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Overview of our team and our updated performance numbers

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Krygier Wealth Management 0313

  2. 2. 2TD WaterhouseKRYGIER WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Who are we?Directly managing over $140 million of individual client portfoliosPortfolio Manager: Mark J. Krygier, LL.B, CFP Vice PresidentTD Waterhouse– Over 16 years advising clients, licensed Portfolio Manager since 2003Associate Investment Advisor: Avital Pearlston, B.Comm, CFP– Over 20 years in the investment industry, primarily with TD Bank GroupInvestment Representative: Megan Thomson, MBA– Over 12 years in the investment industryDirect access to TD Waterhouse equity and fixed income analysts
  3. 3. 3TD WaterhouseKRYGIER WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Our ApproachFocus on high-income generating investments – historically themost stable returns.Lower risk approach - has produced lower than average volatility.Well-diversified portfolios - in order to lower risk exposure to anyone investment.Regular communication – we are available for daily communication,and we provide written monthly market updates as well ascomprehensive individualized quarterly reporting.
  4. 4. 4TD Waterhouse13.2%15.5%3.3%2.3%YTDn/an/a8.2%10.0%16.5%TOTAL RETURN U.S.PORTFOLIO (90%/10%)16.1%6.7%9.1%1-Year1.5%11.5%4.0%-2.1%S&P/TSX 60 CDN Index5.6%14.6%12.7%13.8%S&P 500 US Index10.4%18.8%10.1%6.6%TOTAL RETURN CDNPORTFOLIO (75%/25%)5-Year4-Year3-Year2-YearKrygier Wealth ManagementTOTAL RETURN Managed PortfoliosAnnualized Rates Of Return (In CDN $)(to March 31, 2013)*
  5. 5. TD WaterhouseKrygier Wealth ManagementTOTAL RETURN Managed PortfoliosAnnualized Rates Of Return(to March 31, 2013)*051015201-Year 3-Years 5-YearsCDN PortfolioTSX60US PortfolioS&P500
  6. 6. 6TD WaterhouseKrygier Wealth ManagementTOTAL RETURN Managed PortfoliosCalendar Rates Of Return (In CDN $)(to March 31, 2013)*n/an/an/a**1.5%5.1%15.5%TOTAL RETURN U.S.PORTFOLIO (90%/10%)13.2%3.3%2.3%YTD12.7%8.1%10.1%20122.1%-9.1%6.35%2011-31.20%31.90%13.80%S&P/TSX 60 CDN Index-22.90%9.0%9.0%S&P 500 U.S. Index-17.58%36.51%17.04%TOTAL RETURN CDNPORTFOLIO (75/25 mix)200820092010
  7. 7. 7TD WaterhouseKrygier Wealth ManagementTOTAL RETURN Managed PortfoliosCalendar Rates Of Return(to March 31, 2013)*-40-30-20-100102030402008 2009 2010 2011 2012 YTDCDN PortfolioTSX60US PortfolioS&P500 (CDN $)
  8. 8. 8TD WaterhouseThe statements and statistics contained herein are based on material believed to be reliable, but are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.This presentation was prepared by Mark Krygier who is a TD Waterhouse Investment Advisor and is for informational purposes only. It is not anoffer or solicitation with respect to the purchase and sale of any investment fund, security or other product and does not provide individual,financial, legal, investment or tax advice. Please consult your own legal and tax advisor. Particular investments or trading strategies should beevaluated relative to each individuals objectives in consultation with the Investment Advisor. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. and its affiliates andrelated entities are not liable for any errors or omissions in the information or for any loss or damage suffered.The TD Bank Financial Group means The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its affiliated companies that provide deposit, investment, securities, trust,insurance and other products or services. These companies include: TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., TD Asset Management Inc., The CanadaTrust Company and TD Waterhouse Insurance Services Inc.TD Waterhouse Private Client Services represents the products and services offered by TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice (a division ofTD Waterhouse Canada Inc. – Member CIPF), TD Waterhouse Insurance Services Inc., TD Waterhouse Private Investment Counsel Inc., TDWaterhouse Private Trust (offered by The Canada Trust Company) and TD Waterhouse Private Banking (offered by The Toronto-DominionBank). TD Waterhouse Private Banking is offered to clients of TD Waterhouse Private Client Services centres.TD Waterhouse is a trade-mark of The Toronto-Dominion Bank, used under license.KRYGIER WEALTH MANAGEMENT consists of Mark J. Krygier, Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Avital Pearlston, Associate InvestmentAdvisor and Megan Thomson, Investment Representative. Krygier Wealth Management is part of TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice.* THE RATES OF RETURN for benchmarks are taken from TD PAIR. The rates of return for the Total Return discretionary managed portfoliosare taken from TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. Vantage software reporting from actual client portfolios. The Canadian portfolio holds anapproximate asset mix of 75% equity (common stock), and 25% fixed income (preferred shares and/or bonds) and . The U.S. portfolio holds anapproximate asset mix of 90% equity and 10% fixed income.** The Canadian Total Return portfolio has been managed on a discretionary basis by Portfolio Manager Mark Krygier since 2005 and the U.S.Total Return Portfolio since February 2010. Rates of return for the portfolio are not being reported herein for the years prior to 2007, as they wererecorded during Mr. Krygier’s tenure at another major financial institution. Note that the rates of return for the Total Return managed portfoliosare reported net of fees, while the benchmark returns are reported gross of fees. No representations are being made that any client portfolio willachieve returns similar to the performance of the Total Return portfolios shown herein. Investors should not take this example or the performancereturns as an indication, assurance, estimate or forecast of actual or future results. Actual performance results may differ materially from theperformance returns shown herein for reasons, but not limited to, investment restrictions and guidelines, the inception date of a client portfolio,fees, timing excecution and fluctuations in the market.