts?” (Schlesinger, 1992, pg 80.) MULTICULTURALISM DISUNITY
  • ACADEMIC SUCCESS OF OTHER MINORITY GROUPS Other minority groups ● View this link to show disparities have not been by race, gender and family income. academically handicapped  for lack of historical role tion/2009-08-25-SAT-scores_N.htm models. Such as Asian - Americans and Jewish- Americans.
  • DISUNITY OF AMERICA• Schlesinger attempts to uncover the mystery behind what went wrong with American society an why the melting pot ideology seems to have disappeared form the minds of many Americans.● Schlesinger attributes ethnicity as the cause of the breaking of nations and notes that the United States, like that of the Soviet Union and South Africa, is on a direct course toward cultural isolationism not cultural pluralism.
  • Schlesinger states thatthe issue is not topromote culturalpluralism and Afrocentricor African history. Theissue is whether or not toteach this new historyunder specific ethnicbanners and accordingto specific ethnic values.DISUNITY OF AMERICA
  • READ THE FOLLOWING QUOTE:“ If we are to survive, we must have ideas, vision, and courage. These things are rarelyproduced by committees. Everything that mattersin our intellectual and moral life begins with i….”Arthur Schlesinger • Does it really begins with “i”? • Can we be of power without a committee?
  • MORE QUOTES FROM SCHLESINGERWatch the video and reflect on his quotes
  • ARTHUR SCHLESINGER, JR.; MICHAEL GRAVESINTERVIEW Historian and former Presidential adviser Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. talks about his memoir A Life in the 20th Century: Volume 1 and reflects on the contrast between the scientific progress and the global conflicts of the past 100 years. Also, architect Michael Graves discusses his collaboration with the discount retailer Target and most notable designs.
  • FINAL THOUGHTS How does Schlesingers beliefs about multiculturalism match up with your own beliefs
  • REFERENCEBurnett, G. (1994). Varieties of multicultural education: An introduction. ERIC Digest, 98,Marklein, M. B. (2009, Augs 06). Sat scores show disparities by race, gender, family income. USA Today. Retrieved from 08-25-SAT-scores_N.htmMartin, D. (2007, Marc 01). Arthur schlesinger, historian of power, dies at 89. New York Times. Retrieved from ed=allNicholas, D. M. (1999). The implementation of a multicultural strand in selected teacher education courses in a monocultural institution. Dissertation Submitted to the College of Human Resources and Education at West Virginia University,Schlesinger, A. M. (2001, Janu 01). Interview by M Graves [Web Based Recording]. The story of arthurschlesinger. , Retrieved from, A. M. (1992). The disuniting of america: Reflections on a multicultural society. (Rev ed.). New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company.Arthur m. schlesinger, jr.. (n.d.). Retrieved from M-Schlesinger-Jr.aspxSchlesingers multicultural dissent. (1192, July 12). The Baltimore Sun. Retrieved from melting-pot-disunited