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A Class Presentation on Egyptian Mythology.

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  • Isis has a dream that her child will rule the godsWalking on a path, isis asks ra if he can make the day hotterRa does so and sweatsIsis takes sweatMakes a snake, the snake bites raRa is poisonedNo healer can help, except isisIsis pretends to heal him nothing works, asks for his name, the name that gives you power over him, his true nameRa is healed, Isis forces ra to leave forever
  • Set is evilThough Osiris sees the good in allWalking in town togetherThey See a chestOsiris- nice chest, set- I have a better oneSet goes homeSet Has his spies get osiris measurementsSet Creates a chest and has it decoratedThan Throws a partyFake Crazy idea from set , a person who fits best inside the chest gets to keep itEverybody tries thanOsiris gets in, and Surprise he fits perfectlySet closes the chestLocks it and binds with waxThan Pushes chest out to seaThis is very much like the conflict between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.Or even like all of the major Twelve and The titans/ Giants.
  • Isis hears of lost osirisGoes searching some river nymphs tell her to look to the seaThan Sea goddesses tell her where to goIsis goes to a palace Befriends the queen by being beautiful than the queen finds pillar holding osirisOsiris is dead,Isis tries to use magic to revive him, but it doesn’t workIsis uses ra’s secret nameOsiris comes back to lifeOsiris says how disgusting the underworld is how it is in chaosOsiris decides to live in the under worldThey than proceed to conceive HorusHorus will be born
  • Set becomes pharaoh and wants to kill horus to secure his throneHorus and isis go on the runHorus grows upAnd decides it time to Confront setHorus Wins in battle but loses one of his eyesHorus and isis go to Thoth to fix eyeThoth (god of knowledge) makes eye out of moonlightThis story reminds me of the story of Zeus and Cronus. Zeus grows up in exile, becomes strong, and uses Cronus’s misdeeds against him.
  • Each story can be considered to have archetypal characters who go through an classic good vs. evil struggle.The good who fight against the power hungry. And the evil who are greedy and prone to mutiny.
  • There are many different interpretations of myths here is an alternative for the Creation myth.
  • The creationism myth is so important because it really gives us a view into how the ancient Egyptians thought the world worked. If you think about it they did not really regard plants as living, because if Ra was born from a lotus flower than the flower was the first living thing, not Ra.That is just one example.The Ra amun and isis myth relates to human life because it is a representation of manipulation for personal gain.Isis Manipulates Ra into giving her his sacred name, that way the throne would be safe for her son.This is the classic story of Betrayal.The osiris and set story is the classic good versus evil/ revenge story. Osiris is bested by evil set, and in the end finds where he belongs thanks to him. This brings us to the Osiris and Isis story which is the classic love story.And the Horus and Set story which completes the Osiris and Set story with Horus avenging his father.All of these stories are archetypes.They say that most archetypes come from Shakespeare, I disagree I feel they mostly come from mythology.
  • The president of Egypt has denounced a woman who refuses to veil her face. There are two aspects of this that I find worth discussing.The first aspect is that the woman is in sixth grade. Someone so young was ridiculed so fiercely.The second is that the person who scolded her was a woman. A tradition that limits woman’s free will is being so avidly enforced by a woman.This reminds me from the scene in the movie “Django unchained” where Django says he will act like a black slaver. Than he goes on to explain how a black slaver is lower than low.I must make myself completely clear that this article has no connection to mythology, only to the current events in Egypt.Egypt’s dominant religions are Islam and Muslim, not ancient Egyptian.The second article is about a writer who uses mythology and a source for his writing.It is an extremely interesting article which is a great read.It is all about re-enactments of two of the greatest Egyptian plays.
  • This is a travel article about mountains in Nepal that have connections to various different mythologies. Ranging from Buddhism to Egyptian, it is very interesting.It reminds me (eli) of the article where scientists thought they found noah’s ark in a mountain range in iraq.
  • All mythologies have striking similarities for example:Greek: big Twelve versus TitansNorse: All of Valhalla versus Ice GiantsEgyptain: Gods Versus Apophis/ pure evilWhat strikes me about all of these are they are all good versus bad, but it does not stop there there is always a black sheep within the good for example:Greek: HadesNorse: LokiEgyptain: SetThan you can go even deeper and say many of the tales between these religions are very similar, for example:Greek: Demeter sad over the loss of Persephone.Egyptain: Isis Sad over the loss of osiris.But what they are is not the amazing part, the amazing part is what they do.In both tales while sad they come upon a family who is nice to them, and in both stories at the middle of the night they take their child and place them in fire.And again in both stories the mothers run and angrily take their child out of the fire only to be scorned and told that if the child was left in the fire it would have become immortal.This is amazing because to me it says that maybe like we have Beowulf, or other stories passed by word, the people who created the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythologies possibly were passed stories of the same kind.Who knows maybe all stories come from one mega epic tale told at the beginning of mankind.
  • Egyptian

    1. 1. EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY By, Eli Landau, Taylor Rose Alexander, Reena Ezra
    2. 2. THE CREATION
    3. 3. MAJOR GODS Ra Amun- The Creator • Fire- Scarab Beetle- Kephri-Morning • Ram- The evening • Falson- His own self- Midday • Atum- Original Creator- Afternoon Nut- Earth Set- Evil Isis- motherhood, magic, and fertility Osiris- Afterlife
    4. 4. MAJOR GODS 2 Knossu- The moon Thoth- Knowledge Nephthys – Protectress of the dead Anubis – Funerary Apophis- Pure Evil/ Devil
    5. 5. RA AMUN AND ISIS Prophecy Trick Poison Rescue Banish
    6. 6. OSIRIS AND SET Background Trick Capture Ruler
    7. 7. OSIRIS AND ISIS Background Sad Searching Finds Dead but Alive Underworld
    8. 8. HORUS AND SET On the run Growing up Confrontation New ruler Thoth New Eye
    9. 9. INTERPRETATIONS Archetypes Good V.S. Evil Power Hungry Mutiny Greed
    10. 10. PARTS OF THE SOUL
    11. 11. ALTERNATIVES
    12. 12. RELEVANCY The creation Ra Amun/ Isis Osiris and set Osiris and isis Horus and set
    13. 13. MODERN EVENTS
    14. 14. MODERN EVENTS
    15. 15. CLOSURE Connections
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