POW ArchitectsDirector’s Curriculum Vitaes & Examples of Work                                  Gareth Pywell              ...
The directors of POW Architects have more than twenty years combinedexperience of working in the construction industry at ...
Gareth Pywell                                                                                                    Mark Owen...
Beaufort Park - Phase 4 and Phase 6                     Mark Owen -Director                     RIBA Work Stages J/K to L ...
Chrisp Street Quarter                      Gareth Pywell - Director                      RIBA Work Stages A to C (Current)...
RAF Museum London - The Watchtower                     Mark Owen -Director                     RIBA Work Stages J/K to L (...
Mitre Passage - Office Fit-out Auditors                      Gareth Pywell - Director                      RIBA Work Stage...
The Royal Institution of Great Britain                      Mark Owen - Project Associate                      RIBA Work S...
The London Clinic                      Mark Owen - Project Architect                      RIBA Work Stages E to L         ...
14 Pier Walk and 6 Mitre Passage                      Gareth Pywell - Project Associate                      RIBA Work Sta...
No. 3 and No. 4 Hardman Square                     Gareth Pywell - Project Associate                     RIBA Work Stages ...
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Pow professional CVs


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Pow professional CVs

  1. 1. POW ArchitectsDirector’s Curriculum Vitaes & Examples of Work Gareth Pywell Mark Owen February 2011
  2. 2. The directors of POW Architects have more than twenty years combinedexperience of working in the construction industry at the highest level. Wehave worked with and learnt from some of the very best architects andarchitectural practices in the world today.Every project we are involved in is undertaken without preconception oragenda. Each is seen as an opportunity to explore ideas that are uniquelydefined by the brief and collective aspirations of the client and designteam.We believe that our practice can bring both the relevant experience and anunparalleled enthusiasm to any and every project, satisfying your designand sustainability ambitions, and helping you to realise the quality com-mensurate with a contemporary, architect designed development.Gareth Pywell Mark Owen(Director) (Director)
  3. 3. Gareth Pywell Mark OwenCurriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae Director Director Professional Qualifications Professional Qualifications 1999 to 2000 - Hull School of Architecture 2010 - BRE Global PCAP Post Graduate Certificate in Architectural Practice BREEAM Code for Sustainable Homes Licenced Assessor 1997 to 1999 - Hull School of Architecture 1999 to 2000 - Southbank University BArch Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture PG Dip Part III Professional Practice 1992 to 1996 - Hull School of Architecture 1997 to 1999 - Hull School of Architecture BA (Hons) Degree in Architecture BArch Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture Gareth is a full time director and co-founder of POW 1992 to 1996 - Hull School of Architecture Architects. Having spent six years engaged in the design, BA (Hons) Degree in Architecture specification and on site delivery of several high end com- mercial office buildings Gareth has been focussed since Mark is full a time director and co-founder of POW Architects 2009 on the commercial residential market. His current who has a breadth of experience in the refurbishment of land- project portfolio within the practice includes a 149 afford- mark, listed buildings. Since 2008 Mark has been exclusively able residential scheme in Poplar, and a 40 unit market engaged in the design and delivery of large scale residential residential project on the Isle of Dogs. Gareth is also a projects. To date Mark has been instrumental as a project technical and compliance auditor on behalf of Lendlease architect in the successful construction of over 300 homes. UK Ltd. In addition to his design and technical duties Ga- Mark’s current project portfolio for POW Architects includesreth is responsible for the day to day financial and operational management of the design studio. the delivery phase of 240 residential units in Hendon as well as the design development of a 149 unit affordable residential scheme in East London. Mark is also responsible for the practice’s new businessGraduating from the Hull school of Architecture in 1999 Gareth relocated to London where he joined development and, in his capacity as a licensed BRE assessor, the practice’s sustainability consultancy.Foster+ Partners to work on the More London office development at London Bridge. From 2002 until2004 Gareth worked on a series of award winning Academy schools until in 2004 he was given the Mark studied at the Hull school of Architecture until June 1999 when he joined a small practice in Lon-opportunity to work as the site based project leader on the prestigious and highly acclaimed Spin- don specialising in high end residential work and building reclamation. It was here that he began to buildningfields commercial office development in Manchester. Following the successful completion of this his now extensive experience in refurbishment. In 2003 Mark joined Sir Terry Farrell’s team where hisproject Gareth was promoted to Associate. In late 2007 Gareth left Foster+Partners to join Sir Terry tenure began as project architect on the London Clinic, a prestigious and complex redevelopment of aFarrell’s team as an Associate where he successfully delivered the first two commercial office build- listed building in a conservation area. The successful completion of this scheme led to Mark’s promotionings of the Greenwich Peninsula regeneration in London. In 2009 Gareth was handed the reigns as to Associate. In 2005, further to his success on the London Clinic, Mark was given the role of project As-Project Associate charged with the delivery to Stage E of two landmark residential towers in Chelsea. sociate on the sensitive refurbishment of the world renowned and Grade I listed Royal Institution. DuringGareth left The Farrell Partnership with colleague Mark Owen in early 2010 to form their own practice, 2008 Mark took control of the partially completed Regent’s Place residential development which he tookPOW Architects. through to Practical Completion in December 2009. Mark left the Farrell Partnership with colleague and POW Architects co-director Gareth Pywell in early 2010 to form their own practice, POW Architects.Significant Projects of Relevance Significant Projects of Relevance2010 to Present - POW Architects6 Mitre Passage, London (commercial office) Client - Lend Lease UK / Quintain Estates 2010 to Present - POW ArchitectsIsle-of-Dogs, London (residential) Client - Estates & Lets Beaufort Park, London (residential) Client - St George / Berkley HomesBeaufort Park, London (residential) Client - Ardmore /St George CL Poplar Regeneration, London (residential) Client - Greenacre HomesPoplar Regeneration, London (residential) Client - Greenacre Homes 2003 to 2010 - The Farrell Partnership (Associate)2007 to 2010 - The Farrell Partnership (Associate) 1 Osnaburgh Street, London (residential) Client - British LandLots Road Towers, London (residential) Client - Hutchison Whampoa The Royal Institution (cultural) Client - The Royal institutionPier Walk & Mitre Passage, London (commercial office) Client - Lend Lease UK / Quintain Estates The London Clinic, London (healthcare) Client - The London Clinic2001 to 2007 - Foster + Partners (Associate) 2000 to 2003 - Norman and Dawbarn (Architect)3 & 4 Hardman Square, Manchester (commercial office) Client - Allied London Properties Onslow House, Guildford (commercial office) Client - Onslow Redevelopment Ltd
  4. 4. Beaufort Park - Phase 4 and Phase 6 Mark Owen -Director RIBA Work Stages J/K to L (Current) 2010 to Present Contract Type: Design and Build The Beaufiort Park mixed use, residential led development is currently in Phase 4 ofits construction. Built upon 25 acres of reclaimed land adja-cent to the historically important RAF Hendon aerodrome site,Beaufort Park is a ground breaking new residential develop-ment from commercial developers St George.POW Architects have been appointed by main contractorsArdmore Construction as delivery partners in taking thisBroadway Malyan designed scheme forwards from RIBA StageJ/K through to its programmed completion date on site inlate 2011. Blocks G3, G4 and G5 will combine to provide 89affordable homes once completed. In order to ensure that theRegistered Social Landlord’s aspirations and brief are satis-fied, as well as meeting the stringent design and construc-tion standards associated with affordable residential accom-modation, POW Architects have been appointed to monitor View across landscaping at Beaufort Park by night. Previous phases.construction compliance with the relevant Housing Quality Project Particulars The view across Hendon from a market residential penthouse show flatIndicators. Under a separate, independent appointment we willalso be carrying out the Code for Sustainable Homes BREEAM Architect: POW Architectsassessment in our role as certified and registered BRE inspec- M&E: Whitecodetors. Structures: JSABlocks C1 and C2 will combine to provide 149 market resi- Client: St. George Homesdential homes once completed. Although market residential Ardmoredesign is not governed by the same design standards as areassociated with affordable residential accommodation, it has Value: £30 millionit’s own unique set of challenges. An increase in propertyvalues is intrinsically linked to an increase in customer choice. Address: Beaufort ParkPOW Architects will be monitoring compliance with these Aerodrome Road,customer choices to the client’s specification. In addition to a London. NW9 5JJdesign compliance role pow architects have also engaged in aproactive review of the construction detailing, identifying wher- Programme: 2010 - Dec 2011ever practical opportunities for adding value and quality.
  5. 5. Chrisp Street Quarter Gareth Pywell - Director RIBA Work Stages A to C (Current) 2010 to Present Contract Type: TBC The Chrisp Street affordable housing regeneration scheme is situated in SouthPoplar, only a short walk from the busy business centre thatis Canary Wharf. POW Architects have been commissioned to Concept Diagram - A protective courtyard Concept Diagram - Breaking down the massingcarry out feasibility and massing studies by a developer client,who specialises in working within the public sector and withregistered housing associations.The Pow Architects directors have previously worked withsome of the finest master-planning architects practicing in theindustry today, so we are keenly aware of the importance ofunderstanding the historical fabric of a place. By looking backat the context of a place over time and identifying success andfailure within a particular street, district or region, we can moreclearly understand possibilities which can contribute towardsbuilding for future success.In addition to the historical context of a place, an early and Concept 3D massing study - A protective courtyard Concept 3D massing study - Breaking down the massingclear understanding of the, logistical and environmental Project Particulars Concept 3D massing study - Refine the massing and build in “phasibilityconstraints of a site and it’s immediate physical context areimperative for the successful implementation of a design Architect: POW Architectsscheme. Our early design stage and feasibility work always M&E: TBCincludes a thorough visual survey, and an environmental site Structures: TBCanalysis including sunlight and daylight path plotting in rela-tion to key dates of the sun’s azimuth. This site analysis and Client: Greenacre Homeshistorical analysis, in combination with an understanding of thelocal UDP and planning requirements, have informed the de- Value: £12 millionsign development of 149 affordable residential homes over ageneral height datum of 6 storeys with pinnacles of additional Address: 134-156 Chrisp Stheight where the massing is appropriate. Ranging from family Poplar,units to studio apartments the immediate physical environment London. E14 6NLhas driven the design development of the building’s massingand layout, leading to a scheme which provides a variety of Programme: 2010 - Ongoingphase-able residential blocks arranged around central, semi-private gardens.
  6. 6. RAF Museum London - The Watchtower Mark Owen -Director RIBA Work Stages J/K to L (Current) 2010 to Present Contract Type: Design and Build The redundant Watchtower building at the RAF Museum London was built in 1915but has not been in regular use since the early nineteen seven-ties. Once the centre piece of the aviation pioneer Claude Gra-hame-White’s aircraft factory in Hendon, The Watchtower andfactory were home to the birth of British aviation. Flying fromHendon ceased in the late 1960’s and since then the Watch-tower had fallen into disrepair. When house builders St Georgeprocured and reclaimed 25 acres of the historically importantRAF Hendon aerodrome site for residential development,they took the brave and applaudable decision to relocate andrenovate the watchtower in favour of demolishing it. AcanthusArchitects were appointed for the design stage of this project,and POW Architects have been appointed to oversee the sen-sitive and challenging process of picking up an entire buildingand reconstructing it brick by brick, truss by truss, and timberpanel by timber panel in an alternative location. When the re-location and renovation works are completed the Watchtower Project Particulars Display aircraft on the Claude Grahame White factory floor Claude Grahame White’s office in 1920and factory buildings will once again be restored to active dutyas a renovation suite for use in looking after RAF Hendon’s Architect: POW Architectsimpressive, but ageing collection of historic aircraft. M&E: Whitecode Structures: Alan BaxterThe process of moving a building of such historical signifi-cance is extremely complex and involves a painstaking proc- Client: St. George Homesess of photographically documenting and redrawing every Ardmoresingle element of the building. Wherever possible materialsare being reused but where this is not possible exact replicas Value: £2 millionare designed, detailed and manufactured true to the original.Many of the construction techniques which were common Address: RAF Museumplace when the Watchtower was originally built are no longer Grahame Park Way,practiced on building sites today. POW Architects have there- London. NW9 5LLfore worked hand in hand with master craftsmen and buildersto ensure that this brand new building contains the essence, Programme: 2010 - Feb 2011
  7. 7. Mitre Passage - Office Fit-out Auditors Gareth Pywell - Director RIBA Work Stages F-L 2010 to Present Contract Type: Bespoke Appointment 6 Mitre Passage is a 165,000 sqft com- mercial office building situated adjacentto the O2 arena. The building was delivered speculatively toCAT A fit-out standard for a post-completion let. Setting newstandards in sustainable design, 6 Mitre Passage boasts aBREEAM rating of “Excellent” and is currently being reas-sessed by BREEAM to ascertain its suitability for a BREEAM“Outstanding” certification. POW Architects director Gareth Py-well was the Project Associate responsible for the base builddelivery of 6 Mitre Passage during his previous tenure with TheFarrell Partnership.Since its completion in early 2010 the top two storeys of 6Mitre Passage have been leased to public sector tenant Green-wich Borough Council. They have commissioned interiorsspecialists Sheppard Robson to design and deliver a CAT Boffice space fit-out which is due for completion in late 2010. Looking to the sky in the “corridor” between 6 Mitre Passage, (right) and 14 Pier Walk, (left)The building developers and owners/ landlords, Lend Lease Project Particulars The three distinct “blades” of 6 Mitre Passage, (foreground) and 14 Pier Walk, (rear)UK and Quintain Estates have appointed POW Architects toundertake a full technical audit of the fit-out architect’s propos- Architect: POW Architectsals. Pow Architects commission involves a comprehensive M&E: Hilson Moranand ongoing review of all elements within the fit-out designer’s Structures: Ramboldproposals. Each review, which takes place when revised infor-mation is released by the fit-out design team, culminates in the Client: Lend Lease UKproduction of a detailed technical audit report. The purposeof these reports is primarily to identify, (wherever possible), Value: NAelements within the proposals which may adversely affect theaesthetics and/or performance of the landlord’s base building. Address: GreenwichThese technical appraisal reports are an invaluable tool for our Peninsulaclient in ascertaining where the fit-out design may affect the Londoncontinuing validity of sub-contractor warranties and their owninsurances. POW Architects appointment is ongoing and our Programme: 2010 - Jan 2011services are being retained for future fit-out auditing.
  8. 8. The Royal Institution of Great Britain Mark Owen - Project Associate RIBA Work Stages B to L 2006 to 2008 Contract Type: Amended JCT 98 The Royal Institution is the oldest and one of the most prestigious scientific estab-lishments in the world. It is where Michael Faraday carried outhis pioneering electrical research that laid the foundations formodern technology. It has been continuously located in thesame buildings in Albemarle Street since 1800 and containsthe oldest research laboratories in the world. Under the vigor-ous direction of Baroness Susan Greenfield, the Institutionembarked upon a radical programme of organisational reformand expansion of facilities to widen the audience for scienceand bring the Royal Institution to as many scientific and laymembers of the general public as possible. This required asignificant but careful intervention in the Grade 1 listed build-ing fabric to improve circulation and access for all. The briefincluded the integration of a vastly increased scientific andheritage exhibition, the incorporation of an expanded archiveand research laboratory and a Young Scientist Centre, as The Grand Staircase from the gallery above at the Royal Opening in 2009well as the supporting infrastructure of administration, cafes, Project Particulars The “sad” staircase restored beyond it’s former statusrestaurants and WCs. Skill and experience in refurbishmentwas required to handle the many complexities inherent to the Architect: Farrellsintegration of contemporary spaces within an historic building.The client also required a phasing program that allowed theRoyal Institution to remain operational throughout construc- Client: The Royaltion. The project was a challenge to the design team from the Institution of GBoutset as we attempted to balance the heritage needs of aGrade 1 Listed Georgian structure with the client’s requirement Value: £20 millionfor a modern working building. The challenges were consider-able in delivering a complicated scope of works, but the teamand the contractor held themselves together with a combina- Address: 21 Albemarle Sttion of collaborative problem solving, clever design solutions Londonand good humour. From August 2006 until PC in October 2008 W1S 4BSPOW Architect’s director Mark Owen was Project Architectand team leader responsible for the successful delivery of this Programme: 1999 - 2008complex and sensitive listed building redevelopment.
  9. 9. The London Clinic Mark Owen - Project Architect RIBA Work Stages E to L 2003 to 2006 Contract Type: Amended JCT 98 The London Clinic is situated on Lon- don’s Harley Street and is one of theUK’s longest established and largest independent hospitals.The London Clinic Estate commissioned a masterplan whichwas focussed upon a phased programme of refurbishment oftheir existing building stock. The first redevelopment work tobe undertaken following this masterplanning exercise was therefurbishment and redevelopment of a Grade II listed build-ing located at 3-5 Devonshire Place. POW Architects directorMark Owen was charged with the responsibility and challengeof leading the design team as Project Architect in restructur-ing and expanding the existing facilities, whilst responding tothe needs of a fully operational hospital. There were additionalsensitive issues to consider concerning conservation area cov-enants and residential properties that adjoin the site. These ex-ternal influences were key generators which informed both thedesign and construction process. Accommodation included in Glazed roofs briniging natural light in to the heart of the buildingthis state-of-the-art facility includes twenty eight modern and Project Particulars Descending the feature staircase towards reception levelfully equipped consulting suites, an endocrinology and diabe-tes acute treatment and screening unit, and an X-ray suite. A Architect: Farrellssustainable geothermal heating and cooling system has beenintegrated in to the base design of phase 01 with the option to“plug-in” future phases to the system. Client: The LondonThe refined detailing of the interiors compliments the Geor- Clinicgian style façade to Devonshire Place. Colours, finishes andartwork have been carefully chosen throughout the building to Value: £12 millionrespond to patients’ well-being and to create a calm, familiarand reassuring environment. New glazed roofs bring naturaldaylight to the heart of the building and existing external light- Address: 3 Devonshire Placewells have been transformed into landscaped gardens. Within Londonthe design, care has been taken to provide way finding for W1G 6HLthose unfamiliar with the building. Inclusive access is providedand each diagnostic department has been designed as a self Programme: 2003 - 2006contained unit to provide privacy for patients.
  10. 10. 14 Pier Walk and 6 Mitre Passage Gareth Pywell - Project Associate RIBA Work Stages D to L 2007 to 2009 Contract Type: SBC 2005 XQ (WCD) 6 Mitre Passage and 14 Pier Walk are located adjacent to the 02 Arena and arethe first two completed new build buildings of the GreenwichPeninsula Masterplan. 14 Pier Walk consists of mixed usecommercial office and retail accommodation at Ground Floor,with 6 occupied levels of commercial office space above of-fering a GIA of 200,000sq.ft. 6 Mitre Passage is predominantlyretail at grade with 11 occupied levels of commercial officespace above, offering a GIA of 165,000sq.ft. The buildings,which can both be sub-divided for multiple tenant occupation,were delivered in 2009 under the same building contract. 14Pier Walk was delivered to CAT B with a full fit-out of all officefloors and communal areas for pre-let tenants Transport forLondon, (TfL). 6 Mitre Passage has been delivered specula-tively to CAT A fit-out standard. Assessed by the BRE uponcompletion in 2009 both buildings were amongst the mostsustainable commercial buildings in the United Kingdom at The Western sunset reflects in the interlocking cladding of 6 Mitre Passage, (rear) and 14 Pier Walk, (foreground)that time and have achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ Project Particulars The reception in 14 Pier Walk as the building is prepared for it’s opening by Major Boris Johnson in 2009under 2006 assessment criteria. Not only do both buildingsincorporate state-of-the-art environmental technologies, their Architect: Farrellsgreen credentials are further reinforced by proximity to the Ju-bilee Line, Greenwich station and the Thames Clipper service.POW Architects director Gareth Pywell left Foster + Partners Client: Lend Lease andin October 2007 having been recruited by Farrells to lead the Quintain EstatesGreenwich Peninsula project. Gareth took the reigns as ProjectAssociate at RIBA Stage D, seeing both buildings through Value: £110 milliondetailed design, tender and construction to Practical Comple-tion two years later in December 2009. Following Gareth’sdeparture from Farrells to set up POW Architects his services Address: Greenwichhave been retained by Lend Lease and Quintain Estates in Peninsularelation to 6 Mitre Passage. POW Architects are now acting as Londontechnical auditors and assessors for all ongoing fit-out work of6 Mitre Passage. Programme: 2007 - 2009
  11. 11. No. 3 and No. 4 Hardman Square Gareth Pywell - Project Associate RIBA Work Stages A to L 2004 to 2007 Contract Type: SBC 2000 XQ (WCD) Since its launch in July 2000, Allied London Properties’ office-led but resolv-edly mixed use 4.5m sqft Spinningfields scheme has achievedremarkable success. A tired brownfield site in central Man-chester has been transformed to create a vibrant new destina-tion and community. No. 3 and No.4 Hardman Square sit atthe heart of this landmark development, with Hardman Squareitself being developed over two phases. Phase one comprisedthe construction of two commercial office buildings; No. 3Hardman Square and No. 4 Hardman Square as well as a sin-gle level basement car park beneath No. 3 Hardman Squareand the Hardman Square public realm area.3 Hardman Square was pre-let to a major legal firm and con-sists of 160,000 sqft commercial office building with a doubleheight ground floor entrance lobby and eight office levelsabove. 4 Hardman Square was constructed speculatively Hardman Square by night. 3 Hardman Square, (left) and 4 Hardman Square , (right)and consists of 60,000 sqft commercial office building with Project Particulars The reception in 3 Hardman Square, post occupationa double height ground floor entrance lobby and five officelevels above. Assessed by the BRE upon completion in 2007 Architect: Foster + Partnersboth buildings have achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’under 2005 assessment criteria, and both have been designedto allow for multiple tenancy splits. Client: Allied London PropertiesPOW Architects director Gareth Pywell whilst under the employof Foster + Partners, (2001 to 2007), was Project Associate Value: £50 millionresponsible for the complete M&E and structural coordinationof both buildings. During 2006 Gareth was seconded to sitein Manchester where he spent twelve month overseeing the Address: Hardman Squareconstruction and CAT A fit-out of both buildings through until SpinningfieldsPractical Completion during 2007. Manchester Programme: 2004 - 2007