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RBC Product Development                      Lenexa, KS                      6/08-11/08
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Resume of Mark Jackson


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Mark Jackson\'s Resume 4/16/2010

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Resume of Mark Jackson

  1. 1. MARK JACKSON Lee’s Summit, MO 64063  (816) 554-3069 SUMMARY Highly motivated Software Engineer seeking position utilizing my knowledge of .NET software development. Demonstrated leadership abilities and team work skills as well as the ability to accomplish tasks under minimal direction and supervision. PORTFOLIO: TECHNICAL SKILLS Programming Languages: C#, C, C++, Assembly languages .NET Skill Set: .NET Framework and Common Type System, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .NET Class Libraries, Web Services SetFocus, LLC. Lee’s Summit, MO 2/09 - 10/09 Software Developer in .NET Master’s Program • Developed solutions for diverse programming scenarios in C#, employing object– oriented programming concepts such as: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction. • Used C# and ADO.NET to define and implement secure middle-tier components using both connected and disconnected environment strategies. Components were consumed by web applications and windows applications utilizing SQL Server and stored procedures to perform logical business transactions. • Created and deployed XML Web Services using ASP.NET and Web Services Enhancements (WSE). Consumed Web Services from both Windows forms and ASP.NET web applications. • Developed a Windows n-tiered “Public Library Management System” application and then ported the application to a dynamic ASP.NET Internet/Intranet model utilizing the same secure middle tier data access components. Non-public web pages were secured using Windows integrated and ASP.NET forms security models. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Independent Contractor Lee’s Summit, MO 10/09-Present Developer • Created a .NET Windows Application in C# to input a color image file and output a file with a C language array for displaying the image on a black and white LCD. Features of the application include: o Allows users to use bmp, jpeg, gif, tif, and png input image files. o Allows users to select how each color in the image file is converted to black and white. o Dynamic generation of user controls. o Allows users to specify the exact positioning of the image on the target display. o Uses serialization to allow users to store image parameters as a project. o Allows users to select a simple lossless compression of the output data.
  2. 2. RBC Product Development Lenexa, KS 6/08-11/08 Contract Engineer • Modified real time, embedded software in C to execute various tests for Atmel AT91FR40162S microcontroller based medical equipment. • Wrote a document for other software professionals outlining the steps necessary to quickly find the processor loading, communication message frequency, and POST execution time for medical equipment. • Ran a series of tests on medical equipment and documented the results to contribute to the completion of the Verification and Validation tests. TriSquare Communications Kansas City, MO 4/06-7/07 Design Engineer • Developed real time, embedded software in C to save data for a 2-way radio in flash memory in the Freescale MC9S08GB60A microcontroller, potentially saving millions of dollars by not using a separate non-volatile memory storage device. • Modified Zilog Z8F4812 microcontroller assembly language source code to implement a new audio compander solution to aid improvement of 2-way radio sound quality. • Developed real time, embedded software in C for a serial data communication driver for a LCD display, enabling 3 software developers to quickly design menu screens for a 2-way radio. • Generated written document to explain the LCD interface functions that aided other software developers in designing menu screens for a 2-way radio. Progress Instruments Lee’s Summit, MO 4/03-1/06 Design Engineer • Developed real time, embedded software in C for serial communications over PLC (Power Line Communication) and a LIN (Local Interconnect Network) type bus to implement a TI MSP430 and Motorola 68HC908GT8 based snowplow controller. • Developed a Visual C++ console program to convert a Bitmap file into a C language data format so a customer’s logo could be displayed on a LCD, drastically decreasing the time to accomplish the task. • Developed a Visual C++ console program to generate software loads that made it easy for users to update their snowplow firmware in the field. • Designed Visual C++ software that formatted a file of communication messages between a salt spreader and its controller that resulted in the ability to develop spreader control algorithms in much less time. • Developed a software driver for a serial communication interface to a digital thermometer in a Microchip PIC microcontroller-based wireless temperature probe. EDUCATION Iowa State University Ames, IA Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering