Russian mythology
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Russian mythology



A Primer on Russian Mythology for Mahwah High School's English Department

A Primer on Russian Mythology for Mahwah High School's English Department



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    Russian mythology Russian mythology Presentation Transcript

    • The Egg Symbol of life  Female cell in which embryo is formed Colorful eggs are the symbol for Easter  This custom especially popular in Russia  Many egg references in Russian mythology The universe was formed from an egg  Egg rolled into water and broke in half  Lower half – Earth  Upper half – Sky
    • Major Gods/People Perun Koshchei the Deathless Eastre Zaria Veles Morana
    • Perun Thunder god  Overseer of right and order Actions are perceived by the senses  Sight – thunder bolt  Sound – rattle of stones  Touch – ax blade
    • Koshchei the Deathless Strangest and most unpleasant person in all Russian folk tales Believes he cannot die because his “death” or “soul” is not in his body His death is in an egg, which is inside a duck, which is inside a hare (hence “deathless”)
    • Eastre Saxon goddess Name means “Radiant Dawn” Lady of Spring Her name is where we got the name for the Easter holiday Her sacred animal is the rabbit
    • Zaria Goddess of beauty Associated with the morning Water priestess that protected warriors Known to her worshippers as “the heavenly bride”
    • Veles/Volos God of earth, water, and the underworld Opponent of Perun  Their battle constitutes a major story of Russian mythology The dead watch over his cattle
    • Morana Goddess of harvest, witchcraft, winter, a nd death Arrival expected with fear, departure celebrated Associated with Mora, a female demon that caused nightmares Entered homes at night and tormented people, especially children
    • Modern Events: New Mythology Art
    • Modern Events: Modern Slavic Pagan Feast
    • Modern Events: Legends of Kiev
    • Characters of Russian Folklore om/watch?v=A35EjOy OjP8
    • Slavic Gods: Slavic Union
    • Russian Artwork
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